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Bear Horoscope

for Bears born on April 21 (Taurus)

At the least today, you can be sure of being in communication with people who live at a distance. Better still, will be the chance you might receive to proceed with travel related interests. A visa, travel permit or documents you have been waiting for will arrive or be approved. There may still be minor hold ups over the days ahead but in general, things are starting to move forward. (c)2006 The ability to make a little go a long way could leave friends and colleagues green with envy. Don't keep your secret to yourself. If you spot someone who is just managing to keep their head above water, why don't you step in and help them out? All this might require is talking them out of making a rash move or sudden change with regard to a financial or work situation. (c)2005 An appreciation for literature, poetry or music could take you down an unfamiliar path. If you're single, you could form a love connection with someone who belongs to an arts club or creative organisation. Attached? Then maybe you and your beloved should head off to a beautiful location that fuels your imagination. Trust your instincts when it comes to planning such a trip. Your intuition is right on target. (c)2005 A festive gathering is not the place to conduct a practical discussion. Someone is about to act on ideas you wouldn't even consider. Remember it's their life and you can't judge the opinions and actions of others on your own tastes and values. You will gain more from your relationships if you accept people for who they are. Be of good cheer and curb the more stubborn side of your nature! (c)2005 You could hear some pleasing news about money and this makes you more confident about your financial future. Inside you feel like celebrating but maybe you should keep a lid on things as an older friend or relative is going through a rough patch. Not everyone will be pleased for you but this shouldn't stop you being happy for yourself! Review health matters this evening and start looking after yourself. (c)2005 An impending clash with a loved-one makes you wonder whether you should avoid them. At the same time, you want to get to the bottom of certain issues. Someone isn't in a hurry to reveal information you need to satisfy your curiosity but you shouldn't give up. Confusion could lead to wrong decisions. Press for answers but do your best to keep the peace. (c)2005 A moment's thoughtfulness will do a lot to bring you and a work mate closer together or to firm up a love relationship. There's a yearning for love and companionship and actions taken today will be with this need in mind. You are capable of the most selfless devotion now. Take care this does not attract selfish partners who take more than they are willing to give. (c)2005 Acquiring useful skills causes your confidence to soar. In the past, it may have been difficult to master particular lessons. Pace yourself more slowly this time around. You may not be a fast learner, but you'll never forget something once you learn it. Career matters are a bit rocky, mostly because your boss isn't sure what he or she wants. Hold back on a project until the situation becomes clearer. (c)2005 If working today, more than once there will be a need to count to ten before reacting. You must fight the urge to tell an over bearing colleague exactly what you think of them. Aspects today do not favour kicking off any showdowns with others. At home, life promises more in the way of peace and quiet. Chiefly because you're striving to see things through the eyes of someone close. (c)2005 A family member could stop by for a visit sometime over the next four weeks. Take this opportunity to get your abode in ship shape. Clear out any clutter that's been taking up valuable space, and scrub surfaces until they gleam. For a final touch, keep fresh flowers in all your rooms. Even a single bloom in a bud vase can perk up a space. Your guest will be suitably impressed by your hard work. (c)2005 Your private life is in turmoil when it might seem as if anything that can go wrong is doing so! Molehills transform into mountains before your eyes as a dispute or argument gets out of hand. Stay practical and try to view things from a distance. You can smooth over someone's hurt feelings if you put yourself in their shoes. You have your own grievances but these may have to be addressed at another time. (c)2005 Make a point of allowing for the views and wishes of your partner. Even if you feel someone is being overly critical or fussy, they would like to know you are at least considering what they have to say. Cooperation will go a long way to reduce tension in relationships. Focusing on practicalities is not enough today. You must try to see with your emotions and your heart. (c)2005 You've got big dreams, but need practical plans to execute them. If you've got your sights set on a glamorous job, you should do everything in your power to get experience in this field. Working as an apprentice to a master or on the job training are among the possibilities. You may even have to get back to studying and while it may take a long time to reach your goal, the process will be rewarding. (c)2005 You might worry problems you are faced with today are the shape of things to come; this won't be so. If and when things go wrong, go slowly through all the possible reasons why. Try a process of elimination and you will discover the reason for your problems. From then on, the going will be much easier. Tonight could bring a surprising romantic event if you are single. (c)2006 It's always been difficult you for you to venture out of your comfort zone, but try today. Let an older, more experienced person take you under their wing. You'll learn some valuable new skills along the way. An opportunity to take a long-distance trip could present itself and while it may be a struggle to get the necessary funds together, you'll find a way to go. Try negotiating a better deal with a travel agent. (c)2005 A sense of comradeship after midday replaces the brittle mood that begins the day. Whether someone is too idle or too busy to lend you a hand early on, a sheepish apology could later come your way. Rather than prolonging the tension by going all moody on them, forget their earlier behaviour. At least by the end of the day you're getting the support you need from those you need it from! (c)2005 Working on your communication skills will yield fabulous results. In the past, you may have been accused of turning a deaf ear to information you don't want to hear. Open your mind and heart to everything people have to say, even if it's painful. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel once you face unpleasant realities. Yes, you'll have to change certain behaviours, but that's better than remaining stuck. (c)2005 Almost the reverse of yesterday's trends, you will now discover your partner or a colleague really does appreciate you. They enjoy having you around and are grateful for the effort and sacrifice you're putting into joint efforts. Although you aren't particularly outgoing, you will make the most of the social side of life. You could be asked to take on a responsible role in a team situation and will get more out of this than you anticipate. (c)2005 You could get the training you want by taking the unorthodox route. Studying with an expert or reading manuals on the side will put you ahead of the pack. Your advancement will come as a total surprise to your peers, which gives you a thrill. Too often, people treat you like a predictable entity. It's nice to show the world that you are capable of venturing off the beaten path. Keep following your hunches. (c)2005 Your mood is more flexible than usual but foolish risk taking is not recommended. Not everything will go as planned but that's because you're working on new methods or procedures. A fair amount of self discipline will be needed as there are plenty of distractions around you. Not only this but if trying out new ideas, you've just got to expect a few bumps in the road. (c)2005 You've been keeping your true feelings secret for quite some time now. Perhaps you're engaged in a clandestine love affair. Maybe you're harbouring a crush on someone with an exotic background. It's even possible you've just become aware of certain sexual tastes. Your private bliss gives you a zest for life that is most attractive. Friends may be annoyed by that far-away look in your eyes, but you can't tell them everything! (c)2005 It's one of those wonderful days when you get through a lot without feeling as if you have been exerting yourself at all. Because you are completely immersed in what you are doing, the hours will speed by as if on wings. You glide through difficult jobs like a knife through butter and will take on complex tasks with an inspired confidence. (c)2005 Make the most of an offer or opportunity to develop your talents and expand lucrative sidelines. There will be encouragement from those who recognise your abilities but you also need to have faith in yourself. Being flexible and less rigid in your thinking will open your mind to new possibilities. You may have to reject some ideas but recognising the most valuable suggestions will lead to something constructive and worthwhile. (c)2005 Another person's negative outlook could rub off on you; don't let this happen. If a friendship or romantic alliance is now past its sell by date, try to accept this philosophically. Sometimes things must be brought to an end so you can be free to enjoy new and better opportunities. Although there may be tension in an old relationship, a new friend is helpful and supportive. (c)2005 It looks as though you may be signing an agreement or contract in the next two weeks. If you don't like the terms that are initially offered, feel free to negotiate. You can drive a hard bargain when you want. This time around, it looks as though you'll get almost everything you desire. Educational endeavours are also favoured. Watch out for a class that catches your interest. You'll benefit from the extra intellectual stimulation. (c)2005 A partner's strange but exhilarating ideas are worth considering. Take them up on a spontaneous whim and you will be breaking with routine and visiting places or people of interest to you both. Forget about duty and responsibility: plan a leisurely day with a difference. Emotional satisfaction comes through focusing on whatever makes your life worth living. (c)2005 Your mind is geared to detail today; you will be surprised at what you notice because of this. Solutions to career and financial problems could come to you more easily when you pay attention to the finer points. If an out of town trip is planned you would do better to make an early start. This way you will find the time you need later to attend to trivial but time consuming concerns that can no longer be overlooked. (c)2005 [content] You can't help it; it is in your nature to be cautious and to look for loopholes in financial deals. Even if your instinct tells you to trust those you are dealing with, a part of you wonders how far you can rely on them. Today, in financial and legal matters, try to let go a little