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Bear Horoscope

for Bears born on July 18 (Cancer)

Your views are important to other people and they will take your suggestions into account. Since others are going to act on your ideas, you should be careful about what you propose! You need to know that what is happening today will be for the good and benefit of all. Your popularity is due to an increased interest and participation in a group or humanitarian project. (c)2006 In all relationships go out of your way to foster support and cooperation. Even though it may be difficult to admit, other people are coming up with better ideas than you. Give their suggestions proper consideration and be ready to offer praise and commendation where it is due. This evening, romance will be a major theme and if single, you could begin a passionate involvement. (c)2005 A lovely surprise is in store for you, so be ready to say 'yes' to any unusual opportunities. Maybe you'll be given a chance to study abroad. Perhaps an exotic foreigner will show a romantic interest in you. It's even possible you'll change your look in a dramatic, exciting way. Whatever changes are in store, they will draw favourable attention. Take this opportunity to forge ahead in your career. A dream job is within reach. (c)2005 Duty and commitment to others could encroach on your personal life. You want to please your partner and other loved ones but people keep getting in the way. Ask yourself today: are you happy? If not, this is a perfect time to sort out your priorities. Are you taking life and responsibilities too seriously? Rest and relaxation are a must if you are to enjoy a healthy Christmas. (c)2005 Stick to your guns if you are having problems convincing someone about the feasibility of your ideas. Whether you are looking into new investment schemes or career plans you might have to prove your credibility to those who's backing and support you need. Being indecisive will not create the right impression. You are looking into secure and solid areas so it is unlikely you will go wrong. (c)2005 If your finances are linked with another's in any way, some of their ideas will be difficult to get your head around. If when you first hear them, you're inclined to argue, think again. Listen carefully before you throw cold water on new ideas and suggestions. Put time aside to quietly discuss and consider all angles. Keep an open mind and you will start seeing things from a new perspective. (c)2005 You're ready to forgive and forget past contentions that have caused a split in the family. It won't be easy at first especially if you've not been on speaking terms with someone for some time. The first move will be the hardest. After that, relationships will steadily improve and you won't look back. A friend or neighbour's gossip will amuse you but wait until you're on your own before you give way to laughter! (c)2005 Although you're ready to make a long-term commitment, your partner may be more hesitant. It's possible they have a hard time with intimacy. Instead of pressing your beloved for a decision, make a strategic retreat. Love can't flourish in a pressure cooker. In the event you are already in a relationship, you may be getting the brush-off in bed. Find ways to renew your passion for each other. Routines dampen passion. (c)2005 You may feel a pang of envy over a close relationship although you will fight this with all your might. It may be that your partner or offspring show a marked preference for the company of an outsider. You might fear this person has too much influence over them. While trying to put a tight reign on your feelings, you should keep a close eye on the situation. The good news: it is quite likely to fizzle out, eventually. (c)2005 You'll be having all sorts of fantastic financial ideas between now and late July. It's time to put your entrepreneurial talents to work. If you're more content with working behind-the-scenes, ask a flamboyant friend to handle public relations. Between your business sense and their stylistic flair, you could make a tidy little profit. Choose an industry that reflects your passion. When you do what you love, the money will follow. (c)2005 It is one of those days when the hastier you are, the less you are likely to achieve! Delays and hold ups that do occur probably could have been avoided on hindsight. Someone's carelessness is causing problems. This puts you behind in jobs you want to get out of the way. A temptation to rush things will lead to mistakes. For today, be patient both with yourself and people around who cause you irritation! (c)2005 At some time today you could be presented with a prize, certificate or qualification. After a lot of effort you have now achieved a happy state of affairs where you are in control. You can more or less please yourself what to do with your time and energy. Acting on your resourceful and innovative ideas will reap handsome dividends in the future. (c)2005 As far as romance is concerned, action speaks louder than words. A smooth lover may be melting your heart with lofty promises, but is this person really following through? Resist the urge to make excuses for your admirer. If you break free of this relationship now, you'll emerge with your heart intact. If you're already in a relationship, you've got to stop enabling your partner. Don't turn a blind eye to their bad behaviour. (c)2005 The way your partner or another loved one is acting, you can't imagine how you ever see eye to eye! Your attention is focused on close relationships as you try to reach new understandings. If you are single, you might start wondering today whether you and a new partner are from the same solar system, let alone planet! There will be areas of compatibility: keep looking! (c)2006 Don't be so quick to trust somebody who appeals to your soft side. While this person may be persuasive, she also might be a little flaky, too. You're better off relying on your own strengths today. If you're feeling restless and dissatisfied, it may be because you're not going after your dreams. Stop putting mundane chores at the top of your list of things to do. Otherwise, you'll run the risk of burn out. (c)2005 When trying to solve a difficult problem, you're confronted with a situation that's frankly baffling. The harder you try, the more your thoughts end up going round in circles. What's the point of struggling on alone? A friend or colleague could put you straight if you forget your pride and admit you need help. You may not like all the suggestions they give, but keep an open mind. (c)2005 You've always been a very goal oriented person, and that's especially true today. You're starting to realise a dream that was once elusive is now within arm's reach. Going to college, taking a trip, or publishing a book are among the possibilities. Don't get overwhelmed by the vastness of your project. Just take things one step at a time. Send away for an application, contact a travel agent, or write a single paragraph. (c)2005 Today, you should take the opportunity to relax and indulge yourself while you can. Whether it's an undemanding hobby or doing some lightweight work around the house, your aim should be to have an easier time of it than you have had of late. Experience will have taught you the value of enjoying the occasional lazy day. - Even if working, the job should purr along smoothly without too much effort from you. (c)2005 Lessons you learned long ago could come in handy quite unexpectedly. A business or romantic partner who needs reassurance may be acting out. Take this opportunity to provide practical support. You possess knowledge that this person needs to survive. By acting as your associate's tutor, you will strengthen your relationship. Your hidden leadership skills are coming to the surface, which is a nice bonus. (c)2005 You might feel tempted to cut a few corners simply because you can't be bothered to put in the effort. In the mood you're in today, you aren't considering the future implications of your decisions and actions. What will other people think about your shoddy workmanship? Will they believe you in the future when you say you can do better? Best to do a good job in the first place rather than run the risk of having to do it all over again! (c)2005 You're extremely ambitious now, and will take on any extra work as a means to get ahead. Authority figures are impressed by your initiative; a raise or promotion could be awarded at this time next month. In the meantime, rely on your family to keep you on an even keel. You may be executive material at the office, but your relatives know better. A long-distance trip could be postponed at the last minute; remain patient. (c)2005 The freedom to come and go as you please takes on more importance than normal. You might feel you need time to yourself to put thought into a situation so personal you don't want to discuss it with family. Your loved one's willingness to accept your need for some independence will be a telling point today. You could reach a fresh understanding without the need to put anything into words! (c)2005 Others are impressed with your achievements and you're in for a surprise. You'll be stunned by the tenacity and determination you put into your efforts today. A situation you have already met with and failed at before reoccurs. Only this time you are single-minded in your intention to succeed. It won't even cross your mind you might fail again. You are steadfast in your resolve to reach your goal and you could exceed your own expectations. (c)2005 Utilising your knowledge and talents brightens the outlook. There is a special atmosphere of respect and awareness in your working relationships. Within your career, make the most of any chances that come your way to increase your earnings or your understanding of the job. Be willing to take on new challenges as today it is likely you will come up smelling of roses whatever you choose to do! (c)2005 The spotlight is shining squarely on you these next two weeks, so take advantage! Promoting your work, making a public presentation or going on a first date are among the possibilities. You'll find that people are extremely receptive to what you have to say. If you've had trouble with a certain institution or person in the past, that may change in the days ahead. Just speak from the heart. Your sincerity will attract supporters. (c)2005 Deeper understanding is felt in your closest relationships; it is easier now to reconcile any differences. This is a good day for meaningful conversations and for discussing all you hope will occur over the months ahead. Try not to dwell on what has gone wrong or caused misunderstandings in the past. Romance, travel and the realisation of a dream is possible if you remain positive and assertive. (c)2005 Resolve to remain dignified even when your self-confidence is nowhere to be found. A problem or knock back affects you more than you would care to admit and your confidence all too easily melts into obscurity. If you are feeling nervous about a test, examination or interview, give yourself a good talking to. Don't let nerves get the better of you and relax whenever possible. (c)2005 [content] More responsibilities are pushed on to your shoulders. You would like to have had more warning. Thoughts about not being able to cope are soon forgotten as you get on with what you have to do. People are impressed with your practical skills. Both your work and your home life are chaotic but you would rather be busy than have nothing to do at all! (c)2005 It's time to get real about finances, especially joint bank accounts, investment portfolios, and credit card debt. You've always had a tremendous need for security. What you may not realise is that you can attain wealth all on your own. It doesn't matter what your marital status is or how much money you owe. Everything you desire is within your power. Consult a financial expert so you can meet your long-term goals. (c)2005 Although this is a sociable time of year, you might put aside a few hours today, to be on your own. If people realise you are in a reclusive mood, they won't push you to join in with activities you aren't keen on. Over the past few days you have gone out of your way to make people happy. Your kindness is repaid when they can't do enough for you today! (c)2005 You're more determined than ever to spend time on the people and activities you love. Whether this means switching jobs or cutting back on work is up to you. It does look as though you'll be spending more time at home. Perhaps you've bought a new place that needs to be decorated. If that's the case, feel free to spend a little more money than usual. Make your abode a feast for the senses. (c)2005 Community affairs and creative efforts take priority; you aim to get a lot accomplished. There is so much you have to do and you are relying on other people for their support. A joint effort may not go as well as expected. People aren't working together as a team. Everyone has their own ideas, an argument is brewing and if you fall out with someone today, the rift may never be healed! (c)2006 Forging a new career path takes time, preparation and patience. Fortunately, you're willing to do whatever is necessary to get ahead. Friends may encourage you to stick to a familiar arrangement, fearing what will happen if you take a risk. What your loved ones don't realise is that you have all the intelligence and resilience necessary to achieve greatness. Be your own cheerleader. Reciting positive affirmations in the mirror could help. (c)2005 In business, finance and social affairs, you will be honest, determined and thorough in all you do. It is all or nothing for you, today; you aren't in the mood to do anything by half measures. A job promotion is in the offing. This offer could be accompanied by more money. You are channelling your energy in all the right places. The confident image you project today impresses people in high places. (c)2006 Expanding your horizons can be an uncomfortable experience, but it's ultimately rewarding. You're starting to see rewards for a huge investment of time, effort, and money. Colleagues may be threatened by your new direction. They can see that you're heading for bigger and better things, while they're stuck in one place. Try showing a little compassion. A secret love affair isn't worth the trouble and pain. Either end it or bring it into the open. (c)2005 Financial discrepancies and the need for someone to be at home more will be the source of a heated argument. There may be disagreement with a partner over what should be a shared responsibility. One or both of you needs to agree to take on some temporary obligations in order to soothe the domestic situation. If children are involved, be careful what they hear. They shouldn't feel they're the cause of any problems. (c)2005 A Freudian slip reveals hidden fears about your personal limitations. Somehow, you feel as though you don't measure up to the competition. Maybe it's because you've been neglecting your health. Perhaps it's because you occupy a lower position than everybody else. Whatever the reason for your insecurities, you've got to overcome them. Start spending more time on activities at which you excel. This will bolster your confidence. You're a lot more talented than you realise. (c)2005 A burst of mental energy will send you whizzing through your normal routines. Others are taken aback by your positive attitude. They will be further amazed at the way you cope with minor problems with almost careless ease. Nothing seems to faze you. What has got into you, they may well wonder? You're simply determined to make the best of all situations. (c)2005 Put your health and safety first, even if it means distancing yourself from a troubled relationship. You have a lot more emotional resources than you give yourself credit for. If you're struggling with debt, consult a professional. Together, you can set up payment plans. The sooner you get your finances into shape, the easier it will be to form supportive relationships. Concentrate on being your own best friend first, then expand your social network. (c)2005 A small family celebration or similar get-together will be more of a success than you had anticipated. You may have to turn a blind eye to a younger relative's slightly off the wall performance. If this is someone you don't see regularly, you can laugh at their zany behaviour and be glad you don't have to live with them! Single? Romance will be a happy plus, this evening. (c)2005 Authority figures are sending mixed signals, but it's not up to you to decipher them. Devoting time to intimate relationships will be far more rewarding. You may notice that your sex drive has become decidedly stronger. If you've got your sights set on a new amour, make your move now. Normally, you prefer to be the prey, rather than the hunter. That's all about to change between now and mid-April. (c)2005 You could be meeting some officials or important people and not looking forward to the prospect. What inspires you is the chance this