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Why market your product or service to a Gay Audience?

A 1998 study by Greenfield Online and Spare-Parts found the following:

The typical gay Internet user is male (68 percent) and mainly aged between 25 and 44 years. 39 percent of respondents said they were living in a domestic partnership.

The vast majority (89 percent) have some level of college education and a further 23 percent have completed post-graduate work.

Computer Economics says:

Simmons' research comparing gay consumers to the national index of consumers, reports that typical gay consumers are:

and that, of those surveyed:

Gay And Lesbian Travelers Represent A Lucrative Niche Market, According To Forrester Research.

Gay Internet users more likely to purchase online than non-gays, reports a new study by Witeck Combs Communications.

For further information please contact us using our contact form, we look forward to doing business with you.

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