and be a shade more trusting. The world is not covered with trip wires. Some people are trustworthy. (c)2005 You have big dreams about your career, which is great, but your fantasies bear little relation to your reality. Now is the time to get your head out of the clouds and put your feet back on the ground. If you have a particular job in mind, get the necessary training, even if it takes years to get certified. If you're not sure which direction to take, meet with a careers advisor. (c)2005 If you're entering a legal agreement with a partner, has at least one of you read the small print? You aren't in the mood for anything that taxes your brain but a sloppy attitude will confuse matters in the future. Fund raising activities go well and you are overwhelmed by goodwill and generosity. If you are fighting a good cause, support is almost unanimous. (c)2005 Improved work conditions could be on the way. Perhaps you'll be given a bigger office. Maybe you'll be handed a plum assignment. It's even possible you'll be able to open your own business. It looks as though the duties involved will be close to your heart. If you've ever wanted to be a stay at home parent, that could be a possibility, too. Don't be so quick to discount the idea, even if it seems impossible. (c)2005 If life or a close relationship doesn't seem very wonderful, take heart: the future will bring more to enjoy. Little things get you down and you just aren't in the mood to smile. It could be a case of getting out of bed on the wrong side; tomorrow you will feel much better. For that reason, the least you say, the better. You don't want to needlessly upset anyone, do you? (c)2006 Beware of putting too much emphasis on people's looks, as appearances can be deceiving. Rely on your intuition when forming work alliances. A colleague who seems lazy and light-hearted may be a powerful creative force. By teaming up with this person, you can develop a valuable product or impressive idea that will boost your bank balance. If you're not employed, let an expert teach you a trade or craft. (c)2005 If you feel like spreading your wings, start looking for new options. A long held ambition could come closer to realisation. You need to be slightly more aggressive in pushing for what you want. Make positive use of your energy to mastermind a work project that requires your particular skills and talents. The more you enjoy your work, the less of a chore it will be! (c)2006 You're more determined than ever to make a cherished dream come true. A sibling or neighbour can be instrumental in reaching your goal. Don't dip into a retirement account to fund this project, or you'll jeopardise your long-term security. You're better off taking a part-time job or selling your creative work. Never fear; your savings will mount quicker than you think. Meanwhile, keep your eyes on the prize. (c)2005 There is no reason why you shouldn't trust your own thoughts and feelings. Even if others are keen to point out possible flaws and ill advised aspects of your ideas and intentions. It should soon become apparent someone is deliberately trying to put you off and make things awkward for you. Will you let them win? Draw on your strong determination to prove to the lot of them exactly what you can do. (c)2005 It's easy to make headway with a neighbour, sibling or cousin who needs assistance. This person may have resisted your help in the past, but that will change today. Be careful to keep your love life hidden from an impressionable child. This kid may feel threatened by open displays of affection right now. If you haven't enjoyed physical intimacy in a long time, it may be because you've been too wrapped up in mundane matters. (c)2005 Creative efforts will flourish, these next two weeks when your imagination is working overtime. This will be an especially inspired and resourceful time as you work towards the fulfilment of a special aim. Your sex-appeal is set at maximum, attracting more than enough romantic attention your way. It's hard to imagine anything more wonderful could happen now! (c)2005 Authority figures are impressed by the depth and breath of your creative vision. If you've ever wanted a career in an artistic industry, now is the time to work towards one and while this may mean taking a temporary cash loss for the sake of something bigger, the sacrifice will be well worth it. There's no substitute for having a job you love. Besides, you're frugal enough to make your existing resources stretch. (c)2005 Close relationships and joint dealings will be a main concern for the next four weeks. You won't want to spread yourself too thin but you will be determined to keep everyone who is important to you, happy. If you're unattached, you should be eager to explore new associations especially if there is an accent on romance. Today, keep an eye on your money as spending on pleasure pursuits could easily get out of hand. (c)2005 All sorts of exciting career opportunities are starting to open up. Before you accept any offers, you may want to consider the long-term ramifications. It's possible you'll need to negotiate for a higher salary or decide between two positions. Put your decision on hold for another three weeks. If the powers that be are pressing you for an answer, go ahead and make one. Just be prepared for changes later on. Reversals will happen. (c)2005 A partner or child's behaviour might cause you some slight concern. They may be moody, volatile and even hostile. Wait a few days before saying anything. The fact is they're in the grip of that strange mood which comes over people from time to time for no apparent reason. All you can do is be patient and put up with their odd behaviour. Wait until the mood wears off. As far as possible, don't draw attention to their conduct. (c)2005 People have accused you of being stubborn and set in your ways. You have a golden opportunity to change that perception today. Reaching out to an offbeat neighbour will teach you a valuable lesson. This person can teach you the fine art of spontaneity. Don't be surprised if relationships with siblings and other close relatives improve, too. They're responding well to your compassion and generosity. Keep up the good work. (c)2005 Discuss joint responsibilities. If you are a parent, agree on who is responsible for various aspects of your children's activities. Between organising their lives and running them around from A to B, you have no time left for yourself. Go halves in these matters. If this isn't an option, consider curtailing them in order to give yourself a break. There's no point in everyone leading a full life at the expense of your own. (c)2005 You're able to talk anybody into anything, so use this power wisely! At times, you will feel guilty about how easy it is to manipulate colleagues, friends and lovers. Thankfully, your motives are relatively pure. All you want is to have a good time at the smallest possible cost. Getting free tickets, sumptuous meals and luxurious gifts seems a relatively harmless practice. Besides, you're long overdue for some treats. (c)2005 Your easy going mood is not shared by energetic friends who are making plans that sound too strenuous for your liking. Any vague thoughts of enjoying a more leisurely day are forgotten when those around you are filled with lively ideas. You worry you haven't the get up and go and others might see you as a killjoy. Once you get into the spirit, you could enjoy yourself immensely. (c)2005 Working behind-the-scenes allows you to unleash your creativity. The thought of proposing radical ideas to the public is really intimidating. You'd rather submit your work anonymously, then wait for the reaction. Fortunately, colleagues will be admiring of your efforts, and will want to know who generated it. Don't be surprised if you get a promotion or high profile account after claiming ownership. Your star is on the rise. Practice moderation at a rollicking party tonight. (c)2005 The generous and giving side of your nature shines through, from morning until night. Even people you hardly know demand a lot of your time and attention. Helping them out is an ideal way to get to know them better. An old friend will go out of their way to do you a good turn. Your positive attitude is the key to successful relationships in the future and a private conversation will lead to major insights. (c)2005 A mysterious benefactor could recommend you for a glamorous job. Don't bother questioning your good fortune. It's the result of hard work and persistence. You've toiled long enough in the shadows; now it's time to claim your place in the sun. If you've already got a job, there's a chance you will fall in love with a colleague. Keep this relationship under wraps, or your professional reputation could be compromised. (c)2005 You might feel someone could put more effort into their commitments and this would certainly reduce your load. It might become apparent today that a friend or colleague has been deliberately shirking their responsibilities. Your opinion of them has gone down a few notches. Try not to be too brusque when telling them so. It is entirely possible they will have a good excuse as to why they have been so lackadaisical. (c)2005 You've got penetrating insights to the motivations of a neighbour or sibling. In the past, this person's actions may have totally befuddled you. Now you're starting to see the method to their madness. In fact, you may become so impressed by their ingenuity that you enter into a partnership together. Any endeavours related to computers, television or scientific research are especially favoured right now. You're ready to explore new territory. (c)2005 Evidence comes to light that proves someone has been deceiving you. A person you thought of as a friend is not to be trusted and they no longer have a part to play in your life. Let people know how you feel; your honesty will ensure there are no further misunderstandings. If a loan or money matter is the issue, be sure you are paid your dues. Also, if you need legal or financial advice, don't rely on what friends say. Go to a professional. (c)2005 Working against time can bring some frustration but whatever your aims, you are determined to succeed. There's a need to be patient with a younger person or someone whose inexperience threatens to interfere with your plans. Problems and difficulties appear more pronounced than they really are. Hold on to your patience and take one step at a time. Working behind-the-scenes or following up a furtive tip could help your output. (c)2005 In areas where there has been discord an original approach will help you get further than before. The cautious and careful side of your nature seems to be nowhere in evidence today. Suggestions are impulsive and you will be quick to act on spontaneous decisions. People will be taken aback by your seemingly rash behaviour but you aren't being reckless. You are just ready for a change. (c)2005 It may be hard to separate your thoughts from your feelings today. The two are completely intertwined. There's no way you can view a tense situation without getting angry or sad. Similarly, an intense relationship is bound to cloud your thinking. Put off any important decisions for another