should clear some unwanted business out of the way. It could be the person you see will be a mere representative or spokesperson and nothing will be settled. By this evening you might feel you've wasted your time when you're no further forward than you were at the start of the day. (c)2005 When it comes to trying new things, you try to get a lot of advance preparation. That may not be possible today, however. Don't hesitate to accept someone's generous offer, even if it means plunging into an area that is totally unfamiliar. You may find you actually have more success when you don't bother to think things through. In fact, you may put a creative new spin on an old art form. Enjoy. (c)2005 It's not a day for expecting too much from those around you or for dreaming dreams too far out of reach. Daydreaming only serves to distort reality. Weaving fantasies around ideas still in the imagination stage should be avoided. Stay practical and alert. You could get support from someone you least expected and this will eventually lead you to achieving a special goal. (c)2005 Beware of putting too much pressure on a romantic partner today. If you're single, it could be because you are seeking an impossible ideal. Stop looking for Prince or Princess Charming and start reviewing people on their individual merits. A pleasant conversation with a stranger could lead to a fun date. Don't be afraid to make the first move. Resist the temptation to take on more work as a means to impress your boss. (c)2005 It would be a mistake to trust other people to do things for you; you can't count on them to keep their promises. Colleagues and other associates may seem helpful on the surface but ask yourself why they are taking so much interest in your affairs. Their assistance might swing from out and out bossiness to subtle persuasion. Keep to the shadows as you will gain most through doing your own thing. (c)2005 You've got to show a pushy partner that you can be just as assertive. Start taking ownership of your financial future, even if it means having separate bank accounts. Keep a joint account open for shared expenses. You've always been a master at money management, putting a strong emphasis on savings. Your beloved may not share your financial priorities. That's fine, provided he or she accept the consequences for their own decisions. (c)2005 In all relationships keep the lines of communication open. An honest approach now could save you from future problems. Clear thinking helps you envisage how ideas might pan out and this gives you the confidence to instigate new long term ventures. Talking changes over in a straightforward and up front way means everyone knows what to expect and no-one can grumble about having been left in the dark. (c)2005 You've got great instincts where your love life is concerned. Maybe you sense that somebody's got a crush on you. If that's the case, it may be up to you to make the first move. Fortunately, the object of your affection will be very receptive, as your animal magnetism has never been stronger. In the event you already have a mate, you should lure him or her away to a secret hideaway. (c)2005 Agreements reached today could save you a lot of misunderstanding and confusion in the future. If you are moving in with a new partner or vice versa, agree on some ground rules from the start. You might be thinking about taking in a lodger or hiring someone to do work around your house. Whatever form joint transactions take let others know what you expect out of them and you won't be disappointed. (c)2005 Taking a different approach to religion, philosophy and education can spark an exciting trend. In the past, you've been completely devoted to traditional methods. Now you're starting to see the benefits of integrating technology and old ideas. Young people will be especially receptive to your innovations. Publishing a book could be in the cards for you. Don't worry about getting backing. Just get started and the funding will come. (c)2005 Small, fairly unimportant diversions could upset the smooth running of your day to day affairs; does this really matter? If you find yourself getting annoyed with things that shouldn't aggravate you, consider why you are feeling so wound up. Perhaps you still hold a grudge over a recent career disappointment. Forget past frustrations and prepare to move ahead now in a more confident and relaxed frame of mind. (c)2005 Step away from current worries and anxieties as you are too close to the matter in hand to be able to see the whole picture. It is not a good day to allow yourself to be guided wholly by instinct. You need to carefully weigh up the pros and cons of all commitments or promises you are making. Try to keep obligations to a minimum and remember, nothing is black and white. Consider the advantages of the grey areas. Don't be too rigid in your thinking. (c)2005 An unexpected job offer is possible or there may be a sudden need to revise your career situation. There isn't the time to deliberate over your decisions. Although you would like to choose a couple of options, only one verdict can be likely. Partnerships bring joy and joint money affairs look encouraging when discussions lead to a mutually profitable understanding. (c)2005 If you're struggling with work, it's important to remember money isn't everything. A job that makes you feel tense, demoralised and sick with worry is not worth keeping. It may be better to quit without having another position waiting, just for the sake of your health. Running your own business will allow you to make money by doing something you love. If that's not an option, think about getting some vocational training. (c)2005 You have been working hard to prove something to someone; has it all been worth it? Today you will find out. Whether or not you've succeeded in your intentions at least you know where you stand and what other people think of you. It might pay to move around your work area today and mix with as many people as possible. You will want to be kept in the picture about possible future developments. (c)2005 Creative energies stir within making this a good day if you are involved in craftwork or the arts. If you have links with the theatre you may be nearing the end of rehearsals for a production. The feeling you are getting it together spurs you on to greater efforts. Be realistic about your capabilities. As long as you aren't tempted beyond your level of competency, steady progress will be made. (c)2005 You can't think stress unless your household is in order. Organising a massive clean-up will keep depression at bay. Enlist the aid of family members and roommates; there's no reason you should tackle this job on your own. Make separate piles of things you want to donate and items you'd like to discard. Hanging on to clutter can prevent you from moving forward in life. Kiss the past goodbye; a bright future awaits! (c)2005 A talent you have only used for personal pleasure could find a practical and profitable outlet at work. Up until now you may not have given yourself a lot of credit for a skill in which you are proficient. A colleague or someone in your social circle could suggest a money making application for your talents. This could turn into a good little earner in the weeks leading up to Christmas. (c)2005 Recently, you've been much more open to change than you have been in years past. Right now, you're itching to explore greener pastures. Living abroad or going back into education are distinct possibilities. It's even possible you'll exchange your current lifestyle for a more spiritual path. Friends and family will think you've gone crazy, but that's really not your problem. The important thing is to follow your instincts. (c)2005 A social event which you had been dreading, surpasses your expectations. You might take up a new interest which will involve working with others on a mental and creative level. If single, lonely and looking for love, developments on the social scene bring new romantic situations. An emotional attachment will be formed with a quiet, compassionate person. (c)2005 You'd love to overhaul your routine, but aren't sure where to begin. Reading a few health related books can give you inspiration. You may want to bypass academic volumes for a primer of some sort. That way, you won't get overwhelmed by a lot of dry statistics. If you'd like to make some more money, volunteer for some extra assignments. Your willingness to do more will help an authority figure. (c)2005 It is highly unlikely but if you find yourself twiddling your thumbs, look around and you will see there is plenty to do. Why don't you offer your help or services to a local charity or hospice? You won't have any complaints about being roped into a fund raising event. Working with children and young people will bring countless rewards. (c)2005 You're feeling sexy and sultry, and not at all like the respectable person others believe you to be. It's time to play up your animal magnetism. Start dressing in a sexier manner. Consult a hairstylist about changing your look. Cultivate your flirting skills. Getting in touch with your earthy side will set your sex life on fire. Pretty soon, you'll be attracting admirers wherever you go, and enjoying passionate nights with the one you love. (c)2005 If you are working, the job flows smoothly without the snags you may have been anticipating. You feel more confident about your talents and abilities and you are more likely to make decisions without asking for approval. A short trip this afternoon should make for a pleasant change of scene, even if it wasn't planned. Good news about a male friend puts a smile on your face. (c)2005 It's time to come clean with regard to joint finances. If you've been drowning in credit card debt, consult a financial expert. Such a person can help reduce the interest rates and put you on a sensible payment schedule. If you've been hiding certain expenses from your partner, talk it over in a calm, rational way. It's better for you to reveal the truth than to be exposed by a collection agency. (c)2005 A joint effort will produce good results over the weeks ahead. Be willing to share and share alike in all parts of the procedure. Even when your views differ from your partner, consider what they have to say. It is highly likely their observations and suggestions are sensible and credible. The lesson you get out of cooperative efforts is that you can trust some people to keep their word. (c)2006 A health concern demands your immediate attention; don't let this problem continue another day. It's possible nagging fears have been manifesting themselves as sickness. If that's the case, you must find a way to cope with these problems. Meditation, therapy, or yoga can be enormously helpful. Open your mind and heart to holistic approaches. They can help you treat the source of the problem, instead of masking the symptoms. (c)2005 A close relationship is strengthened as you share ideas with successful results. You could be faced with extra duties as a result of a joint agreement; you will happily take these on board. If you are working, the opposite is the case. Shared responsibilities are taking it out of you when a partner fails to put in their fair share of the work. How long are you going to let them get away with this? (c)2006 A fixation with career or outside concerns is stopping you from giving loved ones the attention they deserve. Before others have to spell this out to you, acknowledge and admit that you have not been as tender or as loving as you should have been. A big point in your favour would be to confess this and ask others for forgiveness. If you don't, someone is ready to start accusing you of neglect! (c)2005 If you let your innate love of mothering people get out of hand you could be inundated with other people's problems. A new job could entail caring for other people. One big advantage is the pleasure and satisfaction being able to help others will bring. The drawback is: you risk becoming besieged by responsibilities that will eventually weigh you down. (c)2006 Sexual jealousy could rear its ugly head, so be prepared for an argument. Whether your partner accuses you of being untrue or you are upset by your beloved's behaviour is immaterial. The important thing is that you have to find the source of these insecure feelings. An opportunity to get some distance from each other could arrive unexpectedly. A long holiday may be just what you need to cool off. (c)2005 You could agree to make some changes in a close relationship or partnership. Once you've made a decision you might still wonder whether or not it has been the right one. Only time will tell. If finances are involved and if you have taken professional advice, you have done the sensible thing. All you can do now is wait and see whether or not things turn out as you are hoping for! (c)2006 A loved-one wants to live life to the full; you're worried about their spending. Others won't be in the mood to discuss the financial changes you would like to see put into action. You know that planning today is the only way to stave-off future problems. An ideal way to deal with the situation is to open a personal bank account and organise your finances so they are completely independent of others. (c)2005 It will soon be time to take plans of a financial nature out of cold storage. Although you may be tempted to let other people make the decisions, your own ideas and contributions will help enhance partnership finances. You might think about new investment schemes and use your savings to better advantage. Combining assets with a partner will help consolidate your future. (c)2006 Assuming leadership of a large organisation is exactly the kind of challenge you love. You've been blessed with considerable executive ability, but you'd rather deal with people than facts and figures. Serving as a general counsellor brings out the best in you. Members of your team could come to you with dark secrets or surprising revelations. By respecting their trust, they'll reward you with stellar performances. It's a win-win situation. (c)2005 A colleague or neighbour has a crush on you; the time you spend together will be pleasant and enjoyable. Conversation flows easily and time races by as you enjoy shared activities and good company. The only fly in the ointment is if you're attached and your partner starts getting suspicious. Even if you've got nothing to hide, you feel guilty simply because you enjoyed encouraging someone's flirtatious advances. Why? (c)2005 Forcing your opinions on others isn't helping your case. If you really want to win somebody over, present the facts and then make a strategic retreat. Eventually, this person will come around to your point of view. In the meantime, don't get involved with power struggles at work. Defer to a colleague who is insecure. If this person feels important, they'll do their fair share. If not, they'll dump their duties onto you. (c)2005 There are lessons to be learned from today's experiences. Someone wants you to join forces in what they feel will be a smart financial or business move. You know they're making a huge mistake. If you value this relationship, you need to be tactful about your response. Let others know that wishful thinking should never be allowed to get in the way of sound planning. (c)2005 There's no sense in beating around the bush with a love interest any longer. Express your feelings, even at the risk of being rejected. You may be astonished at your beloved's passionate response. If you're already in a relationship, you need to put a little more emphasis on lovemaking. Take more time on your appearance, and add a few sexy items to your wardrobe. Keep an open mind towards seemingly shocking suggestions. (c)2005 Whichever way you turn you seem to be faced with obstacles and obstructions. These will range from ignored messages, unanswered or engaged phone calls and non-payment of debts. Last-minute changes to travel arrangements may mean forgoing a journey you had been looking forward to. Since a number of affairs are out of your hands, accept what has happened. Don't take hindrances too much to heart. (c)2005 Undergoing a program of reform could be very successful over the next two weeks. