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BearChat is Back!

New login instructions for the chat

The chat has been added back to the site, however the login is a bit different. If you have a profile on the site, please login with your nickname and profile password.

Click here to login to the web-based Bear Chat.

If you do not have a profile, this is a great opportunity to create one! Otherwise, you can login as a guest. Guests can not access the forums or other special features.

Dedicated Windows Forum & Chat client

If you are running Windows, please download and use the free windows client instead of the web interface. You will like it much better. You can also IM other members while being in the main chat room. Guests can also use the free Windows Chat Client. Chat client with menus in other languages are available on the main chat page.

Windows Client Download (English)

Chat with Yahoo, AIM and MSN users at the same time!

The new chat also offers the ability to chat with your Yahoo, AIM and MSN accounts all from within the one program. This way you can just run 1 program and still chat with all your friends on those other services. Just enter your username and password in the appropriate section of the preferences and chat away!

New Message Forum System

We also have a new message forum system. Current forums include; Naked Bear, Uncut Cock, Body Builder and Oldermen Picture forums. At present, the forums are available for all members. Due to the bandwidth these images take, the forums will be limited to Supporting Members as of the end of July 2005.

Forum & Chat Resources

Emoticons evolved as a way to add expression in a text based environment. In person, the tone of your voice and body language influence your meaning. Text messages can often confuse or offend. Emoticons help prevent such problems.

Orignally quite simple, todays text emoticons can be quite complex. Check our list of acronyms as well chat images that you may see in our chat.

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