day, and stop trying to control the situation. Things will work out; they always do. Sometimes you've just got to swim with the tide. (c)2005 You have all the right ideas, you are confident in your plans but you know too there will be objections. No matter how inflexible those around you are, you will have the stamina, emotionally and physically to cope. A loved one is in a generous mood and is likely to splash out on entertainment this evening. Okay they're being extravagant but you will like their ideas all the same! (c)2005 You feel as if you are spending the day with people who have nothing better to do than waste your time. Refuse to allow those who are idle or uncooperative to distract you. If you are working and hoping for a promotion or an increase in pay, be sure authority figures notice the efforts you are making. A colleague tries to take all the credit for your hard work: will you let them get away with it? (c)2005 Family finances, taxes, and insurance can be emotional issues right now. Subsequently, your love life might suffer. It's hard to feel sexy when you're worried about money. Take the focus off of financial matters, even if it means stuffing bills into a drawer. You're always being overly conscientious about money. The fact is, when you're grounded and secure in your relationships, it's easier to manage your money. Spend some quality time with your beloved. (c)2005 A money puzzle will be resolved soon. Someone close might ask for your advice about selling a personal belonging. You will instinctively know what they should do. A friend is in an extravagant mood. They might be spending money as if it grew on trees but you don't have to follow their example. In financial affairs, be guided by your own instincts today and over the weeks ahead. (c)2005 A last minute change of plans puts you in the driver's seat today. Never fear; you're more than capable of leading the group to victory. Rely on your intuition when dealing with a rebel. The only way to earn this person's respect is to put your foot firmly on their back. Onlookers will be delighted at this show of force. Normally, you adopt a live-and-let-live attitude. It's nice to see you showing what you're made of! (c)2005 While there is a happy harmony in friendships, other relationships aren't so rosy. There is a distinct you scratch my back I'll scratch yours feel to a professional relationship. How can you respect someone's friendliness if there are strings attached? If you aren't comfortable dealing with someone, the best thing you can do is find a more upright associate to take their place! (c)2005 You're able to manage very well on your own, and may prefer solitary pursuits to group endeavours. This isn't a good time to lend or borrow money. Finance and friendship don't go together. If you've been thinking of starting a romance with a close pal, hold off for a few days. It may be best to maintain a platonic relationship. Never fear; you will meet someone who is more suited to your sensual tastes. (c)2005 Life is busy both at home and at work; your best success comes through sticking to what is familiar. People aren't telling you it all so don't make decisions based on anything you are told. Give yourself a few days to check other sources of information. Try to read between the lines if you feel someone can't reveal everything in front of a third party. (c)2005 A role model may inspire you to take charge of an important creative project. Normally, you're content to follow somebody else's lead. This time, though, you have a unique vision that can only be realised by you. Entrusting others with this endeavour will only lead to heartache. Therefore, you need to take the helm. Delegate tasks according to people's abilities, rather than their rank. Talent merits plum assignments, while reliability draws routine work. (c)2005 With some wild and crazy ideas being discussed, this would be a good time to bring a private dream out into the open. Will people take you seriously when they hear some of your more adventurous plans? Happily, such talks will prove more productive than you were expecting. All of a sudden the future looks incredibly exciting. (c)2005 Grace, charm and sophistication are all well and good, but they're not enough to impress your boss. You must put in more hours and make more sacrifices in order to win this person's approval. Turn a deaf ear to family members who claim you're being treated unfairly. The fact is, they haven't seen the full picture. Besides, they'd rather have you attending their needs than putting in all that overtime. Stay focused on career. (c)2005 Long term plans are discussed and agreed; you need all your confidence to go ahead with some ideas. Refuse to even think about the word failure. Taking on more responsibilities and bigger commitments will help develop your patience and strength of character. The more belief you have in yourself, the greater your achievements will be. (c)2006 Dividing property or coming to a financial settlement will be a challenge. A lending institution won't be as cooperative as you initially thought. Don't worry, you'll find the answers you need, but it won't be today. Hold out for a better deal, even if it means leaving things unresolved for the time being. A female executive may try to pressure you into agreeing to an arrangement that doesn't benefit you in the long run. (c)2005 Time lost at the start of the year has more or less been made up now and the work situation is back to normal. Your thoughts are on the future. You may be invited to visit someone from a distance or you are thinking about arranging a holiday. People think they know what's good for you but your tastes are changing. For this reason protect your own interests. (c)2006 Events today will force you to acknowledge unconscious thinking patterns that have controlled your actions in the past. It's never easy to change a long-term habit. Sometimes this is essential if you are to change your ways and invite new and more varied possibilities into your life. Recognize where you have been going wrong and you will free yourself from restrictions that have been holding you back. (c)2005 Are you being stubborn simply for the sake of making a point and could you be more flexible? Emotions are strong and logic seems to play only a small part in your reasoning today. In a way, it is good to trust your instincts as your feelings are your best guide. At the same time, don't allow obstinacy to cause a rift between you and someone special. (c)2006 Business affairs are a bit tense, mostly because an authority figure is bearing down hard. The best thing you can do in this situation is keep your head down. Follow the rules as best you can, and don't argue if you are challenged. Colleagues will come to your rescue at the last minute, causing you to breathe a sigh of relief. You may not realise it, but you have a lot of admirers at work. (c)2005 You might decide to tidy up professional matters and other areas of life that have been slightly neglected. Although you will have been prepared for a lot of hard work, this could turn out to be easier than expected. Better still, lost items and missing documents could be found filed in the wrong places. By this evening you will enjoy greater peace of mind. (c)2006 You're expecting too much from yourself today and a more realistic outlook is needed. Take a sensible approach when planning your schedule. Think about everything you hope to get through before bedtime arrives and if this is too much, don't hesitate to delegate. The best way to cope is by finishing one job before starting on the next. Joining forces with an in-law will help you understand one another better. (c)2005 New opportunities will bring changes in your life that should ultimately make you feel more secure. Although there is a financial incentive, this is not the only inducement. Any bonus or financial reward offered is likely to take second place to your happiness and peace of mind. A friend or colleague's good news also contributes towards making your day bright and fulfilling. (c)2006 Normally, you're content to sit on the sidelines but today you will be keeping your eyes and ears open and your finger on the pulse of events as you are thrust into the spotlight of events. The next month is ideal for presenting ideas, going on job interviews and hitting the dating scene. You've got a special glow that makes you stand apart from the crowd. You have to admit, it's fun commanding so much attention. Use your star power to garner special favours. (c)2005 The going is easier now; don't look for the reason why, just take advantage. Working life is less demanding and yet for some strange reason, more productive. Home life purrs along on well oiled wheels. Where you need to be alert and aware is during a conversation with a loved one. They aren't interested in outside interests or idle chit chat. They want to discuss some personal affairs. (c)2005 Pay no attention to friends who are trying to goad you into reckless behaviour. True, you have a reputation for being somewhat predictable, but there's nothing wrong with that. You're especially adept at saving your money for a rainy day. Don't let someone taunt you into buying a status symbol that will afford very little pleasure. You're better off keeping your nest egg intact. Never fear; you'll eventually find a lovely use for it. (c)2005 Creative ideas and ambitious plans fill your mind making you forgetful or neglectful. You are motivated by thoughts you feel are inspired but other people aren't so enthusiastic. Whether work related or linked with family concerns, persuading others to fall in with your schemes could be difficult. Downplay your enthusiasm when selling ideas. Give people time to get used to your suggestions. (c)2005 Taking charge of a work project requires every ounce of your energy and imagination. Fortunately, you're ready for this challenge, and can draw on your vast emotional reserves to get the job done. People are impressed by your calm, cool behaviour, which makes it easier to gain their trust. Don't be afraid to switch tasks around if you see that certain workers aren't suited for particular jobs. Flexibility breeds success. (c)2005 Your pleasure in hearing some cheering news re your job situation is marred by a loved one's unreasonable behaviour. You have reason to celebrate and you want to enjoy your success but someone does not share your high spirits. It might be sensible to make time to get together with your partner or significant other. Discuss exactly how you might jointly cope with the changes that are in store. (c)2005 It's probably been a long time since you've had a raise, and it's time to press for one for now. At first, your employer may turn down your request. By applying gentle pressure, you could get your way. If talks break down entirely, you may want to look around for a job that pays more. Alternatively, you could go into business for yourself. Start gathering together a list of potential clients or financial backers. (c)2005 It's not often you lose your temper but it's one of those days when you could easily fly off the handle. When things get heated, pause before making a snappy retort. Is getting annoyed