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it and while colleagues may not give you the support you need, you shouldn't let their disapproval hinder your progress. Deep down inside, you know what is best for you. It's possible your co-workers don't want you to get better. After all, if you start to heal, they'll look bad. (c)2005 The reason for a recent accident is discovered and someone apologises for treating you unfairly. You wish you could sweep it all under the carpet and never think about the incident again. You can forgive, but, you can't forget. You will look back on this day as a turning point in this relationship. You're in the mood to talk and are likely to spend ages chatting to a loved-one, getting all your pent-up feelings out, this evening. (c)2005 Let a friend expose you to a new environment; you'll benefit from the change. In fact, you may be so inspired by this fresh vista that you decide to break free of a restrictive relationship. Too often, you cling to familiar people and situations, just for the sake of consistency. Now you're starting to realise that security is overrated. You're ready to make new friends and end old patterns. In other words, you're evolving! (c)2005 There's a fine blend of rationality, logic and intuition and this all comes to you naturally today. You sense the best decisions to take and most sensible moves to make. Any fresh start is therefore likely to be successful. Be ready to share your plans and ideas to bring improvements into your life. Others are happy to follow your lead. You could be surprised at the positive encouragement people give you. (c)2005 You look fabulous, which strikes terror in the hearts of your nearest and dearest. They are used to the old, reliable you; not the glamorous fashion plate that stands before them today. Don't make apologies for your improved appearance. Remember, you're doing this for yourself, not for anybody else. A teacher or mentor may call your instincts into question. Refuse to doubt yourself at this juncture. You're doing just fine. (c)2005 You draw strength from the help, support, praise and respect of family and friends. The best results will come through group efforts. If you feel you aren't being appreciated by your employer or in work you do in a voluntary capacity, it's time to look elsewhere to aim your talents. A close friend helps you forget the everyday pressures of life and living with their absurd sense of humour at the end of the day. (c)2005 Business ventures related to property, catering or domestic services are highly profitable. In fact, a certain investment can wipe out all of your debt, provided you keep the faith. If you're looking to open a shop, lending institutions will be quite generous. If you don't have the education or experience with such a venture, reach out to someone who does. Give this person plenty of respect, as your success rests on their expertise. (c)2005 A brilliant idea could strike you at the most inopportune time, making it difficult for you to consider it more carefully. Why not write it down or tell it to a friend so you can return to it at a more appropriate moment? Routine matters bore you but sometimes you've just got to get on with what must be done. Pigeon hole new schemes and dreams for a wee while longer, until the auspices are a little brighter. (c)2005 You must do serious work if you're going to improve your health. Cutting out fat, sugar and salt is just the first step. You're also going to have to embark on a sensible exercise program. At first, it will feel as though you're trying to sprint through quicksand. With a little perseverance and a lot of sweat you'll notice a dramatic increase in energy. It may be time to re-examine old ideas about fitness. (c)2005 Question people if you can't work out what they are trying to say; don't pretend you understand. Good communication is only possible if everyone is honest with each other. Trying to read between the lines is not a good idea as you could be left with the wrong impression. Be vigilant and be heedful of the fact someone could be having problems getting their point across. (c)2005 Helping your loved ones gives you a profound sense of satisfaction. You never want to be sitting on the sidelines; you've got to be in the game. Changing your daily routine to accommodate someone else could be in the cards. Don't be too quick to agree to the proposed arrangement, especially if it inconveniences you. A third alternative is possible. Put your heads together and brainstorm. That way, nobody's needs will be neglected. (c)2005 Your thoughts are on family matters. A gathering of kith and kin gives you the wonderful chance to talk over your ideas before acting on them. If you're in the process of moving home, you should be able to keep track of everything because you're being so organised. You could also become involved in a new scheme where you will be meeting interesting people or working in a new environment. (c)2005 You'll get an unexpected opportunity to enjoy the company of a lover or child today. Spending the day together lifts your spirits and stirs your imagination. Collaborating on a painting, story or craft project will strengthen the bonds of your affection. If you're single, this would be a good time to go out with a large group of friends. You could cross paths with an intense character who seems to read your thoughts. (c)2005 Do you feel as if life is uninspiring, not enough goes on and people around you aren't getting along? Do you crave more excitement? If so, start swapping ideas on how to make things more interesting. Take steps to satisfy your craving for change. Start with your home and family. Instead of dreaming of what you might do, take definite action so that you all have goals to work towards in the future. (c)2005 Preoccupation with fame and fortune is robbing you of quality time with your family. If you are estranged from your relatives, you may want to take more time to develop a pleasing private life. This may mean spending more time with friends, or cultivating a supportive social network. Don't be afraid to cut back your hours at the office. It's not healthy to centre your whole life around work, no matter how fulfilling your job. (c)2005 A new leisure activity belies its principle as it calls for huge amounts of physical effort. Friends who were enthusiastic when you first got involved are now showing signs of wanting to quit. You're disappointed in them and determined not to give up yourself. Some form of sporting activity is physically demanding but you have a natural affinity for it and you don't intend to pull out now. (c)2005 If a romantic relationship has taken on a parent child dynamic, you've got to make some changes. Often, you feel the urge to nurture your beloved and while your caring concern is appreciated, you need to know when to back down. Your partner can't feel self-sufficient if you're constantly cleaning up their messes. You can also strengthen your bond by being more receptive to the favours your mate is eager to bestow. (c)2005 You may have to reassess some future plans because of what is currently happening at home. Family life continues to bring pleasure and a situation you had been worried about turns out to be something you can easily take in your stride. Your participation in a community event or neighbourhood project this evening will raise your standing with local people. In all areas, you are more assertive than usual. (c)2005 Teaching skills to others will be one of your primary tasks over the next six weeks. Don't be afraid to charge lots of money for your services, as they are extremely valuable. If you feel you aren't being properly compensated, you may want to go into business for yourself. Giving lessons could put extra money in your pocket while providing lots of emotional fulfilment. You're a born leader. (c)2005 The domestic scene could turn into a battle ground when your family or housemates can't seem to agree on anything. You could be left with a feeling of unpleasantness when someone shows an aggressive side to their nature you hadn't noticed before. Once the dust has settled and harmony is restored you won't feel so negative or uneasy. Everyone acts out of character every once in a while; it would be best to simply forgive and forget. (c)2005 A self-improvement project is starting to pay off, but not everyone is happy with the results. Your employer may be intimidated by all the progress you've made, feeling that you are now a threat to their job. Similarly, family members could interpret the new you as a rejection of their values and beliefs. Try not to let their disapproval steer you off course. Be proud of your accomplishments, and give yourself a handsome reward. (c)2005 Pull out all the stops if you're entertaining a business associate or influential acquaintance. Socialising with people connected with your work could be to your advantage. Turn on your charm and dust off your wallet as the impression you create could stay with others for a long time to come. A social connection could prove valuable and agreements made will affect your long term future more than you realise. (c)2005 Social, romantic and business opportunities come through the public arena in some way. It's important to attend as many parties and gatherings as possible between now and mid April, as they're sure to improve your personal and professional prospects and while it may feel as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders, that will change over the next few weeks. In the meantime, be ready to accept any challenges that come your way. (c)2005 You're trying to keep family happy as well as pleasing people who have influence socially or professionally. This won't be easy. As much as you long to be in two places at once, this is impossible. You need to decide where your priorities lie and act accordingly. Once people see you have other responsibilities they will respect your need to be elsewhere and obstacles they've been putting in your path will vanish as if by magic. (c)2005 Your self-confidence is pretty low, probably because an authority figure keeps denigrating your efforts. Resist the urge to jump through even more hoops as a means to impress this person. The truth is, your superior is probably threatened by your gifts, and is deliberately belittling them. Looking for other jobs will cause your self-esteem to come flooding back. You may not realise this, but you could be earning a lot more money. (c)2005 Today's a day for being deliciously indulgent. What you need now is a feel good, take it easy sort of day in the company of people you can always relax with. New hobbies will be fun but remember practice makes perfect. If you try to do too much too quickly you will be all fingers and thumbs. Generally, make the most of the chance to relax completely especially if this doesn't occur very often! (c)2005 An in-law or older relative offers you some advice regarding your domestic life. You might resent their interference but common sense will tell you their words do make sense. Domestic frustrations will disappear through a more flexible approach to the problem. You may have to turn down an invitation or postpone a meeting to deal with another more pressing matter. Do so in a tactful way so no-one feels hard done by! (c)2005 You won't be happy if forced to spend too long in one place especially if it means being stuck inside all day. What you really need at the moment is a change of scene, preferably with a steady steam of new faces. You could also do with spending time in the open air. Benefits will come through friendships. You will also make valuable progress in creative endeavours. (c)2005 You've got great instincts about making money, allowing you to lay the foundation for a secure home life. If you're thinking of buying a house, approach a lending institution today. Obstacles that you encountered in the past will vanish into thin air. In the event you've already got a home, you may want to refinance your mortgage or make some improvements. A colleague is casting flirtatious glances your way. Will you take the bait? (c)2005 Push on with creative ideas that seem to have little relevance to what's going on around you. It won't be apparent at first but your contribution has a valuable function in a team related effort. As well as making you shine, the confidence you have in your abilities will lift the spirits of those around you. A friend is in desperate need of a morale boost. Your determination to succeed is inspirational. (c)2005 Stop exposing yourself to stressful situations and unhealthy habits. Your body is probably sending you signals that something isn't right. Refusing to respect these signs could complicate a small problem. Consult a health professional now, while you can still remedy the situation. Reading up on holistic therapies is a good idea, as you can combine traditional medicine with time-honoured practices. A two pronged approach can't hurt. (c)2005 Appearances can be deceptive and people aren't always what they seem. Try not to judge the appearance or attitude of someone you are working with. It could be they are putting on a show of bravado by making it look as if they are taking a serious state of affairs lightly. Concentrate on your own performance and leave others to cope in any way they can. (c)2005 If you've been thinking of asking for a raise, now is the time to do it. Not only is your boss in a generous mood, but there seems to be extra stores of cash available. Don't be afraid to request more money than you think you can get. In the event you are out of work, you may want to explore industries that have a glamorous cast to them, like film, fashion or high end retail. (c)2005 New acquaintances are being introduced to your circle. A colleague offers to take on some of your work load and troubles that have been holding you back are lightened. If you're single, lonely and looking for love a delightful surprise is in store. An old flame might get in touch, wanting to meet up with you. Say yes, especially if you were expecting a lonely evening. (c)2005 Private commitments must be fulfilled; these are likely to take up a lot of your time. Tiresome and tedious, they may well be but the support of friends and business associates will help boost your morale. You will never be alone, so if planning on tucking yourself out of sight, you're in for a big surprise. Cram the boring bits of your days into as few hours as possible. Spend some of your time doing things you really enjoy with the people you long to be with. (c)2005 Plans made for today are touch and go; someone shows signs of changing their mind. Your mood is flexible and you will swiftly fall in with whatever is decided on. If footloose and fancy free, a get together in the evening seems tailor made for romance. You strongly suspect a friend of playing Cupid but you won't object when their heart is in the right place! (c)2005 It feels as though an authority figure is stealing your thunder. Your tired of having other people take all the credit for your best ideas. Going into business for yourself is a possible remedy and while it may be difficult to get money from lending institutions, that doesn't mean you should give up on your dream. Look for alternate sources of funding. Look into getting a government grant of some kind. (c)2005 You could be given another chance to try something you failed at in the past. A proposal or proposition is accepted and you will be faced with the fact there is no going back from today. You're nervous about what you are letting yourself in for but this is only natural. Keep your head down and your nose to the grindstone and prove to others what you are capable of. (c)2005 New horizons beckon; an unexpected job opening will bring rich rewards. Important news comes your way and makes your future prospects look brighter. If there is a need to complete work to a deadline, involve other colleagues or a partner. This will get the work done in half the time. Evening trends are likely to include a lively social gathering. (c)2005 A great deal of responsibility has been heaped on your plate for the past two years. You've coped with these problems admirably, and finally the Universe has given you permission to put these issues to bed. Finally, you'll be able to break free of a restrictive relationship, work environment or family entanglement. Channel your energy into creating financial independence. If you're already making good money, put some of it away into a retirement account. Invest in the future. (c)2005 Normally you would hold back from expressing views that may cause controversy; not so today. You have a strong need to get your feelings across and to demand instant answers in situations that are causing upset or confusion. With you being more forceful than usual, people are likely to tell you what you need to know. Expect too, to discover a clever solution to a perplexing problem. (c)2005 You're extremely optimistic right now, which makes you very popular. If you've been contemplating a serious personal change, look to your pals for help. They'll give you the encouragement and financial support you need, whether you want to lose weight or buy a home. The secret to your success is organisation. If you have a plan and stick to it, you'll reach your goal in record time. Keep your eyes on the prize. (c)2005 If changes you're against are made, it'll be a long time before you get the chance to put your own ideas into action. It is not a time to hide your thoughts especially in a work related situation. People need to know your opinions or they will act without knowing how you really feel. Delay discussing your views and others will take your silence as approval for what they are about to do. (c)2005 Travelling with a large group of people takes the edge off being homesick. Ask friends or relatives to accompany you on a trip. These