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, where Fuzzygruf lives. Gary aka Fuzzygruf

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B4 f w g++ s
San Francisco, CA
United States
I am 55 years old
My Birthsign: Gemini
Current Status: Open Relationship
My Preference: Top only
Safe Sex: Always
My HIV Status: Positive

Contact Information:

email | homepage | Yahoo IM

About me:

Don't you just love a friendly smile or glance from a stranger on the street? Flirt with me on MUNI and you'll win my heart (well, at least until the Embarcadero) I love meeting new guys, so come up and introduce yourself when you see me out. I'm usually at the Lone Star on weekends.


Status: in open LTR
Age: 42
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 240#
Hair: Brown flattop, beard, with hairy chest and forearms.
Safety info: no drugs, and I prefer non-smokers. I'm poz and play safely.

Musical theatre, long walks, Chinese food, playing piano, Scrabble, MCC church services, Ba-Da-Bingo, South Park, hanging out with friends, holding hands, curling up to watch a movie, cuddling all night, long kisses.

Very oral. I love a gentle, passionate fuck, and I prefer to top. Pretty vanilla. I want mutual respect rather than playing dominant/submissive roles. (Some role-playing is ok at times.) Sex is great, but nothing beats kissing and cuddling with a cuddly guy or GUYS. 

What I am looking for:

Below are just some preferences; I'm always a sucker for a great personality and winning smile...

I'm attracted to other GWM's around my age, give or take 10 years. Facial hair and a hairy chest is a major plus. Black/dark (NOT dyed) hair or salt/pepper hair is a fave of mine, but not a requirement. I like otters and cubs and bears, oh my! Tall or short or inbetween works for me.

In LTR, so just looking for fun new friends/buddies. 

Profile Stats:

Added 06/23/2000 | Updated 12/23/2005 | Last Visit 12/22/2005

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