justified or are you over-reacting? A colleague you trusted might get you into trouble or an action at work could attract the unwelcome attention of your boss. Keep away from people who don't know what they're talking about. (c)2005 Attending a big social gathering makes you feel sexy and desirable. You'll meet all sorts of people who cast admiring glances your way, provided you take the time to spruce up your appearance. Wear your most flattering outfit and spray on a hint of cologne. If you've been stuck in a rut, go to a salon and change your hairstyle. Nothing lifts your spirits like a dramatic makeover. Champion your inner sex symbol. (c)2005 Whether starting a new project, friendship or romance you will prefer to take things nice and slowly. If you're single someone could have a crush on you but are they trying to rush things? You're reluctant to go on a first date unless certain it will lead to something significant. Since that's an assurance others can't give, lower your expectations or resolve to remain solo! Be wary of taking too rigid an attitude in all your dealings. (c)2005 Beware of being insincere with a close friend, even if you're trying to shield their feelings. This person is better off hearing the truth from someone they love and respect, rather than a bitter rival. Money could be a source of conflict between you and a friend. Loaning or borrowing money will only lead to trouble. If you're strapped for cash, take a second job or sell some belongings you no longer need. (c)2005 Mild aggression coupled with charm and creativity will carry you successfully through the day. When opportunity knocks, don't be reluctant to push yourself forward. You need a greater measure of freedom than usual when involved in projects that appeal to your creative side. Those who are with you today will be amazed by the results of your work. A personal ambition can be achieved or will come closer to final accomplishment. (c)2005 The sky's the limit as far as your career is concerned; if you want a glamorous position, just ask for it. There's a chance this job will involve plenty of overseas travel, all of it exciting. Alternatively, your employer could pay for you to get an advanced degree. There is one hitch, however. It seems as though you have some heavy debts, either financial or emotional. Pay them off as quickly as possible. (c)2005 You might relish the chance to deal with more than one thing at a time; it should certainly stave off boredom! Someone might suggest you're taking on too much but you don't have to listen. If you instinctively feel you can cope with all you have to do, trust your instincts. Keeping busy in such a way could result in you making a number of worthwhile achievements by the end of the day. (c)2005 Problems with money, sex and obsessive behaviour are undermining your happiness. There's no use in pretending all is well. You need help. Reach out to an understanding friend or a professional counsellor. This person's advice will prove invaluable. You may have to break off an unhealthy relationship or undergo a radical health program as a means to get back on track. Certain friendships may fall by the wayside, too. (c)2005 News you've been waiting for may arrive only you might not be as thrilled about it as you thought you would be. A small bonus or sum of money could also come your way; don't be in too much of a hurry to splash out, or gamble it away. You're restless but nothing brings you any real satisfaction. It's as if you're searching for something, only you don't know what you're looking for! (c)2005 You have a good sense of what motivates people, whether it's your boss or your peers. This puts you in a powerful position as far as work is concerned. If you're clever, you can act as a liaison between both parties. The knowledge you acquire will improve your status. Don't hesitate to ask for added benefits or perks if you think you can get them. An office romance could be heating up. Mum's the word! (c)2005 If giving your home a facelift or renovating your property, you could be considering the financial implications. Cash assistance could come from an older relative. Take care about what's involved in this deal. Someone might try to talk you into doing things their way but their ideas may not be entirely practical. Your judgement is good. You know what you're doing. Follow your own instincts. (c)2005 An unlikely friendship is causing tongues to wag in your social circle. Normally, you gravitate towards underdogs who need your help in some way. Your new pal doesn't fit this mould in the slightest. Actually, this person is quite self-sufficient. You enjoy his company because he encourages you to develop your own unique talents. Venturing off the beaten path feels liberating for you, but other friends are a bit unnerved by your new direction. (c)2005 A sense of drive and vitality gives you a new lease of life. You attack all projects and chores with both a fresh outlook and a speed which is out of the ordinary. This is just what you need to blow away any mental cobwebs. You put imagination and creativity into whatever you do and you feel inspired. A delightful conclusion to a pleasant day comes in the form of romance. (c)2005 It's possible that you have been neglecting your health, which can have unfortunate consequences. If you've developed an affection for drugs, alcohol or fattening food, it's time to break the cycle. Don't be afraid to ask for help, even at the risk of appearing vulnerable. You're better off taking control of this situation than letting it dictate your every move. Besides, your friends and family will admire your courage. It takes guts to make changes. (c)2005 New career prospects are likely to be of benefit but don't rush into anything too quickly. You could lose out on a job opportunity if you come over as being too sure of yourself. No matter how confident you are about your talents, past experience or qualifications, a restrained approach will make the best impression. If you are too bold or you try too hard to sell yourself, it could have the reverse affect. (c)2005 As an earth sign, you've always put a great deal of emphasis on material concerns. Today you may want to consider your spiritual needs. Make a list of things that give you pleasure. There's a good chance that most of the items you've named cost very little money. Get into the habit of enjoying these practices on a regular basis. Why save your favourite activities for special occasions? (c)2005 There will be no let up to a busy pace and going out of your way to help others seems to be getting you nowhere. Your desire to assist a colleague might be rejected or misinterpreted. You feel disheartened and tired and this makes the idea of finding a new job seem even more attractive. Grind your way through the work and leave important decisions for another time. Make a point too of having an early night and catching up on lost sleep. (c)2005 Although you've always had a special fondness for tradition, you've grown tired of the status quo. Working with a large group of social reformers will fill you with energy and enthusiasm. Contrary to popular belief, you can make a positive difference in the world. There's strength in numbers. It's possible you'll meet several influential people through your contacts. Call on these friends when you need support in other matters. (c)2005 Rest assured other people will take advantage of your hard working nature if you let them. It is not in your best interests to take on a friend or colleague's responsibilities when they're quite capable of handling these on their own. You might believe someone when they say they have too much to do but their commitments won't be half as heavy as yours. Help those who can't help themselves by saying no and leave them to get on with their own concerns. (c)2005 It's best to be a bit reserved when talking to a neighbour or close relative. Nasty gossip has a way of coming back to haunt you. If somebody asks your opinion on a contentious issue, say you'd rather keep your views to yourself. Beware of assuming too many responsibilities at work, or you could be struggling with an unmanageable load. Ask for extra help if you've bitten off more than you can chew. (c)2005 If you are working, try to encourage cooperation and jobs you hadn't been looking forward to won't be so bad. Community activities will also go well if you get yourself into the team spirit. You might sometimes feel you would get more achieved by sticking to your own company. Putting such thoughts into words might offend those who are trying to be helpful. Wherever you are today, smile and be friendly. (c)2005 A female friend is helping you in subtle but significant ways. Lean on this lady for support when you feel tired or overwhelmed. Part of the problem may involve a sibling, cousin or neighbour who seems determined to misunderstand you. Now that you're getting some extra assistance, you'll be able to deal with this person much more effectively. Don't be afraid to say what you mean, even at the risk of appearing callous. (c)2005 You might not be in a position to totally turn your back on dull old duty but don't spend all day on routine chores. At least set some time aside for the more playful side of life. Mixing socially with colleagues is an opportunity not to be missed as someone could open new doors to you in the future. Someone wants to get in shape and they are keen for you to join them in some sort of joint exercise program. (c)2005 Overindulging in rich foods and domestic luxuries could lull you into a sense of complacency. Suddenly, when you're given a chance to pursue a more exciting path, you'll hesitate and while it's never easy to leave comfortable surroundings, it is in your best interest to do so. You'll never realise your dreams if you stay in the same spot. Ask an Aries or Sagittarius to give you a rude shove in order to get moving. (c)2005 A Tete-a-tete will boost your confidence about the long term prospects of a close relationship. Spending quality time with your partner and discussing intimate issues helps you reach new understandings emotionally and sexually. You will become more than usually aware of marital and partnership responsibilities over the next four weeks. If you're single, you will be partial to a little flattery today! (c)2005 Expect to find your focus firmly on serious matters of a personal nature as the day moves on. If keen to make a start on plans involving a degree of research, this is a good time to do so. Any snags or difficulties that occur with something new will not be as tough as they look. After a time, you will get the hang of new routines and the job will roll forward progressively easier. (c)2005 Encourage a loved one who has no confidence, to have more respect and faith in their innate talents. In both close relationships and business partnerships a balance of give and take is necessary. You might never be able to put your hand on your heart and swear you can truly understand how a certain someone's mind works. At least give the impression you are trying. For the time being it's all that matters. (c)2005 Decorating your home brings out creative talents you never knew you had. You may want to capitalise