relationships will grow much stronger as a result of the experience. Bring some favourite mementoes from home to ease the transition. Sleeping with your own pillow can make all the difference between a sleepless night and a restful slumber. Be sure to follow up on a reading recommendation. (c)2005 Try to sort out any remaining differences between you and those closest to you. Especially if you feel these problems are preventing you from establishing a closer relationship. You might instinctively say as little as possible but this will make others feel you are hiding something from them. Total honesty is necessary if you hope to see improvements in a friendship or loving union. (c)2005 Big changes in the workplace benefit you on many different levels. A higher salary, a posh office and impressive title are all yours for the taking. You may find yourself working with an attractive female executive who takes a protective attitude toward you. By following in this woman's footsteps, you could carve out the dream career you've always wanted. Work related to fashion, luxury goods and the entertainment industry is especially favoured. (c)2005 Don't take it the wrong way if a friend or partner seems pre-occupied with something that happened in the past. This may be an incident that occurred before they even met you. By the end of the day they will be back in the present. Relationships will feel more tranquil and serene. You will be glad you didn't press for explanations. Just seeing other people happy will be enough for you! (c)2005 Limited finances are prompting you to reassess your spending and saving habits. If you're stretched to the limit, you may want to seek a better paid job. Alternatively, you can boost your bank balance by taking on some freelance work. Of course, it always helps to cut back on impulsive purchases. Putting yourself on a strict budget will allow you to pay off debts and put some money into a stock portfolio or retirement account. (c)2005 You feel inspired to start afresh on ideas that were put on hold in the past. You have more time now to concentrate on your job and other important interests. Positive accomplishments will be seen over the weeks ahead; people realise they must pull together if progress is to be made. Increased mental alertness helps you spot answers to problems that have been bugging you for some time. (c)2005 You're especially emotional and sensitive right now, and may shy away from the madding crowd. That's perfectly fine. There's no reason you should subject yourself to stressful situations when you don't need to. If you're longing for company, ask a friend over for dinner. Better yet, host a small party for people who uplift and inspire you. It doesn't have to be a formal, fancy affair. In fact, the more casual it is, the better. (c)2005 Someone is trying to manipulate you and you don't realise how much of a hold they have over you. If you are being pushed or rushed into making important decisions consider how much influence others have on your thinking. Distance yourself from people and problems and you will be in a better frame of mind to make daunting choices. Take care of matters such as medical and dental check ups today. (c)2005 Professional ambition causes you to work harder than ever before. Go ahead and assume difficult work assignments that require a great deal of focus. Your attention to detail will get your boss's approval. In fact, you could be given a promotion. If you're looking for employment, seek a job that has a good future. You may have to start at the bottom with a small salary, but you'll quickly rise through the ranks. (c)2005 Keep in touch with what's happening outside work hours. Colleagues could be arranging something you would really enjoy and hate to miss out on. At home, you might be in the mood to clear out bits and pieces that have outlived their usefulness. Before throwing anything away, if items are still in good condition, offer them to a local Charity shop. (c)2005 This could prove to be a very romantic day, provided you're willing to cultivate intimacy. Dim the lights, take the phone off the hook, and wear something seductive. The object of your affection won't be able to resist your charms. If you're single, you may want to attend a concert, play or movie. You could meet someone who shares your artistic sensibilities. Beware of a rival at work. Professional jealousy could be a problem. (c)2005 Try not to pack too much into the days or you will feel weary and not good company. Why do you feel you must tear around doing everything? It is not what others require of you. Take the wonderful chance, this yuletide brings to recharge yourself both mentally and physically. By tackling odd jobs around the house, you get to stay on top of it all without exhausting yourself completely! (c)2005 Pretending to understand something that utterly confounds you will lead to trouble. Don't be afraid to admit your ignorance; a considerate mentor will be happy to fill in the gaps of your knowledge. Friends may be pressuring you to make a purchase. Falling victim to this peer pressure will only compound the problem. Be willing to stand in your own defence, even at the risk of appearing stubborn. Let your expenditures reflect your priorities. (c)2005 Memories, both pleasant and not so good ones, prey on your mind more than usual. You remember friends from the distant past and miss their cheerful company. Thinking about the good old days could block future opportunities. There is a lot to be grateful for in the here and now. Close relationships are improving. Put the past behind you. Be more hopeful about what's ahead. (c)2005 Assuming responsibilities for your relatives is taking a toll on your health. You've got to get some distance from these people, even at the risk of seeming insensitive. Begin by doing one nice thing for yourself each day. It could be taking yourself out to lunch, going for solitary walks, or enjoying one piece of really good chocolate. The important thing is to demonstrate you really do value yourself. (c)2005 Listen to other people's ideas but don't give too many of your own away. At first it would be best to say less than those around you. Once you digest what other people say, you can offer some suggestions of your own. People will respond positively to your ideas when two minds work better than one. You might notice a renewed cheerfulness in someone who has been feeling a little down. (c)2006 The things that symbolised success for you in the past are becoming distant memories. You're starting to realise that, over the years, your priorities have changed significantly. This could prompt you to change industries, devote more time to family, or develop your creative skills. Whatever form this transformation takes, it's sure to be enlightening but challenging. Ask an older friend for support when the going gets tough. Drawing on their wisdom will ease this transition. (c)2005 A misunderstanding or mix up could get out of hand if you allow emotions to govern your actions. If you are meeting up with someone who is connected to your business, refuse to imagine the worst when they don't turn up. Other people might be forced to cancel or postpone arrangements but this isn't because they don't want to deal with you. Keep a tight rein on your imagination. (c)2006 Friendships are a source of pleasure and strength for you right now. If you're feeling blue, turn to your nearest and dearest for support. Not only will your pals ease your fears, they'll help you to laugh at them. Make an extra effort to go out and socialise over the next few weeks. Going to parties will keep your spirits high. There's also the added bonus of meeting people. You may even get special attention from someone sexy. (c)2005 A close friend or partner has news that both delights and excites you. New plans are being made; these go towards shaping your long term future. Spend time talking over ideas. Think of ways to inform loved ones of your decisions, without upsetting them. Not everyone will be fond of the changes you are making. You are ready to politely ward off their objections. (c)2006 Problems that look minor and inconsequential could turn out to be complicated and time-consuming to fix. Little things that go wrong will sound costly to repair but there is a note of caution here. If you're calling in a plumber, electrician or builder get more than one estimate for the work. Hire someone who has a good reputation. Deceit is in the air so: beware. (c)2005 Confidence and sanguinity overflows; you have a cheerful affect on anyone who is around you. Aren't you proud of the way people in high places take to your ideas? Recent efforts to make friends and liven up your social life have a positive influence on your life and personality. Group and social get togethers continue to hold promise for new attachments if you are single. (c)2006 As far as you're concerned, the more professional you look, the easier it will be to climb the ladder of success. You're determined to put on a dignified front to the world. Therefore, it's important to add some dignified, classic pieces to your wardrobe. It's also essential you copy the behaviour of respected professionals in your field. Be sure to read anything and everything on your heroes. This research will prove invaluable. (c)2005 Recently talks about joint issues may not have gone the way you wanted; today you will be more successful. A situation you haven't been happy about shows distinct signs of changing for the better. You can afford to speak your mind without fear of being misunderstood. Friends and colleagues are likely to be equally as honest in return. Both at home and at work this is a good day for finding compromises. (c)2006 Count yourself lucky when an unexpected offer gives you the chance to make some money. Granted you won't be feeling so great as the day wears on and problem after problem mars your progress. Also, stresses and strains in a close relationship may have something to do with the way you are spending your time. You have a sixth sense about how to advance important ventures. You will succeed no matter what the impediment. (c)2005 You may have recently held back from making a purchase, feeling something better would turn up. Today your instincts will prove to have been right. A blend of sensitivity and practicality stands you in good stead. Someone is depending on you to make decisions that affect more than just yourself. People know you will make a balanced appraisal of the situation. (c)2006 It may feel as though your current surroundings are positively toxic. The only way to remedy this situation is to find a way out of it. Getting an advanced degree or additional training will open up bigger and better job opportunities. It isn't necessary to reveal your plans to the powers-that-be. Instead, continue to go about your business as if nothing is wrong. There's no point in adding to the existing pressure. (c)2005 You aren't as gullible as someone seems to think; you find it easy to see through the glib promises they are making. A smooth talker might be trying to interest you in an investment or money spinning idea. You will prefer to keep your cash stashed safely in the bank! Seek out estimates for anything aimed at improving or beautifying your home but don't act until you've thought about it. (c)2006 You aren't leaping to premature conclusions if you feel as if finally you have sorted out various financial problems. If you've made a bad investment in the past, you're ready now to cut your losses and put it all behind you. A more practical approach to income and earning will work in your favour now. A loved one is making plans they're excited about. You need time to review your own feelings about it. (c)2005 You might today decide to make changes you have been thinking about for some time. These may involve renovating your home or selling and/or buying property. You no longer feel obliged to keep everything the way it is simply because others want you to. You can see where improvements can be made and only good will come from this positive outlook. (c)2006 Bad habits and secret practices could be undermining your health. If you think you have a problem, go for treatment. Joining a support group or consulting a doctor will make you feel as if a weight has been taken from your shoulders. Don't worry about what other people will think of your request for help. People who really love you will support your decision. Those who don't are not worth your time and effort. (c)2005 If you have some thoughts on how to improve a job you are working on, share them with those around you. Likewise, if you come up with ideas on how to save some money, your partner will happily take these on board. Those sharing your day will be keen to hear your views on almost anything. Through discussing ideas, new plans will be made. (c)2006 If you could use some extra funds this would be a good time to apply for a loan or start on a new money-making venture. Dealings with officialdom will go better than you had anticipated. People who have been obstructive in the past seem to be going out of their way, today, to be friendly. As well as finance, all romantic issues can and should be addressed now and long-term commitments made. (c)2005 It will take a lot of effort to keep confusion out of joint finances; strive to be practical and realistic. In some matters you need to take the thoughts and feelings of those around you into account. Are you being too influenced by their mood? Be sure you aren't making inappropriate decisions just to make other people happy. (c)2006 Serious conversations about your career will take up much of your time. You've got to get serious about the opportunities before you. If you'd like to switch fields, reach out to people who are in your desired industry. Have you heard about a dream job opening up? Apply immediately. Enlist the aid of a professional to help you with your CV. Communicating your skills in a clear, compelling way is half the battle. (c)2005 The next four weeks will find you working hard to improve your knowledge or skills. The people you're mixing with now will stimulate your mind and imagination. You're being encouraged to enrol on a study or training course and it suddenly becomes important to pursue these ideas. If you have gone out of your way to help others recently, unexpected rewards will soon come your way. (c)2005 Although you always try to be tolerant of other people's beliefs, certain cultural practices really frustrate you. That's just a natural part of living in a multi-cultural society. Don't try to force an understanding where it simply isn't possible. Friends and family can be enormously comforting at this time. It's nice to be with people who share your beliefs and know where you're coming from. Plan a quiet evening at home. (c)2005 Nervousness or timidity can blight relationships and cause unnecessary misunderstandings. Don't hold back if you know the answer to a problem someone is trying to solve. Equally, if you have the skills or knowledge a colleague or acquaintance needs to help them progress, step in and help. Your social or business reputation will receive a boost if you forget your qualms, take the initiative and help sort out any problems. (c)2005 Reading and observing are all well and good, but nothing can take the place of hands-on experience. If you'd really like to learn about a particular issue, take a job as an apprentice. Launch a craft project. Try fixing something yourself, instead of hiring an expert. Your confidence will soar once you realise that you can actually apply your knowledge to practical matters. Don't let a few failed attempts deter you from your goal. (c)2005 Even if colleagues, housemates or team mates pull a long face, insist they start pulling their weight. You may be concerned about how much you have taken on but have you forgotten the word 'delegate?' There is no reason why you should take on extra duties and responsibilities when there are others around who can help. A neighbour's goodwill could take you by surprise. (c)2005 You attract romance like moths to a flame this month. If you're single, you won't be for long. If you meet someone you fancy, make the first move. You won't want this person to slip through your fingers. Usually, you prefer being pursued. This time you'll have no problem playing the hunter. The two of you will favour quiet evenings at home to crowded, noisy get togethers. Who needs parties when you've got each other? (c)2005 A problem that has been preying on your mind will be resolved today. What stopped you from settling this earlier is the fact you kept it to yourself. Once you open up and discuss the matter with those who are in a position to help you, everything starts to fit neatly into place. You wish you hadn't been so reserved of late when it turns out a problem shared will be a problem instantly halved. (c)2005 Normally, you prefer it when a lover makes the first move. Today, however, you're feeling bold and brassy. Go ahead and play the aggressor; it will