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Use of Compliant HTML and CSS

This site uses HTML 4.01 (Hypertext Markup Language) for structure and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for layout and typographical design. It should display properly in any modern standards-compliant browser, including FireFox, Safari, and Internet Explorer (version 6 or above).

Using standards is important to ensure a good surfing experience regardless of the device you are viewing the site on. The use of Stylesheets makes the site load faster by having typically a single 'control' file that defines how all text on the site looks. The reduces the amount of code in any individual page. We endeavor to support all accesiblity standards for our users that may be visually impaired. If you use a screen reader type program with this site and encounter any problems, please let us know and we will do our best to correct the issue.

We do not recommend using Internet Explorer due to the constant security issues with this browser. There are even exploits that can infect your computer simply by visitng a webpage with IE. For these reasons we can not in good faith recommend this browser for any Windows users. The Macintosh version is not affected by these problems.

The site will also display in most older browsers, but may not look as good as it should. This site is also compatible with text-only browsers and most PDAs.

A note on the links below. We validate our CSS and HTML against the validators. However, due to the nature of this site, members post their own information in their profiles which may trigger an error on their individual profiles i.e. using an ampersand (&) in their profile. This does not change that the underlying html code that makes up the site is fully compliant.

This site uses Valid CSS!   This site uses Valid HTML 4.01!

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