on these gifts, especially if you're out of work. Refinishing furniture, choosing pieces of art and picking out striking colour schemes are among the possibilities. Performing these services on a part-time basis could grow into a full-fledged career over time. Use any extra money for paying off bills. The more resourceful you are, the faster you'll achieve independence. (c)2005 Watch a tendency to be overly possessive especially if you are a Taurean in love. Avoid letting suspicion or jealousy get the better of you and don't look for hidden meanings in other people's words. You could enhance your sexual desirability by being more in tune with the needs and feelings of your partner. Giving loved ones more freedom will work in your favour. (c)2005 Although you've always craved material security, this preoccupation can be a burden. Sometimes, you want to leave all of your possessions behind for a simpler, easier life and while it may be impractical to follow this impulse to the extreme, you can honour its spirit. Gather together any items that make you feel depressed, frustrated or upset. Selling or donating these things will make you feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. (c)2005 Most of the day, particularly the afternoon hours will be harmonious and enjoyable. A partner or close friend could be responsible for bringing more happiness into your world. You might cancel some arrangements to spend time with people whose company you thoroughly enjoy. It's an ideal time to push forward with plans that need someone else's cooperation. (c)2005 Spending a quiet evening at home with loved ones sounds like a great idea. Watching an old-fashioned movie in a pair of comfortable pyjamas will be lots more entertaining than mixing at a loud, boisterous party. If you're on your own, invite a close friend over for company. Even snuggling up with a pet will suffice. It feels good to put your feet up and relax. You've definitely earned a break! (c)2005 Socialising with foreigners or outsiders helps you look at life through their eyes. New friendships are formed with people you are glad to have met. Opportunities to pursue activities and interests to your liking come through social contacts. People who have recently been giving you a hard time now can't seem to do enough for you! Travel this evening will be a bonus and not the nuisance you may have been expecting. (c)2005 You are in a strong position now, to make financial decisions for the future. You will soon be taking steps to improve your long-term security. Today you have the urge to splurge and if you can afford it, you will be having a whale of a time. If money is tight you might use your charm to collect an old debt and buy yourself an affordable treat. Your day is likely to be a lot of fun; you get on well with almost everyone. (c)2005 It could prove to be in your eventual interests to discuss your thoughts for the future with your partners. Pursuing goals that aren't shared with loved ones could cause problems in the future unless you discuss this from the start. If your plans might mean changes ahead, you need the approval and cooperation of those who share your life. If you ignore their feelings you could be in for a difficult time. (c)2005 You long to rest and relax at home, especially since things are so muddled at work. Be as professional as possible with an authority figure with unclear goals. Although this person wears on your last nerve, you can't afford to displease your boss. If your frustration starts to mount, head for the gym. The best way to release stress is through physical activity. Getting in shape will boost your self-esteem. (c)2005 Hard work and perseverance should help you overcome snags of a financial or legal nature. Stay alert and watchful or someone will slip in a proviso that benefits them more than you. Alterations can and will be made to joint pecuniary affairs if conditions in this area are unsatisfactory. You would be wise to keep some of your more suspicious thoughts to yourself! (c)2005 A light hearted mood makes it unlikely you will get a lot done today. Your unusually frivolous outlook could mean work suffers unless jobs demand creativity and imagination. Finding imaginative ways to improve everyday routines will make life more interesting in the future. You need some solitude if you are to put your ideas to work to their best advantage. People easily distract you. (c)2005 A bank or lending institution could enable you to buy a dream home. Alternatively, you could use this money to make gorgeous improvements to your existing abode. No matter how you slice it, domestic matters will assume an increasing importance over the next two years. If you do buy a home, you'll expend lots of time and energy turning it into a gorgeous oasis. An elderly relative may be coming to live with you, too. (c)2005 You might feel flattered when someone trusts you to make a financial decision for them. Although you will be told to do what you feel is best, be sure to keep others advised of all that is going on. Refuse to act on a joint interest without the knowledge and full approval of a partner. In time to come you will be glad you involved them, every step of the way. (c)2005 You've got a strong sense of self, and aren't afraid to speak your mind. This is fortunate, as you may have to deliver some sobering news to a neighbour or relative. If you think this person has a problem with substance abuse or needs counselling, say so or you'll just be enabling bad behaviour. If you've been thinking about enrolling on a course, do it. Your knowledge will help you advance in the professional arena. (c)2005 You might decide to change financial or legal arrangements after considering all aspects of situations. Although your nature is basically controlled and practical, you aren't against acting swiftly. You will make changes if you feel these will ultimately be for the best. You instinctively know the right moves to make today. Although you won't always be able to give a practical reason as to why! (c)2005 Forming new friendships will expose you to foreign cultures, art forms and belief systems and although you have a special fondness for the old familiar ways, you have to admit it's stimulating to try different things. You may enjoy an exotic cuisine so much you'll add some recipes to your repertoire. Learning another language is also possibility. Could a trip abroad be very far behind? Start collecting travel brochures. (c)2005 You have the courage and determination to get something off the ground and really make it work. People have their own ideas and not all of these coincide with yours. Your first responsibility is to yourself. There are moments when you could do with some fun times but you feel you can't drop your guard for a moment today. Try to relax this evening. (c)2005 At last, your physical needs are being met by an attentive lover. If you're not in a relationship right now, be sure to attend a social gathering where lots of financiers will gather. You could cross paths with someone who makes your pulse pound. Playing hard-to-get with this admirer will only whet their appetite for your company. Has the magic gone out of a committed relationship? Prepare an elaborate seduction this evening. (c)2005 Relationships are more harmonious now. If you have been making progress in finding new friends or putting existing partnerships onto a better footing, don't stop now! You could find yourself having second thoughts about arrangements already made, or joint decisions for the future. This is not a time to chop and change your mind. Stay with original plans. (c)2005 If you're looking for romance, get busy for the next four weeks, for you're sure to meet someone sexy soon. You're especially drawn to an earthy intellectual who knows how to make you laugh. If you're thinking about doing some repairs to your home, wait a month. It will be hard to find reliable workers and materials right now. An older relative needs your patience and understanding. (c)2005 Start preparing the ground for future financial projects. It may seem as if at last you have discovered the secret for making money! Over the weeks ahead, decisions regarding legal, property and monetary matters will have far reaching consequences. Think about releasing funds tied up in investments that are going nowhere. Don't rush. Gather as much information as you can before making your mind up. (c)2005 Your great taste could increase your fortunes dramatically. Sprucing up your work space will make you more productive and creative. Don't be surprised if you're given a bonus, raise or award after you've added a few beautiful touches to your office. Investing in artwork, precious gems, or luxury items is also favoured. You've got wonderful instincts about what will appreciate over time. If you're looking for a job, ask a female friend to help search. (c)2005 Investments made now should come off moderately well. Consider new deals carefully. Pay strict attention to what you are being told and read the small print twice if you don't understand it the first time! Although you might be feeling lucky, avoid risky financial speculation. The pace at work remains briskly challenging. At home, there is still a lot you have to do before Christmas. (c)2005 For some reason, you're prompted to work in secret right now. You're not willing to show your efforts to others until you've attended to every last detail. Be careful of conducting clandestine love affairs. The longer you keep this relationship under wraps, the harder it will be to sustain your happiness. The object of your affection works like a drug on you. It may be time to break free of their intoxicating influence. (c)2005 If you stumble across a few pre-Christmas bargains, keep this to yourself. Just as if you are presented with a good investment idea, the fewer who know about it, the better. If you spread the news to all and sundry, everyone will want in on the offer and you are less likely to benefit. Take the simple precaution of keeping private matters to yourself and no one will nip in and beat you to it. (c)2005 You have no intention of leading an ordinary life; you want one with a dash of glamour. Maybe that's why you've been thinking of changing careers. Your artistic talent may be ideal for a job related to film, photography or dance. Such a position will put you in touch with lots of artistic people. Never fear; you'll blend right in. Stop telling yourself that you're not talented or educated enough to find work you love. (c)2005 If you must spend the day on festive preparations or making last minute purchases, fit these in as soon as possible. You will be your own worst enemy if you get too involved in details you miss out on the social side of today. With so much going on, don't push your partner out, this Christmas. Make time for those who figure highly in your life. Be more selective in what you do. (c)2005 Being wrapped in a romantic fantasy helps you to ignore the mundane realities of life and while the past few days have been fun, it's time to come back down to earth. Domestic matters require your attention, and people are depending on you for help. Before you lash out against your situation, consider whether