be good for your ego. You know a lot more about romance than you realise. For one thing, you've seen plenty of movies. For another, you've got fantastic instincts. If you're not sure how to approach a person, let your intuition take over. You won't be sorry. (c)2005 You could be seeing the end of past money worries as your financial fortunes get a sudden boost. A more productive and lucrative chapter begins. If the figures you are dealing with are more than you are used to, get help from a professional such as an accountant or bank manager. You need to give a lot of thought to financial issues as your life could be transformed through today's actions and decisions. (c)2005 If you want to move or buy some property, now is the time to do so. Don't be discouraged if recent searches have yielded unsatisfying results. You're sure to find a spacious, well-lit home for a very reasonable price. Are you content with your present home? Then your family may be expanding in some pleasant way. Perhaps you'll find a terrific new roommate, or maybe you'll bring home a baby before the year is through. (c)2005 It might take some effort but you have it within you to keep the vibrations at home harmonious. The key today is to take a step back and allow others to play the major role in family discussions while keeping your eyes and ears open to see how the situation develops. You may have to point out a few discrepancies at a later date, but just at the moment it's not worth making waves. (c)2005 You'd rather not assert yourself in public, preferring to stay home where you can just think private thoughts. Unfortunately, you may be expected to put in an appearance at a party or work-related gathering. Muster the energy to go. You're bound to have fun once you get there. A dynamic chatterbox could lure you out of your shell. Don't be surprised if you end up dancing all night with this very attractive charmer. (c)2005 Expect to become deeply embroiled in projects that keep you mentally alert over the next few weeks. The restlessness you have recently been feeling will be dispelled through your interest in some entirely new venture. If you've been trying to unravel a mystery without success, keep on trying as you're due a breakthrough. Has there recently been tension in a close relationship? If so, today everything is sweetness and light between you! (c)2005 It may not be time to spread your wings and fly just yet; there are still small details to attend and while it seems colleagues are overly concerned with nagging details, they do have some valid points. Satisfy your desire for adventure by scheduling a romantic weekend with your beloved. A momentary diversion will keep resentment at bay. If you're single, take a mini break with a close friend. You need a change of scenery. (c)2005 You're alert, intuitive, happy and healthy so where's the catch? The one thing to guard against today is an inclination to be overly critical. Those around you may not be as thorough or as fastidious as you are at the moment. However, they will get the job done to a reasonably high standard. Could it be that you're being overly demanding? Keep negative comments to yourself and avoid confrontation. (c)2005 Career success is virtually guaranteed, provided you put your creativity on display. You've got a wonderful imagination and fabulous taste. Why not put these gifts to work? Creating a gorgeous window display, web page design or marketing concept will do wonders for your reputation. If you need extra funding for this venture, approach a lending company. Be bold with your request for money. Your assertive attitude will turn the tide in your favour. (c)2005 Steer clear of people you don't get on well with as today you need peace, harmony and accord. Dissension is in the air. It's hard to get going when someone's take-charge attitude is causing more of a hindrance than a help. The last thing you want to get involved in is endless hours of worthless debate. Take time to attend to private affairs that keep you out of the limelight. Minimize snags by keeping yourself to yourself. (c)2005 Stop underestimating your abilities, especially as far as leadership goes. People will respect your authority when you are firm, fair and consistent. Take great pains not to play favourites, as this will fuel a mutiny. If one member of the team is giving you a great deal of trouble, don't single him or her out. Rather, put greater emphasis on the group's efforts. This subtle method could shame this trouble-maker into working harder. (c)2005 If you open discussions concerning a health, work or financial matter, don't be surprised if conversations get heated. Going over decisions agreed on just one more time is not a good idea. Someone is likely to change their mind. If you're happy with what was settled on in the past leave it at that or people could start to raise questions you are not usually asked. You will have a better time if you keep your thoughts to yourself. (c)2005 Getting engaged or married could be a distinct possibility on this magical day. If you're in a new relationship, the two of you may decide to move in together. In the event you're already committed to someone special, a baby could be on the way. Is love your last priority? Then get to work on a creative project. The fruits of your labour could set you on the path to fame and fortune. (c)2005 Your mental powers are at their peak and you will do all the right things at the right time, as if by instinct. Throughout the day, quick thinking makes it easy for you sum up what's going on in a flash. This helps you make the correct responses. If that's not enough, a lucky break could come your way, thanks to the thoughtfulness of a neighbour or close relative. Trends are good if involved in political or community affairs. (c)2005 You've always been very insightful, but you'll be extremely so for the next three weeks. Don't be surprised if you're put in charge of an important project. You'll also have great success with presenting ideas to the public. People enjoy how you put a positive spin on sensitive issues, and may seek out your advice. If you've ever wanted to be a counsellor or coach, now is the time to explore such avenues. (c)2005 If someone in power is pressuring you into doing their bidding it's time to consider the hold they have over you. Allowing a manipulative person to get their own way every time will make life difficult for you in the future. If you're being expected to break rules or take action that goes against your conscience find the courage to say 'no'. Take the initiative and let others know they can no longer exploit your good nature! (c)2005 Making changes to your financial situation is stressful but necessary. If somebody owes you money, it's time to collect. If you are in debt, you need to create a plan to pay your bills over time. Some sacrifices will be necessary, but they won't seem that difficult once you formulate a payment strategy. There is a chance you will receive a refund, settlement or cash prize. Think carefully before you start spending (c)2005 There is no reason why you should endure a tough situation if you don't want to. If you feel you've somehow got yourself into a state of affairs that bring no happiness or satisfaction, it's time to take steps to change this. Consider both your short and long term goals. It may surprise you to realise your needs are changing. You have a new vision for the future. Hold on to that vision and don't allow life's daily grind to divert you from your target. (c)2005 Expressing your thoughts through a writing project can be really cathartic. You may not get the approval of a teacher or mentor, but that's just because this person is afraid to see you break free. Continue to assert your independence, either through diary entries or short stories. You'll find the more you put pen to paper, the easier it is for you to be genuine. It's time to let the real you out. (c)2005 No matter how strong the temptation, refuse to let your heart rule your head. At all times and in all situations, think about what you might be letting yourself in for. Weigh up the good against the bad and follow the path of ice cold reason. As sterile as this approach might seem, it will be necessary because the emotional one could prove disastrous. The simple rule today is: use your head; don't follow your heart! (c)2005 Sexual jealousy could rear its ugly head if you're not careful. If you've been pining away for someone special, you've got to make your feelings known or somebody else could steal this person away. If your beloved is already involved in a relationship, look elsewhere for gratification. Attend as many parties and social gatherings as possible. You might find a worthier candidate for your love. A person with an exotic background proves especially appealing. (c)2005 A community exercise or neighbourhood scheme could appeal in an odd sort of way. This may give you chance to learn something new while helping other people. You could be devoting a lot of your time to close friends and neighbours over the weeks ahead. Your help will be gratefully received. A degree of tact may be needed with someone who clearly feels you're trying to step into their shoes. (c)2005 Beware of being too forceful when presenting ideas to your nearest and dearest. It may take some time for your relatives to get used to your proposals. You've always had a tendency to put your family members on pedestals. This can cause tremendous disillusionment. This time around, don't try to predict the reactions you'll get. Instead, present your ideas, then make a strategic retreat. That way, you can't be accused of unfairly influencing people. (c)2005 Domestic changes are likely over the next four weeks; these will be positive and may involve a house move or renovation. Family life seems to be full of excitement and you can't wait to know what's going to happen next. Talking to relatives will give you an idea of their plans for the future. Some aren't yet finalised and you will need to keep them a secret. Take a common sense approach to financial and legal matters at this time. (c)2005 You get more gratification from your public life than your private one. Maybe that's because your colleagues appreciate your creative side, while your relatives are uncomfortable with this aspect of your personality. Sometimes you feel as though you are leading a double life. Integration is possible, provided you are willing to defend your interests to people who make light of them. You shouldn't have to apologise for being talented. (c)2005 You were born under an intuitive sign but you need to use your common sense today as well. You might sense something about someone that makes you doubt their reliability. Instead of doing nothing about it, act on your hunches. Don't put yourself in a position where this person can harm you. Extract yourself from a situation where a devious individual could get the upper hand. Take control, rather than let anyone control you. (c)2005 You can salvage a depressing work environment by adding cosy touches to your surroundings. Family photographs, thriving plants, and soft lighting can soothe your nerves and boost your productivity. If it feels as though you're being given more responsibilities than others, you're right. Don't worry. You're more than capable of handling these heavy jobs. By this time next month, you'll be in for a big promotion. Keep your nose to the grindstone. (c)2005 No man or woman is an island and despite your aim to cope on your own, this fact is about to be brought home. You may feel forced to ask your marriage or a business partner for help in a matter you can't handle by yourself. There is no need to be wary of their reaction. People won't mind being called upon for help. Isn't that what friends are there for? (c)2005 Be very honest in all things, particularly career matters. Even the slightest untruth could come back to haunt you later. You're very eager to paint a rosy picture to your boss, but the fact is, some adjustments need to be made. If you're looking for a job, don't embroider your CV in any way. If someone asks you about your lack of experience, simply admit you have none but you are willing to learn. (c)2005 You need to find a workable balance between your own needs and what you do for others. Someone needs your help; this may be connected with family affairs. If you give in, you could find yourself repeating this chore at regular intervals in the future. Think about all the possible repercussions this could have on your lifestyle and you will find it easier to decide what will be the best course of action. (c)2005 Getting what you want should be no trouble at all, provided you speak from the heart. People can sense when you're being sincere. That's why it's so important to channel your energies into activities that have deep personal meaning. Carrying out duties just to impress others will impede your progress. Debt could be standing between you and your ultimate goals. It's time to create a sensible payment program. The sooner you get started, the better. (c)2005 Confusion makes it difficult for you to concentrate even though there may be deadlines involved. You may have worked yourself too hard or there has been too much contact with the world around you. If people, places and problems are going round and round in your head, it's time to get away and escape them all. A change of scene will prove to be a great pick me up particularly if you haven't been sleeping well lately. (c)2005 The chance to turn your home into a dream castle is strong between now and mid-July. If you're thinking of moving, begin your search today. You could find several attractive properties that have lots of room. Alternatively, you could find a great new roommate who adds a bit of sunshine to your domestic life. Take some extra time to review a credit card bill. There may be some inconsistencies that need clearing up. (c)2005 Take a look around you: is someone acting strangely? Normally you wouldn't have noticed but your keen powers of perception alert you to the fact someone needs help, a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. Whatever it is, make yourself approachable and let them know you're available. You won't know what a difference this will make to them. (c)2005 You're entering a golden period right now, which comes as music to your ears. For the past month or so, you've withdrawn from social pursuits, preferring to focus on your spiritual needs. Now you've reconnected with your hopes and dreams, you're ready to make them manifest. Exhibiting your creative work, finding a new job, or going on dates are all favoured between now and the end of next month. You're finally coming in to your own! (c)2005 Where and when others try to meddle in your business, be firm and don't allow them to interfere. Whether someone's trying to get you to change your way of doing things, or they're advising you against a decision you have already made, refuse to let them influence you. Dig in your heels and let others see what a tenacious Cancerian you can be. Arrange to have some fun tonight with the family. (c)2005 A connection with a large group could allow you to take a trip or re-educate. Be sure to take advantage of any bargain prices your membership affords. It may be wise to review your finances this weekend, just to check for any discrepancies. In this age of identity theft, you need to be vigilant. You may be experiencing some growing pains with an intimate relationship. Give your partner some space. (c)2005 Travel plans are being discussed but it is not a good day to make your mind up about a future journey. You can't quite explain why the idea of travelling too far away from familiar places doesn't appeal. Your mood will affect your decisions and you could later regret turning down an offer when you realise what a wonderful opportunity it would have been. Meditate, this evening, for inspiration. (c)2005 Don't be so hasty about pairing up with a sexy sophisticate. Although you love the challenge of cracking this person's cool reserve, what you really need is someone who is tender and loving. Stop waiting at this person's feet for crumbs of approval. Instead, keep your distance and see what happens. If this relationship has any hope of surviving, your lover will pursue you to the ends of the earth. (c)2005 Be ready to pack up your troubles with a smile as the tide of fortune now changes in your favour. A loved one is about to receive some uplifting money news. Your increasingly high spirits revitalises your love life and reawakens feelings you had thought were dead. The weeks ahead are likely to bring some memorable moments with the added bonus of closer mental ties. (c)2005 Big changes in the workplace will work to your benefit, so don't worry. You may get the opportunity to work easier hours or in a more relaxed setting, allowing you more time with your nearest and dearest. Alternately, you may be offered more interesting assignments that draw on your creativity. It's even possible that you'll be collaborating with a very sexy colleague. The luck you're experiencing isn't random. It's a reward for your dedication and persistence. (c)2005 Little surprises crop up forcing you to change your plans at the drop of a hat. A strange coincidence could, for instance, give you the chance to re-establish a friendship with someone from your distant past. Trivial difficulties could arise in communications; don't let these stop you from following up new ideas. Remember: you can be charming and persuasive. Use this to your advantage. (c)2005 It feels as though the object of your affection has put you under a spell of some kind. You simply can't get enough of this person. This just goes to show how powerful sexual attraction can be. It's clouding your judgement. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Too often, you move cautiously along, weighing one choice against the other until the decision becomes moot. It's a relief to be swept along with the tide. (c)2005 Mood swings throughout the day make it difficult for others to know where they are with you. You aren't as sensitive to atmosphere as normal. Saying something inappropriate in a professional situation could give others the wrong impression of your capability. You may be wrestling with some inner unease but you should not let this distract you from your main concerns. In some situations you must try to turn off your feelings. (c)2005 You need to work extra hard to encourage a spirit of give and take in your closest relationships. If someone approaches you to repay a favour, you may feel obliged to shuffle your schedule to fit in this request. Hide your annoyance at the inconvenience this has caused you. Be flexible too about social plans for the evening. Despite all your attempts to keep others happy, someone pulls out of arrangements at the eleventh hour leaving you wondering why you bother! (c)2005 A strange set of circumstances could stop you accepting an interesting career offer. You will be disappointed to miss out on a good opportunity, but before the day has ended you will be pleased it went to someone else. Stipulations and conditions attached to an apparently good business deal will not have been immediately apparent. Your Guardian Angel has been working overtime to keep you out of trouble. (c)2005 You're able to express your feelings in an intriguing, appealing way. Finding romantic opportunities should be no trouble at all. Thankfully, you won't have to choose between beauty and brains. A person who has both gifts could step into your life quite unexpectedly. Trust a sibling or neighbour to make a fateful introduction. If you're already in a relationship, you may want to take a short pleasure trip with your beloved. (c)2005 Try your best to please yourself when it comes to arranging off duty pleasures. Friends will try to persuade you to join in with their more boisterous plans but quieter pursuits are more likely to be your first choice. Patience will be needed with someone who is younger than yourself who is not behaving in a very friendly way. They may not mean to be so hostile so it's up to you to be the mature one and bite your lips. (c)2005 Your hard work could pay off in the form of a degree or luxury holiday and while you are too exhausted to enjoy the fruits of your labour now, don't make light of your accomplishments. In a few days' time, you'll realise how far you've come in the past two years. Arrange a sumptuous party for the weekend, and be sure to invite everyone who has helped you along the way. It's time to celebrate! (c)2005 You want to pay a friend back for the help and support they have given you in the past. Someone has recently been through a difficult time. You will show your understanding by making their day special in some weird and wonderful way. For a change, you will insist you are the one to call the tune. Consider the day good for acting on spontaneous ideas. (c)2005 A desire for fame, status or prominence could cause you to come out of your shell. Usually, you're quite shy about making public appearances, but today will prove the exception to the rule. Your leadership abilities are evident for everyone to see, and could land you a promotion or raise. It's refreshing to see someone exercise authority without engendering resentment. People can tell you're not a snob, and respect you for it. (c)2005 Be guided by your intuition and you will discover why someone is reluctant to reconsider a decision. You might feel a judgement or pronouncement was incorrect or unfair but you may not be aware of all aspects of the situation. Someone knows something you don't and today your instincts will tell you although they can't reveal all, they do have everyone's best interests at heart, including your own. (c)2005 A busy social scene makes for a lively day. If you aren't sharing your time with friends, it will be colleagues who seek you out for your company or advice. Far from proving in any way arduous, you are likely to enjoy every hectic moment. Evening trends won't be as frantic but there is still plenty to keep you occupied. A chore you have put off dealing with can't wait any longer for your attention! (c)2005 Home life has been demanding to the point where you feel you can't switch off and relax. Today, your physician, a partner or someone who loves you will be urging you to start taking it easy. Make the next few days a time to unwind and rid yourself of past tensions. A social event could be surprisingly enjoyable when you could get an offer that will be a talking point between you and your partner, later. (c)2005 Family could be a burden now, especially in the financial sense. Don't be emotionally blackmailed into lending money to an irresponsible relative. You've worked long and hard to create a solid foundation; why let somebody else upset the apple cart? Contrary to what you may think, onlookers will support your decision. It's obvious to outsiders the person in question is taking advantage of your loyalty. Don't be manipulated any longer. (c)2005 Your mood is independent and self sufficient. Take a look around you and you will see no reason why you can't re-arrange your life to suit yourself. Your aim is to develop an innate talent and to find your own path. There may be some irritability and impatience when obstacles get in your way but you are determined to fulfil the promises you make yourself, today. (c)2005 You may be put in charge of handling other people's resources today. Whether you're delegating funds or assigning work is immaterial. The important thing is to assume an air of professionalism in everything you do. Don't play favourites, and resist the urge to assume a friendly attitude when a firm stance will serve you better. Turning in a successful performance will open even more doors for you. Your star is on the rise! (c)2005 Creative and artistic endeavours will be successful over the months ahead. Your intuitive and imaginative abilities are on top form. Financial benefits could arise through your ability to use a natural talent. Romantic prospects are looking good and there may be reason for a minor celebration. If you are a parent, you will be taking an extra-special interest in the progress of your children over the months ahead. (c)2005 Deep emotions could prompt you to remain silent in public; you'd hate to betray how passionate you really feel. You'll be able to let down your guard at home. Relatives and roommates will give you the time and space you need to process surprising information. Beware of passing judgement on somebody before you know the facts. If you extend people this courtesy, they'll do the same for you. Who could ask for anything more? (c)2005 Forget about the impression you make on those sharing your world today. If, deep in your heart, there's a yearning to do something a little different, what's stopping you from following your desires? Others might be expecting you to conform to set patterns and routines. If these hold no appeal, why not surprise everyone by enjoying the unexpected? Be sure to share some of your wonderful ideas with friends and family. (c)2005 Sensing the needs and feelings of others gives you an astonishing degree of intuition. People are impressed by your sensitivity. Friends in general are in an extra cooperative frame of mind. Help is there whenever you need it so if you're hoping someone will do you a favour, go ahead and ask. Keep social plans on the inexpensive side. Someone in your social circle is short of cash but they may feel awkward admitting it. (c)2005 Creativity will blossom if you're willing to experiment with new ways of thinking. Someone could spot your innate potential and a creative talent will be groomed for stardom. Use your imagination and everything will take on a different complexion. What starts off as a bit of fun could turn out to be an important new step for you. Travel and distant connections will also have some relation to today's exciting trends. (c)2005 Helping a friend become more self-sufficient requires some restraint on your part. Although you want to protect this person from dangerous situations, it may be better to let him or her fend for themselves. That way, your pal can develop skills that will last a whole lifetime. Your desire to shield your loved ones from harm is admirable. However, it can actually end up hurting them in the long run. (c)2005 Trust your instincts if you feel someone is trying too hard to influence you. An important thing to bear in mind is you know better than anyone else, what makes you feel secure. Other people dish out free advice and try to persuade you against taking certain courses of action. You aren't being contrary by turning down ideas and suggestions. You are letting people see you have a mind of your own! (c)2005 You may not be able to follow up on a golden opportunity, thanks to daily responsibilities. Rather than giving up on this dream altogether, look for ways to delegate these duties to others. It may take a few weeks to clear the decks, but it's worth the effort. Don't be afraid to teach colleagues valuable skills. Your contributions will still be valued after you return. Besides, you never know what the future will bring. (c)2005 Your inclination is to stick to your own devices but why when the more people you have around you, the merrier your day will be? Try not to get too wrapped up in mundane chores. What you should be doing is filling your time with bright and cheerful company. You might get some interesting ideas through sharing your thoughts with others. Friendship is good for your spirits today. (c)2005 You're never more attractive than when you're working on a challenging project. Assuming an air of authority draws lots of sexual interest. And while mixing business with pleasure is rarely a good idea, you may not be able to resist the temptation. Don't beat yourself up; you are only human, after all! If you're already in a relationship, you may want to invite your partner to visit you at work. They'll be wonderfully impressed. (c)2005 These next few weeks are ideal for working on relationships where cooperation has lost its familiarity! You might discover a lover has had a number of problems weighing them down; your support and understanding will be a huge comfort. A new or existing partnership will bring joy; it's a great time for breaking down barriers and gaining a stronger sense of togetherness in your closest relationships. (c)2005 You feel compelled to promote your ideas even though you know that not all feedback will be positive. Keep a lid on your emotions, if you give feelings a free rein you could lose out. Getting support before making a move is the key to a stress free day. Today's developments could put you in the public eye. If all goes well and you impress those who matter this could invite an exciting career opportunity your way. (c)2005 A friend or someone close comments on an aspect of your life they feel needs changing. Refuse to let this bother you. If you take advice in the way it was intended, you will have some constructive and objective suggestions to consider. By the end of the day you might decide what's best for other people isn't what's best for you and you will be happy to leave things as they are! (c)2005 You know you're capable of making much more money, so why not check out ways to boost your bank balance? Asking for a raise, acquiring valuable skills or finding a better paying job are among the possibilities. If you feel deprived in some way, make more use of your treasured possessions. Use your best dinnerware for everyday meals. Display cherished heirlooms in a prominent spot. Dress up your appearance a bit. (c)2005 Organisation is essential both in business and family affairs. If you leave too much to chance or try to deal with dozens of jobs at once, you might fail to see any through to completion. Without a proper system you will achieve far less than you were hoping for. Don't allow anyone to send you into a state of angst. Listen to new ideas but refuse to be forced into anything you aren't sure about. (c)2005 If you feel as though you've outgrown your current job, you're probably right. Fortunately, that's all about to change and while your new position may require you to spend longer hours at the office, you'll also receive tremendous benefits from this arrangement. Family and friends will offer tremendous support. Be ready to lean on your loved ones when your energy runs low. Adding some attractive items to your wardrobe will also lift your spirits. (c)2005 Confidence in your abilities soars to new heights; this should influence your personal actions to your benefit. If you are going through some changes, you will cope with these without the qualms felt in the past when you encountered similar phases. If you have recently moved house, life in a new place is starting to feel more relaxing now. (c)2005 You may lack the practical experience to judge someone's theories. Don't be so quick to contradict what this expert says or your love of debate and discussion could put you in an embarrassing position. Going back to the school desk, studying a foreign language, or living abroad can expand your horizons considerably. Consider these options if you feel as though you're falling behind. Summon up your competitive spirit. (c)2005 Someone allows prejudice to influence their thinking and they underestimate what you are capable of. Maybe you don't look as if you have the experience, knowledge or skills they are looking for. People are quick to make decisions on their biased reactions. You aren't impressed. It might seem like a missed opportunity but you are better off not getting involved. (c)2005 Before pulling out of social arrangements you might feel are too expensive, consider other options. There are some, in your social circle, who are a shade too ambitious about entertainment ideas but not everyone is tarred with the same brush. If you're selective about who you mix with, you could soon have some great plans to look forward to. Good news concerning an old friend will put a smile on your face. (c)2005 If you are working, friends and colleagues seem to be crowding round you asking for advice. You will have never heard so many problems in one day! Cancer is a sensitive sign and normally you are happy to dish out advice by the handful. If you feel awkward about a certain issue, why not pass this on to someone else? It could be you aren't the right person to help. (c)2005 You may be suffering from financial worries right now; it's time to tighten your belt. That may seem impossible right now, but that's only because you are feeling so stressed. Once you calm down, you'll be able to find several alternative ways to boost your bank balance. Making your resources stretch further can actually help you afford a dream home or luxury holiday. Take a course in personal money management. The skills you acquire will last a lifetime. (c)2005 Home and family life should be pleasantly relaxing and quiet; this suits your mood down to the ground. If you are working today, some good news will come your way regarding improved conditions or pay. Your curiosity and a need to know might push you to open discussions yourself, rather than wait for those in positions of power to do so. If you take the initiative you won't be disappointed. (c)2005 A career related issue is brought to your attention; you may not like what you hear. Before jumping to conclusions, look further into the matter. The implications aren't as serious as they first appear. Deal with problems as they arise. If you feel things are moving too slowly this could be because you spend too long deliberating over what to do. The quicker you take action, the sooner matters will be resolved to your satisfaction. (c)2005 Finding new, improved work methods will help you up the ladder of success. Don't be afraid to challenge old traditions that no longer have any practical application. If you've been seeking employment, you may want to explore a brand new industry. Jobs involving health care, research or hospitality are all highly favoured now. Don't