you are looking at it from a black-and-white perspective. Why not make your home a reflection of your glamorous tastes? (c)2005 If you feel parts of your life are incompatible, this is a good day to decide what you can do about it. You may not come up with all the answers but you feel changes can be made to make life more agreeable in the future. It is not time yet to act on ideas. A lack of energy puts you in a touchy mood. Nothing seems to spur you into action! (c)2005 It may be difficult to find a job that suits you, so just focus on making the best of a tough situation. There's nothing to stop you from making other plans. For instance, you may decide to take a boring position, then save your cash to spend on learning. Alternatively, you could take a small, insignificant job in your desired industry with the intention of moving up the ladder. Use opportunities as stepping stones. (c)2005 If you have felt lonely or unfulfilled in the past, you are determined to alter this now. If a fear of change has held you back, you start to realise you can't stand still forever. It is time to move on. Life looks full of promise and adventure as you take a more positive attitude towards the future. You are determined to learn from new experiences. (c)2006 Your heart could feel a little heavy right now, mostly because of family responsibilities and while you're tired of playing the part of the reliable relative, you have to admit you would feel guilty about shirking these duties. Finding a happy medium is essential. For instance, if you decide to help an older person, be willing to hire professional help on a regular basis. This will allow you to take much needed breaks and holidays. (c)2005 Today will be busier than usual but you should be sure to take a break when you feel you need it. If your work involves travel, education or contact with foreigners it will be a positive pleasure. Almost everyone you deal with now is friendly and cooperative. It might be a good time to try to persuade a loved one who has been obstinate, around to your way of thinking! (c)2006 You're alluring, seductive and utterly charming; no wonder everybody seeks your company! Spend the next three weeks adding gorgeous items to your wardrobe. Pay special attention to details like colours, styles and textures. It's easy to find flattering clothes when you know what looks good on you. Ask for help from a Libra or Pisces if you need fashion advice. If you're single, you might meet someone so special over the next few weeks, you may decide to settle down. (c)2005 A coincidence puts you in a situation that helps you progress towards a long term goal. This comes as a surprise. You won't be keen on disrupting your settled and orderly existence. Even so think about offers put to you today. There's a need to alter the status quo to take advantage but consider the alternatives. Either you stay put or you move forward towards a brighter future. (c)2006 Who do you turn to when you need help and advice is coming to you from all directions? Conflicting information makes you wonder who to believe and what to do for the best. This week whenever you feel this way, you will have two options. Either put your faith in someone who came through for you in the past. Or delay decisions until after the 16th when Mercury turns direct and everything will look much clearer. (c)2005 Your imagination soars to new heights as you anticipate events and activities you might enjoy in the future. You refuse to live a dull existence and plans made now give you a lot to look forward to. The outlook is good in terms of travel and movement. If single, make the most of the romantic attention you are attracting your way. (c)2006 In some ways, you are an eternal student, treating every new experience as a learning opportunity. This is a great time to sign up for a class just for pure personal pleasure. You've been blessed with considerable artistic abilities. Anything you can do with your hands is well worth exploring. Don't be surprised if you're able to make money from your new found hobby. You've always been able to spin straw into gold. (c)2005 If there is a special hope, dream or goal you have set your heart on, now is the time to focus on this aim. It might mean changing plans already made but don't say no to the chance of going off on a trip. A place you have never been to before will be the scene of a new adventure with your partner or a close friend. If you get a gut feeling about decisions you are making today, trust your hunches. (c)2006 A past experience will stand you in good stead. The opportunity to better your family life or home surroundings will present itself. This may come through a chance meeting with an old friend. Or you are reminded of ideas discussed with a loved-one you had forgotten about. Although this comes about unexpectedly, you will find the courage to make any changes necessary to take advantage. (c)2005 Rather than being the one who organises everything, why not let someone else take over for a change? It might be nice to simply take a step back and be looked after rather than doing the entertaining yourself. If a friend or family member makes it obvious they want to call the tune, smile and let them. You will quickly realise the relaxing benefits of allowing others to make all the arrangements. (c)2006 Power struggles with a large organisation could crop up, which is intimidating. Don't feel as though you must go through this situation alone. There is plenty of help available, provided you are willing to ask for it. Whether you confide your fears to a friend or enlist the services of an expert is immaterial. The important thing is that you reject the victim role. The competition will start to get nervous once you fight back. (c)2005 You might enjoy a little lively company this morning and people know how to make you laugh. Later there is work you must get on with and you will be better off doing this in private. Having too many people around you is distracting and somewhat exhausting! Gradually ease yourself into the background as the day wears on! (c)2006 Your home will be the focus of activities and anything linked with this area will go well. Whether you're giving your place a face-lift, rearranging the furniture of thinking of moving to a new address, you won't be disappointed with your progress. Where you should tread carefully is in a work situation where a colleague seems to be behaving badly. Take time to listen and they may have a convincing reason why they're in such a bad mood! (c)2005 Those who want to call the tune today may have ideas bigger than your bank balance can cope with! Instead of going along with what they suggest, make your own plans for the day. Save yourself some money by choosing to spend time with friends who don't need to spend a lot of money on having fun. You could get pleasure from helping someone further their ambitions. (c)2006 You've always been preoccupied with material matters, and that's especially true today. If you come across some marvellous luxury item you can't afford, stay calm. You can always save up for it. There's a good chance this 'must have' will diminish in importance once you go through all the time and effort to acquire it. Be scrupulous about joint finances now. Dipping into savings will come back to haunt you. (c)2005 The rigidity of your daily routine is too restricting; you want to make some changes. If in the past you have resigned yourself to having to get on with certain chores and obligations, today you start questioning the logic behind this. You are more positive in your thinking now and you see ways to change routines without this upsetting anyone. You wonder why you hadn't come up with some ideas before! (c)2006 If you have been experiencing problems in romance, matters will start to improve dramatically. Togetherness is a strong theme now. A day away from home will do you and a loved-one the world of good. As well as the obvious benefits of a change-of-scene, all cobwebs that have been clogging up your union will be blown away. One of the most enjoyable days you've had for some time. (c)2005 If you long to fill your hours with something more fulfilling, discuss your needs with those around you. At work, you could be offered a more challenging assignment or greater responsibility if your boss thinks you're up for it. At home, turn to the person who knows you best. Their ideas and suggestions could lead you into areas and activities you have never tried before. (c)2006 You're highly intuitive today, especially when it comes to romance. If you sense that someone has a crush on you, you're probably right. All this communication is taking place just beneath the surface. It's as if the two of you can read each other's minds. This is fine if you're single, but could spell trouble if you're in a relationship. Resist the urge to get pulled into a secret intrigue, or serious problems could result. (c)2005 Your Guardian Angel is smiling down on you today. Spirits are high and you will be the first to lend a helping hand to those who need it. At work you might instigate changes to make life easier for a colleague who has too much to do. If you're single, watch out. You could be swept off your feet by someone you've been attracted to for some time making this a day to remember for both of you. (c)2005 Friends are pressuring you to take a path that won't serve you well in the long run. Don't give in to peer pressure, even if it means breaking off with certain members of the crowd. This isn't a good time to lend money, but earning it is a different story. You could be offered a high paying job that puts lots of extra cash in your pocket. Use your savings to buy something you've always wanted. (c)2005 You're heavily involved in family affairs and keen to encourage a loved one's schemes and dreams. Your support is appreciated but don't fall into the trap of giving so much to others you forget about yourself. If someone else's aims and ambitions are interfering with your own plans it's time to take a step back. As much as you care about others, you have your own life to live, too. (c)2005 An unstable friendship could be causing you lots of strife. You've always prided yourself in putting trust in people who are reliable and strong. Now it seems as though you've made a mistake. Actually, this isn't the case. The person in question has been suffering from a lot of strain, and has changed since you first met. If you must part, so be it. Just don't blame yourself for having poor judgment. (c)2005 Attending parties and social functions could have a financial spin off benefit. You can temporarily forget worldly worries in a social whirl that involves mixing with like minded people. You should be feeling good about yourself with so many things going your way. An old friend knows how to bring a personal hope closer to realisation. You will be able to face the future with solid confidence. (c)2005 You'll be coming and going a great deal this month, but your duties will be pleasant. Visiting nearby friends gives you a cosy feeling of belonging. Don't be surprised if a brother, sister, or cousin seeks your advice on a personal matter. They'll derive great strength from your soothing words. If you've been thinking of moving, look for a home in a beautiful neighbourhood. You could find a great place for a good price. (c)2005 Normally you feel at ease when sticking to familiar routines and methods; not so today! A farsighted friend or colleague may tentatively suggest more modern ways of doing things. Their surprise will be that not only do you listen to their ideas but you're also willing to put them into practice. You may sometimes come over as being old-fashioned but you aren't averse to keeping up with the times when need be. (c)2005 A desire for adventure could cause you to venture off the beaten path. Friends will support your plans, and may even offer you advice on comfortable places to stay. If you're travelling with a group, all the better. You're bound to meet several interesting people along the way. Single? This could be your chance to hook up with a sensitive artist. Attached? Take your lover along to share the experience. (c)2005 Questions that aren't normally asked mean you have to reveal more about yourself than you ever have previously. Bringing secrets out into the open will initially elicit the expected response; the attitudes of others being all too obvious. The surprise will come once others have had a chance to think about what has been said. Their attitudes will change significantly and consequently, relationships deepen. (c)2005 You've got all sorts of fantastic ideas for advancing your career. There's never been a better time to go on job interviews, revamp your CV, or sign on with an employment agency. Your best opportunities come from glamorous industries like fashion, television, and luxury retailers. In the event you've already got a great position, you should push for a promotion. Pitch some new ideas to your boss tomorrow; they will be well received. (c)2005 It's not what you say to others today; it's the way you say it! An intimate relationship will benefit from you making more effort to be understanding and courteous. Even if you don't agree with your partner's every word, at least oppose them in an amiable way. A gift of chocolates, wine or flowers will help pacify, if there has been disagreement. A little thought, a loving embrace or a well-timed hug will keep a loved one smiling. (c)2005 Before you reach out to someone who needs your help, consider your own needs. Following a healthy diet and exercise program is essential to your own well-being. Recently, you may have felt tired or depressed. The best way to change things is to become more active. You'll have more energy to do the things you love, including helping others, but don't lose sight of your own aims and interests in the process. (c)2005 Your creative talents continue to shine and minor speculative ventures could prove lucrative over the weeks ahead. A pleasing outgoing and romantic phase opens up and you're keen to pursue varied and exciting endeavours. You want fun, excitement and adventure. Even if it's impossible to be quite so dramatic, you should at any rate do something specific about satisfying such longings. (c)2005 An authority figure is willing to pay a great deal for your creative vision. Don't be afraid to ask your employer for a raise. If you can't get the salary you want, negotiate for better benefits. Alternatively, you may decide to apply for a glamorous position at another company. Don't let a pushy friend convince you that you're better off taking the safe route. This person may be afraid that your star will outshine theirs. (c)2005 You're being held responsible for something you didn't do or you aren't being appreciated for what you have done. You suddenly feel in need of some action to set the matter to rights. Take the initiative in a personal or professional situation that's the subject of some confusion. During the course of the day you may discover someone is worried about something and you're in a perfect position to help. (c)2005 Behind-the-scenes talks seem to be centred around your career. Maybe you are secretly interviewing for another job. Perhaps a recruiting agency has approached you with a golden opportunity. It's even possible that you are being groomed to assume an executive spot within your own organisation. You can be sure that you will advance in a few weeks' time, provided you keep these discussions a secret. Try not to engender any speculation or jealousy. (c)2005 The chance to utilise a creative talent in your work will bring out the best in you. An old skill you've not used in years could come in useful, even if you aren't half as good at it as you used to be. All of a sudden your prospects are rosy and life seems full of opportunity. Your ideas are changing as new possibilities capture your interest. It's worth spending a few hours at the end of the day revising your goals. (c)2005 Avoid talking about money in mixed company, as this can create tension. You may be surprised to learn that a neighbour or colleague has got money worries. Beware of showing off any expensive purchases, too, as this can create resentment. If you're feeling creative you could try your hand at writing or taking up a new hobby or interest that will allow you to show off your distinctive flair and talent. (c)2005 It won't be easy but it will be necessary to hold the feet of someone close firmly down on the ground! A loved-one is spending money as if it was water. Or they're about to make a big mistake in romance. Either way, it's up to you to steer them onto more practical ground. You might not get any immediate thanks. But it shouldn't be long before they make their gratitude obvious. (c)2005 Your love life bursts into flower today, making you flush with excitement. You could get some encouragement from a secret crush. Alternatively, you may bump into someone who seems to complete you in some profound way. In the event you are already in a relationship, you could stumble on a new lovemaking technique that thrills you to the bone. If you've just ended a romance, never fear. A better candidate is on the way. (c)2005 Appeasing and pleasing someone who needs a lift will help smooth the path of your relationships. What's said is not as important as why and how you get your words across. The intent and not the content is all that matters. It might be difficult to imagine a more harmonious and peaceful atmosphere. Why not take advantage of these pleasing conditions if you're hoping to persuade someone to go along with some new ideas? (c)2005 Intense curiosity prompts you to poke your nose into places where it doesn't belong. Resist the urge to comment on the lives of your friends and neighbours. Otherwise, these relationships will start to suffer. Nobody likes to feel they're being judged. Maybe your desire to snoop is rooted in boredom. Taking a class or going on a short trip are healthy channels for all of your restless energy. (c)2005 You need to reconsider your attitude in a close relationship as you could be treating a loved one like one of your possessions. Giving your possessive side free rein will be the quickest way to ruin a partnership and lose someone you love. Be wary of saying hurtful things as they will not be forgotten and you will not be forgiven. If you're feeling suspicious but there's no proof to back up your fears, keep your thoughts to yourself. (c)2005 The only way to resolve a stressful situation at work is to talk about it. Approach the head of human resources, or better yet, confront the source of the problem. Resist making emotional appeals; stick to the facts. If you're looking for employment, you may want to brush up on your interviewing skills. Read jobs on the subject. Talk to somebody who has lots of experience with hiring employees. Their advice will prove invaluable. (c)2005 Paying attention to your appearance, keeping fit and taking regular exercise will help you feel more confident. Changes made to your appearance will be an outward expression of the inner transformation you're going through. You might decide to stop acting to please others and to put your own needs first. You are starting to value yourself as a person and you want to share this insight with the world. (c)2005 Conversation flows like wine, especially with someone who appreciates the simple pleasures in life. The two of you would make excellent dining companions so invite him or her over for a homemade meal. A child may be jealous of this new friendship. You've got to explain that grown-ups need time to themselves, too. Curtailing your social life for the sake of a kid will make you overly dependent on each other. (c)2005 If you get the impression everyone is against you today, you might only have yourself to blame. You find it hard to stand back and watch others make mistakes or do things the wrong way. Your efforts to help may only be seen as interference. No matter how hard it might be to watch without getting involved, don't give help where it isn't needed. Wait until you're asked before you step in and take over. (c)2005 It's extremely important to play by the rules, even if nobody else is. Underhanded behaviour will be discovered and punished in the days ahead. Obey your conscience in all matters, especially financial ones. It looks as though some members of your work team could be leaving the group. This sudden shake-up could have positive consequences for you, provided you keep a low profile. Adopting a humble attitude will work in your favour. (c)2005 A burst of mental energy helps you find solutions to problems that have held you back in the past. You recognise the need to make changes on the work scene or to your everyday routine. Plans now forming in your mind aren't just the result of a spontaneous whim. Some ideas have been brewing for a while. You've been waiting for the right time to implement them and that moment has arrived. (c)2005 You need to work on your communication skills with colleagues. While you think your methods are crystal clear, your peers are having trouble understanding you. Observe the way a respected member of the group gets their ideas across. Taking a page from this person's book can have remarkable results for you. Instead of giving orders, try adopting a more conversational approach to your co-workers. You'll be surprised by the results. (c)2005 A career move or extra duties will bring tremendous job satisfaction as well as paying off financially. Combining skills with a colleague seems to be the ideal state of affairs when someone seems to know how to bring out the best in you. Changes in working conditions will present a number of challenges over the next four weeks. This keeps you active and interested as well as adding zest and vitality into your work performance. (c)2005 Covering up a colleague's bad behaviour could backfire on you. Try not to implicate yourself in this shadowy situation. If someone asks you a direct question, you should be honest. It's also important to hold relatives and house mates to their promises. A person who has been shirking their duties needs to be taken to task, even at the risk of creating disharmony. Enforce the rules so that you won't be burdened with all the work. (c)2005 You get the chance to spill out your feelings. A heart to heart forces you to be more open about a past event or