worry about assuming a subservient position at first. Talent always rises to the top. (c)2005 A recent success helps you recognise your true potential. Fresh career options appeal and this inspires a more upbeat and purposeful outlook. A test, interview or audition will not be as daunting as you had imagined. Your self assurance and belief in your abilities makes a good impression on those who are making decisions that will affect your future. (c)2005 Make the effort to fill your life with the company of others. Don't complain too loudly if the day brings a seemingly non-stop stream of interruptions your way. Even if these prevent you from getting on with your original intentions, they will be far more entertaining than anything you had planned to do. Anyway, the evening hours will offer you the opportunity to catch up on anything that you have been forced to shelve. (c)2005 You wonder who and what to put first: family matters or career concerns. A friend in distress is looking for someone to lean on; they have chosen you. You wish you could be in two places at the same time. This is not possible so sort out your priorities. You are giving a lot of your time to other people. Remember you have your own needs too! (c)2005 You can profit from painting, sculpture, music and other artistic endeavours. You're a genius at public relations. Creating eye-catching posters, flyers and advertisements will attract lots of favourable attention. If you're promoting somebody else's work, you may feel slightly envious of their success. Take this opportunity to develop your own creative talents. You're a lot more gifted than you realise. (c)2005 A close personal relationship will take on a new and more promising outlook. You will go over old ground, admit to past mistakes and reach new agreements designed to improve your love life. Although it will be hard going, you will make progress if you are serious about your intentions. Plan a relaxing get together with friends, this evening. (c)2005 Life has been a pretty serious business for quite a time now, forcing you to assume heavy responsibilities and although you've never shrunk from duty, you must admit that you yearn for the carefree days of youth. Happily, your burdens are coming to an end. In the meantime, there remains some unfinished business. It's especially important that you take steps to further your career. Get additional training, apply for a promotion or meet with people who can boost your prospects. (c)2005 Something you or a loved one borrowed may disappear and this could cause some embarrassment. Before admitting to the mistake, stall for time. There is every chance the item will be found in a place no-one thought of looking. If a job situation is on your mind, get some expert advice before coming to a definite decision. Don't be in a rush to make a move. (c)2005 It looks as though you could be boosting your bank balance today. Spend your windfall on a piece of equipment that will further your career. A fancy mobile, palm pilot or laptop computer can give you a decided advantage over the competition. You might also want to buy yourself a classically tailored suit. Looking the part of an important executive will give you access to influential clients and companies. (c)2005 There may be a need to put in a few extra hours at work or commitments outside the home are time consuming. This means you won't be around to join in with some social plans a friend has lined up for this evening. Let others know as far in advance as possible, if you are going to let them down. In this busy day, the more organised you are, the easier the going will be. (c)2005 A lovely gift lets you know that someone is harbouring romantic feelings towards you. Understand the implications of accepting such a present. If you're willing to steer this relationship into romantic waters, that's fine. If not, mark it 'return to sender.' Friends may not understand your choices right now. Don't waste time defending your decisions. After all, this is your life. You're the one who has got to live with the consequences of your actions. (c)2005 It won't take much to get on the wrong side of friends or colleagues today. You might feel annoyed with someone's two faced behaviour. Keep busy and channel your angst into doing something active or you will continue to feel crabby. Should someone close suggest a little early seasonal celebrating, take them up on their offer! (c)2005 Recently, a parent-child dynamic may have been creeping into a romantic relationship. Do everything in your power to reverse your trend. It is not your job to motivate your beloved. Conversely, your partner shouldn't be attending to your every last need. If you're on your own, you may be putting too much importance on settling down. Learn to enjoy your independence. Take a holiday to a place you've always wanted to visit. (c)2005 You will feel more relaxed and peaceful if the atmosphere around you is quiet and harmonious. It may be necessary, early on, to appease a friend who is fuming over a recent incident. Flattery, praise and sweet talk will be the best tools to use in this peace making exercise. People will thank you for your patience later and you will be rewarded with a happy and harmonious ending to the day. (c)2005 A medical procedure could come to its successful conclusion, which is gratifying. Spend the next few days relaxing and recovering, or you could hinder the healing process. If you're as fit as a fiddle, you may want to approach a lending institution for money. Getting a mortgage or venture capital will be easier than you think. A sexual relationship is heating up, too. Your animal magnetism is positively hypnotic. (c)2005 You can arrange it so you live life to suit yourself; you don't have to keep pushing your needs to one side. If lately you have been ignoring your desires for the sake of friends or loved ones, it is time to encourage them to start standing on their own two feet. You deserve an equal say in planning for the future. You will feel more relaxed when there is cooperation in all relationships. (c)2005 It's time to go over your finances with a fine toothed comb. If you've been contemplating making a major purchase, buy it sometime over the next four weeks. You could either find a terrific bargain or a fantastic product that will last for years. Filling a big home with new furniture is also a possibility. A request for a raise could be granted during this fateful period. Don't be modest with your request. (c)2005 You might decide today you've been wasting too much time and energy on dreary tasks. You need more excitement in your life and a little time spent considering this problem should awaken a number of ideas on how to liven up your routine. With uplifted spirits you feel ready to throw yourself into the festive celebrations ahead. It will come as no surprise when new people enter your life. (c)2005 Beware of a tendency to overwork yourself, especially if your health seems to be flagging. You're better off breaking up the days into small, manageable sections than to plough past fatigue. Well timed breaks will help you render a great performance without feeling tired or irritable. There's a good chance you could get a raise, provided you approach your boss at the right time and place. Keep your antennae up. (c)2005 Even if people try to drag you into their arguments, keep your nose out of things that don't concern you. You'd like to help but in doing so, you could end up accepting commitments you could do without. You aren't being insensitive leaving others to sort out their own problems. Especially if people have been relying on you too much of late, it will do them good to start standing on their own two feet. (c)2005 You're open to a change of scenery right now, which is significant for a homebody like you. Running into the same problems again and again is really disquieting. You hope taking a trip will give you added perspective. If you're thinking about going re-educating, send away for some applications and brochures. You just might find a program that offers excitement within your price range. (c)2005 It is always a pleasant feeling to be surrounded by friends and family. Even at work, more friendly relationships have recently been established. People expect you to continue being sociable but you feel a need to retreat and recharge your batteries. Working quietly in the background will suit you better today rather than getting too heavily involved in the hustle and bustle around you. (c)2005 Discussions about your career suddenly bolt forward again. A job that fell through a few weeks ago may become available again. Alternatively, your employer may agree to an offer that was initially refused and while this breakthrough is gratifying, you may be too exhausted to celebrate. Take a few hours off to just rest, relax and recuperate. There will be plenty of time for revelry later. The past three weeks have been rough! (c)2005 Once onerous responsibilities seem less restrictive now and being flexible in your work will be a great asset. A willingness to allow other people their own way in basically unimportant details will be repaid in the future. A retiring frame of mind is with you throughout the day. Friends and colleagues seem to instinctively know how you feel. (c)2005 Undergoing specialised training will increase your earning potential. Don't be afraid to venture into unknown territory. You may discover some hidden talents along the way. Learning about accounting, business management and sales techniques will help you in any industry. The more comfortable you become with money, the easier it will be to enjoy financial intimacy. If you can talk about money, you can discuss anything! Attitudes towards wealth are often inherited. Form your own beliefs. (c)2005 Whether Christmas shopping or buying something for the home, trust your instincts in cash concerns. A friend or loved one seems to be in the mood to spend, spend, spend. Unless you have money to burn, don't get drawn into their expensive plans. Prepare yourself for some money inspired disagreements. If your bank balance is starting to take a bit of a beating, stick to your guns. (c)2005 You're convinced there's more to the world than meets the eye, and enjoy exploring hidden realms. Telekinesis, telepathy, and reincarnation are all subjects worth investigating. Of course, the traditionalists in your crowd may make fun of your studies. People often mock what they don't understand. Never fear; you don't need to tell anybody about your new interests. Just keep them to yourself, for your own pleasure and edification. (c)2005 You could be pondering on ways to make more money. Try to make what cash you have go further. Be cautious where cash is concerned; a money making offer is not necessarily a good investment. People suggest various ventures and proposals. Ask plenty of questions and keep your wits about you. If you allow yourself to be talked round by a persuasive person, you could regret it. (c)2005 Your social life becomes red hot for the foreseeable future. Although you generally prefer staying home, you'll be tempted to visit hot new clubs and restaurants throughout this exciting period. If you're single, let your pals set you up on a series of blind dates. You might just meet the love of your life on one of these outings. If you're already in a relationship, join a club with your partner. (c)2005 If someone questions a past event or experience, be honest. Get anything that has been hidden out into the open. A refreshing frankness in all relationships will help smooth the way for harmony and advancement. Part of the magic in romance will be your partner's ability to judge your mood and respond in positive ways. When discussing the future, think big. Don't settle for anything less than the best. (c)2005 You aren't getting much spiritual satisfaction these days. Maybe news events have caused you to question what you really value in life. Perhaps you are dissatisfied with the faith in which you were raised. Whatever the reason for your unhappiness, it must be addressed. Work won't fill the emotional void that you are experiencing. Combat your depression by making a list of one hundred things that make life meaningful for you. It can really help. (c)2005 Some purchases you have set your heart on could be impossible to find at this time. A Christmas gift you intended to buy or other necessary items are sold out and you must quickly come up with new ideas. Your disappointment will be minimal when oddly enough you will be happy with your purchases at the end of the day. Slowly but surely you feel you are starting to get on top of your world, ready for the Big Day. (c)2005 It feels as though you're a beginner taking an advanced class. Everybody else seems to know more than you do and while you seem to be at a distinct disadvantage in this situation, you've really got an ace up your sleeve. That's because you don't take anything for granted. Take this opportunity to master the latest technologies. By working diligently in the privacy of your own home, you'll soon surpass the competition. (c)2005 You see past the obvious today; you are sympathetic to the moods and feelings of those around you. A calculated risk will pay off this morning. You can sense how things will turn out and other people respect your wise advice. Friends and relatives will be welcomed into your home and a considerable amount of rushing about leaves you fit for nothing but a restful, relaxing evening! (c)2005 Finding out how the other half lives can be a really exciting exercise. Experiment with new hobbies, sports, and clubs. Learn about different religions and cultures. Travel to lands that have always excited your imagination. The more you explore, the easier it will be to craft a lifestyle that makes sense for you. Discuss your plans with supportive friends. They'll give you the encouragement to take bold steps in a new direction. (c)2005 If there is a lot you have to get through, a combined effort will produce the best results. Some jobs require other people's help and you would be a fool to try to manage them on your own. A close friend will put some interesting suggestions your way today. Think carefully before you commit yourself to anything. Tiredness sends you early to bed, this evening! (c)2005 Friends are prepared to lend their emotional support, but be wary of accepting financial help. Money can often undermine even the closest relationships. Take comfort in the fact your nearest and dearest are supporting your goals. If you need money for a house or tuition, apply to a government organisation. You just might get a grant to subsidise this plan. You'll be surprised at what kind of assistance is available. (c)2005 Today brings a turning point within your close relationships. You will find the courage and strength to put your foot down if you feel someone has been too domineering for too long. If a partner constantly assumes you will fall in with their plans and wishes, you might now tell them differently. If a loved one has been making life difficult for you, it is time to offer them an ultimatum. (c)2005 Overhauling your health regime will improve your public image. Banish junk food from your diet and replace it with whole grains, dark green vegetables, and fresh fruit. Get at least thirty minutes of brisk exercise each day. These simple measures will give you an attractive glow that is hard to ignore. Pretty soon, you'll be able to fit your sleek physique into those clothes you've always admired. That's a pretty nice bonus! (c)2005 Try not to stray too far away; there is a lot going on in your environment you would hate to miss out on experiencing. Job commitments or professional pressures that have been getting you down are about to vanish. Decisions you make today are designed to make life easier in the future. You will decide you can't continue in a situation you aren't happy with. (c)2005 It's possible you've been thinking about opening your own business. You're tired of taking orders from people who are less experienced and knowledgeable than you. If you're already self employed, remember to be a good boss to yourself. Reward yourself for jobs well done, and be generous with time off and retirement policies. Get into the habit of putting a percentage of your income into a savings account, even if it's a tiny amount. (c)2005 If you and a partner have had a falling out, you might hope to be reunited soon. Sometimes you leave it to others to make all the moves for fear of being hurt or humiliated. Now and again, people are glad for you to take the initiative. Today is such a day. You might base your actions and proposals more on assumptions than certainties but it will be worth taking the risk. (c)2006 Keep careful tabs of a retirement fund or joint bank account. People will be far less likely to take advantage of you when you demonstrate an interest in your own affairs. If finances have been a continued source of struggle in a relationship, it may be best to keep your money separate or at the very least insist on having your say on how the cash is being spent. Put your foot down now and keep it down. (c)2005 It is to your advantage to tune into the moods and feelings of anyone who is near and dear to you. If a relationship has just begun, you have so much opportunity now to get closer to your partner. In a friendship, you are starting to understand someone so much more. Marital harmony reaches new strengths now. Trust your intuition. (c)2006 If you're long overdue for a raise, put in a request for more pay; you may not get an immediate answer, but it's best to speak up now. Job interviews seem to go very well right now, but you probably won't hear a word from potential employers for the next two weeks. Use the time in between to your advantage. Keep applying for work and tell friends just what kind of position you're seeking. (c)2005 Through circumstances outside your control you could find yourself dealing with someone else's responsibilities. Whether someone's reasons for leaving you with all the work are genuine or not, you suspect they are taking advantage of your good nature. Today you will do what must be done without complaining. In the future, you will avoid getting into a similar situation. (c)2006 Maintaining a strong, healthy body has become an important issue over the past ten years. Since 1995, you have noticed that your system is sensitive to certain kinds of foods, medications or stress factors. Crafting a healthier existence has been something of a challenge. Fortunately, your efforts are paying off, and you'll have to spend less time on these issues between now and early September. Celebrate your increased vitality! (c)2005 You might want to discuss something you feel is important to your future security with your partner. You feel you can't make plans or arrangements without knowing the feelings of the person you care for most. There are a lot of people around you today and it might not be until later on before you get the chance for a heart to heart. (c)2006 Friends can help you realise your dreams, provided you ask for their help. You may be surprised at which people can offer invaluable assistance. Spread the word of your desires far and wide. Don't be afraid to admit your ignorance to somebody who has intimate knowledge of a fascinating subject. This person will be happy to give you a crash course in their area of expertise. You couldn't ask for a more dynamic teacher. (c)2005 Intuition and insight helps you see behind the screens others put up to cover their real intentions. In one to one discussions, you know there is more to what is being said than others are making out. Making other people aware of your suspicions does not mean they will open up to you. Use discretion; let your words sink in slowly and soon you will see a distinct change of view. (c)2006 Your intuition is stronger than ever today, especially when it comes to sex. If you suspect someone has taken a fancy to you, you're probably right. It's up to you whether you want to give this person any encouragement. If you do decide to embark on a relationship, keep it a secret at first. Otherwise, well-meaning friends and relatives could spoil things before they really get started. Learn to follow your instincts. (c)2005 The intention behind your teaming up with someone to do a difficult task is to bring quick results. The objective does not seem to be working. Have you joined forces with the wrong person? If, by the end of the day, you feel you will be better off going solo, make your excuses and sever this association. You aren't doing yourself any favours by being kind to those who are holding you back. (c)2006 It's not like you to give up on a project just because of a few minor snags. A financial or legal set-back will cause some exasperation but it shouldn't be allowed to discourage you altogether. It might help to team-up with someone who has dealt with this kind of situation before. A combined effort will give you strength to deal with the powers-that-be and your problems will soon melt away. (c)2005 You could improve your health through meditation, aromatherapy or relaxation techniques. Start thinking about taking things easy. Before accepting extra work or commitments, ask yourself whether you are taking on too much. Small things could start going wrong because you're doing too much at once. Delegate whenever possible. Slow down, relax and stay healthy! (c)2006 When you compare yourself to other people in your environment, you feel inadequate. Stop looking outside of yourself for validation. Instead, look within for the happiness you seek. If you're interested in exploring a hobby, give yourself permission to be a beginner. Go easy on yourself if your initial efforts are less than stellar. Give yourself praise, small gifts and positive reinforcement each time you venture out of your comfort zone. (c)2005 You have never been averse to trusting your instincts, even if this goes against what other people tell you. Your partner or someone close is about to be amazed by your actions today. You know instinctively how to deal with a problem or difficulty with the minimum of fuss and effort. Your intuition helps you resolve matters by coming up with creative solutions. (c)2006 Money is likely to feature largely on your agenda. Either you will be earning it, dealing with it or just talking about it. No matter what financial concern is on your mind, you will end up having to give it some serious consideration. There's also chance you might become involved in a new business activity which is not connected with your usual line of work. (c)2005 Sometimes when people are too forceful or demanding, you will cut yourself off and pretend a situation doesn't exist. Today you may feel unsure about how to deal with an event or occurrence. Losing yourself in a fantasy world is not the answer. Be realistic and consider the problem carefully. This might help you deal with the circumstances in a more practical and efficient way. (c)2006 If you're forced to choose between your family and an intimate relationship, choose the latter. Otherwise, bitterness and resentment will set in. You've always been eager to win your relatives' approval, but that may not be possible now. Are you really going to throw away personal happiness just to win favour with your kin? If you're still uncertain about what path you should take, look to the lives of people you've always admired. (c)2005 Over the weeks ahead joint and personal financial matters will become more of a priority. You might look into new investment ideas or investigate new ways of adding to your income. If thinking about committing yourself to a major expenditure you will want to look into all options. You might find something you really want but you aren't in a hurry to splash out yet. (c)2006 A friend wants your opinion on a personal matter; you don't feel in a position to advise. Although they will plead with you to do so, resist helping them to make up their mind. Whatever the issue, you feel it should be their choice not yours. That apart, there will be plenty of fun through keeping company with those you know well and like. Evening trends are quieter than the day's but no less enjoyable. (c)2005 You may have to unearth some spare cash quickly, perhaps to finance an unplanned journey. Although you are careful about finances, you won't keep such a tight hold on the purse strings that you can't enjoy yourself every once in a while. As it is, you have everything in this department under control and home finances are starting to show signs of improvement. (c)2006 Venturing into parts unknown makes your friends nervous about your welfare. Usually, you're totally resistant to change. For the past couple of years, though, you've been undergoing a slow but significant change. You're starting to realise that there are many different ways to perceive the world. By exposing yourself to other cultures and travelling to different lands, your life will become much richer. Keep pushing the envelope and widening your horizons. (c)2005 Today it would be a shame to let last minute nerves get the better of you. Anxiety or nervous tension could prevent you from going ahead with plans already made. Or, at the crucial time, you might lose confidence in your talents. Once you get going, the mood will be short lived. The support of a close friend or colleague will help you over any difficult moments at this time. (c)2006 Financial setbacks that may have had you spitting feathers lately will soon be a thing of the past! You haven't long to go now before all hold-ups and other obstructions will start fading away. You're starting to take a different approach with a more positive way of thinking. This evening, two minds work better than one. Sharing thoughts will help you come up with different and less bothersome plans and ideas. (c)2005 Additional willpower makes this a good day to break bad habits or start on a project of a long term nature. You will be playing an important part in making your world a better place. You have good money sense and people will take your ideas and suggestions seriously. If you are signing on the dotted line, gains are likely now through joint long term contracts. (c)2006 Keep your thoughts under wraps, especially when dealing with siblings. You don't want your words to be used against you at a later date. Treat the next three weeks as an opportunity to gather more information. This will help you make a major decision about your private life. Moving to another town or teaching a class are among the things you might be contemplating. Don't reveal your plans until you can foresee when all obstacles will vanish. (c)2005 You wonder whether to give up on matters which seem to be going nowhere. The efforts you are currently making to get someone to see sense over money seem futile. Maybe you have no choice but to leave them to learn by their own mistakes. Stop worrying and get on with your own life. If you are home for most of the day, you can look forward to a particularly quiet and pleasant evening. (c)2006 The home-maker within bubbles to the surface. You won't settle for second best if trying to improve your domestic situation. Wanting the best doesn't mean you will walk away from a bargain. Bartering and negotiating the cost of home improvements will pay-off in your favour. Charitable instincts are strong today and this makes you fairly tolerant of any flaws an elderly loved one may possess! (c)2005 If there is something you need you can't afford on your own, consider pooling resources. Both in finance and practical affairs it is worth seriously thinking about sharing assets as a means to get ahead. Two heads will work better than one and a collective effort will achieve faster results. Single? A strong bond of affection will develop once you show how much you trust and appreciate a certain someone. (c)2006 Making lots of money won't solve all of your problems, or even most of them. The setbacks you are suffering may be caused by a poverty consciousness. This occurs when you focus on what you lack, rather than what you have. Get into the habit of listing five things for which you are grateful each day. This will keep anxiety at bay, helping you to find money-making opportunities at every turn. (c)2005 When it comes to matters of a financial nature, you can rely on your good judgement and clear thinking. A partner may not quite grasp your reasoning so be prepared to tell them more than once exactly what you plan to do. Stick to your intentions. Long term plans you are making are favourable for helping you make progress in a number of sectors of your life. (c)2006 To be fair on yourself and your partner, you need to discuss buried hurt or hidden sexual tensions. Being resentful without saying why will do nothing to help your relationship. Instead of keeping your feelings locked inside bring them out into the open. Stop brooding on anything that upsets you. Talk about your uncertainties and resentments. Your partner's perception and considerate response will help melt those anxieties away. (c)2005 Don't hold back from showing your deepest and innermost feelings to those you care about. If you are attracted to someone or you feel emotionally secure when they're around, this is something you should no longer ignore. Let yourself go, forget about looking foolish and let our heart be your guide. (c)2006 You're experiencing great luck on the home and family front. Moving to a beautiful new place or adding another member to your household are among the possibilities. You'll probably be spending lots more time on your private life, as this is where you are happiest. Career concerns are starting to fade into the background. In fact, you may decide to take a year off, just to attend to personal matters that give you joy. (c)2005 Someone you least expected to be, is incredibly supportive and sympathetic to your needs. Younger family members or any connections you have with youthful types will bring you pleasure. You discover new levels of understanding and working together towards a mutual goal does wonders for your relationships. You might be planning some changes with a partner as you agree on new priorities. (c)2006 You begin the day in a restless mood and this shows no signs of abating. You might enjoy activities with children and other leisure interests. If you let others know, early on, what you're thinking, there should be no shortage of friends who share your desires. Wait too late to get in touch with people and they will already be out and about. Spending the day at home will not suit your mood. You need to be active, occupied and involved. (c)2005 Exploring your religious beliefs may prove fulfilling these next two weeks. Although you've always been concerned with financial and emotional security, it's also important to have a strong spiritual foundation besides. You don't have to follow any organised faith. Actually, you may prefer to read a variety of philosophical texts. Never fear; you won't have to share these explorations with anybody. Keep them private for now. (c)2005 Domestic responsibilities could keep you at home when you'd rather be out on the town. Normally, you prefer staying close to your family. Tonight, however, you're anxious to escape well-meaning relatives. If this isn't possible, you may want to invest in an exercise machine or some art supplies. Such distractions will help you cope with the limitations that have been imposed on you. Try to make the best of a difficult situation. (c)2005 It may feel as though a religious figure or mentor has let you down. Rather than abandoning your faith and education altogether, seek to find a middle ground. The lessons you've learned are still useful. You've just got to integrate them in a way that makes sense for you. Family provides lots of solace now. At least you know where you stand at home. Confess your fears to a lover or trusted friend. (c)2005 Life has assumed a serious tone these past two years, which has made you much stronger. Now that the seasons are changing, you finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. You may have an opportunity to start your own business or leave a restrictive relationship behind and you can expect things to change over the coming weeks. In the meantime, make all the necessary preparations to enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle. (c)2005 Making a terrific impression on others will be no problem for you. Just be sure to dress the part of a tasteful sophisticate. If you don't have any suitable items in your wardrobe, go shopping with a Libra or Capricorn. Such a friend will be able to direct you to the smart styles that look well on you. Pay careful attention to colour and texture, too. The more organised and together your look, the better. (c)2005 Life is full of interesting challenges and so much of what you are doing today could be unplanned and spontaneous. Constraints that have prevented you from following your instincts in the past may now be lifted. You're still waiting for something to happen to spoil your fun because you can't believe all that's going on. You think you aren't worthy of a little happiness but it's not true. You deserve all the nice things coming to you. (c)2005 Having a rich and fulfilling home life makes you feel centred and strong and although you're determined to earn as much money as you can to sustain a luxurious household, you can take this urge too far. Cut back on office hours so that you can spend more time with your loved ones. If you live alone, you may want to adopt a pet. Caring for a furry, fuzzy or feathery creature puts your priorities in perspective. (c)2005 Involvements with friends and children will be unexpectedly rewarding. Romantic and social opportunities abound. At the same time, should someone approach you for a loan, hesitate before reacting. If it is a loved one who needs financial help, you will probably be happy to oblige. If it's a friend or neighbour, is it wise to get involved with their cash concerns? (c)2005

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