relationship. It's a day when you will go through a variety of emotions. Initial bitterness, hostility and anger leading to relief, happiness and a feeling of liberation. At last your secrets are out and you can be less guarded about what you say and with whom. You can look forward to a future unhindered by secrecy and deception. (c)2005 You've risen above intense challenges, which has caused your confidence to soar. Your self-assurance is extremely attractive; don't be surprised if several people express romantic interest in you. A neighbour or sibling may express disdain for the new you. Don't take their insults personally. This critic is actually projecting their own insecurities onto you. Your achievements make everybody else feel positively inept. Summon your compassion. (c)2005 Sometimes it's important for you to feel you've got your life running along stable lines. Today, you're overcome by the need for material security. How you go about achieving this is difficult to say but one thing's for certain: your determination and ability should help see you through! You should be confident about new projects in the pipeline. Don't hold back in your effort to get ahead. (c)2005 Daydreaming could undermine your productivity, especially if you're uninspired. Resist the temptation to fill an emotional void with junk food. There are healthier ways to meet your needs. You've been blessed with a vivid imagination. If you're not able to exercise it at work, you need a hobby. Getting involved with handicraft projects will help you to strike the right balance. It may even prompt you to find a more fulfilling job. (c)2005 Your thoughts are on a health matter but a visit to the doctor's or dentist won't be as nerve wracking as expected. Routine chores can be made more interesting if you look for new ways to approach them. Life does not have to be dull and dreary. The way is now open to give your attention to more interesting concerns. Changes in your everyday lifestyle will benefit your health. This could give you more space for relaxation. (c)2005 Stop selling yourself short as far as your intellectual strengths are concerned. While it may take more time for you to acquire skills, you never forget them once they're mastered. An unrealistic authority figure may be pressuring you to produce results more quickly than you are able. It's time to set this person straight. Be direct and firm about the situation, but maintain your poise. The more controlled you are, the better. (c)2005 A job you're supposed to be sharing is becoming tedious, perhaps due to a lack of interest from someone else. A friend or colleague's behaviour is affecting you badly; it's time to say something about your feelings. You have kept something bottled up inside for too long but avoid saying too much too quickly. Use tact and don't let your tongue run away with you if you want to keep your friends. (c)2005 A career opportunity that once looked promising may not pan out. Never fear; a better position is on the horizon. In the meantime, focus on strengthening your body through a sensible diet and exercise program. Investing in a treadmill or weights will allow you to work out in the privacy of your own home. The more fit and trim you are, the easier it will be to find the job of your dreams. (c)2005 This is a good day to take a look at your diet and general health. Lately you may have gone through a series of ups and downs or a general lack of vitality. This could be attributed to a lack of certain vitamins in your diet or perhaps insufficient fresh air and exercise. All that's necessary is to make some improvements and you will start feeling like a new person in next to no time. (c)2005 You're going to be in great demand between now and late July, which is gratifying. It may be virtually impossible to pry your mobile from your ear during this frantic period. That's because you'll be so busy making plans, running errands and conferring with friends. If you owe anybody letters and e-mails, now is the time to catch up. Putting off these tasks indefinitely will put a crimp in your social life. (c)2005 You feel driven to make a supreme effort to get some chores over with and out of the way. Others won't share your determination; this causes nothing but frustration. Once you realise you have teamed up with time wasters, don't resent their lack of help. Use this as an excuse to break away and get on by yourself. You will much prefer working on your own. (c)2005 An unexpected visitor could stop by, putting a huge smile on your face. Normally, you don't like surprises, but this will be a happy exception. Finding a diversion from your job will come as a huge relief. That's because your boss is giving you mixed signals. You can't be sure whether you're doing a good job. Try not to worry too much. The only thing you can do is put forth your best effort. (c)2005 The pace at work is unrelenting and those in high places are expecting too much from you. Demands outside your normal agenda make it hard for you to pursue what you had been going to do. It seems as if others are taking advantage of your hard working nature and you wonder whether there are easier ways to make a living. You also need to fit in some private commitments alongside a heavy work schedule. (c)2005 The scope of your knowledge is impressive, but this doesn't make you entirely independent. You'd be wise to seek the assistance of siblings and neighbours, even if you are a respected expert. By demonstrating your faith in other people's abilities, you'll find the love and affection you've always craved. You'll also learn some valuable lessons along the way. Some skills can't be acquired in a classroom, like compassion, respect and forgiveness. (c)2005 Life is looking good and you have everything to gain if you continue to capitalise on your recent successes. Relationships are warm and friendly. People are glad to help you and are genuinely grateful if you offer to do them a favour in return. You are determined to relax and forget about your worries. No matter what you do or say, you please others; this makes you happy and at ease. (c)2005 It feels as though all is well with the world, mostly because you've been looking after your health. Eating wholesome food and getting more exercise has lifted your spirits considerably. It also helps that your financial situation is looking up. A refund, tax break or dividend makes it possible for you to pay off old bills. By working toward economic independence, you can switch to a more rewarding career path. (c)2005 You know you're on the right track when occupied with new job interests but a colleague seems to think you're wrong. Trust your own judgement; letting others distract you could cause problems. Relationships are tense to the point of being hostile. You will feel more in control when others back off to concentrate on their own affairs. Try to get out a bit more than usual if you're starting to feel stifled. (c)2005 Beware of idolising a role model, or you could be in for a bitter disappointment. Human beings can't stand being held to perfect standards. They need to make mistakes as part of their growth. By putting your admiration into perspective, you'll give yourself permission to develop your own style. Feel free to borrow from others at first. Over time, your copies will assume a certain flair that is distinctly yours. (c)2005 For your own peace of mind, it's important to bring any hidden fears or worries you have out into the open. Whether it is a job, financial or family problem that's bugging you, there's no need to spend hours brooding and fretting about it. Discuss your uncertainties and you could be surprised at the helpful response. You need to feel matters will be sorted out soon and other people feel the same way. (c)2005 A positive working atmosphere encourages you to take action in areas that could do with some improvement. Half the battle will have been in gaining the necessary support. The rest will come easily now. An additional social aura will be noticeable. Friends and colleagues are even more friendly now, and keen to lend a hand, whenever you might need it. Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious, resulting in a progressive day. (c)2005 A contentious legal or financial matter is about to come to an end. You may have been secretly dreading the outcome although you have been hiding your feelings well. Even though stressful, today's events will have positive consequences as a burden will be eased. In hindsight, a situation you had been dreading will have been a far less painful experience than expected. (c)2005 An intellectual interest in artistic and cultural pursuits keeps you on the move. You may decide to take a short trip to attend a film festival, art exhibit or concert. Be sure to invite a friend who will appreciate such a spectacle. If you're looking for love, you just might find it. Keep your eyes open for a dewy-eyed sentimentalist who is moved by the work you see. Don't hesitate to make a move. (c)2005 A colleague or loved one is in a tetchy mood; this is becoming a habit and they're starting to get you down. Today you are blessed with a large helping of confidence and courage. If therefore you feel it is time to clear the air, this is the perfect time to speak your mind. Have a stand by set of arrangements in mind for this evening as someone might cancel plans to join you or a social event could be postponed. (c)2005 Taking a class in writing, negotiating or sales could have fantastic benefits. Not only will these lessons improve your job prospects, they will also put you in touch with some very important people. If you're looking for work, you could be employed by your teacher or a classmate. It's also possible that you'll fall in love with the instructor. You've always been attracted to people who have an air of authority about them. (c)2005 Expect one of those frustrating days when even the most simple of tasks will be plagued with difficulties beyond belief. People are awkward and uncooperative, finding problems where there should be none. Resist the temptation to daydream or you could become careless or forgetful. A brisk walk or a work out at the gym might help rid you of a build up of nervous energy. (c)2005 Exploring your subconscious motivations could be an eye-opening experience. All of a sudden, you realise just how much your decisions are dictated by unspoken beliefs and expectations. The sooner you discover just what is driving you, the easier it will be to achieve your goals. You may decide a bad habit is distracting you from pursuing your dream job. Make whatever changes necessary to adjust your course. Victory is within arm's reach. (c)2005 Ask plenty of questions if at first you don't understand proposed alterations on the job scene. Your initial dislike of some ideas could lead you to dismiss suggestions that are both feasible and reasonable. Where there is confusion, time should reveal all and you will like what you discover. You may feel some slight concern for your future but no drastic decisions are likely to be made today. (c)2005 An event or situation today won't be as daunting if you keep your confidence high. If feeling nervous about an arrangement, improve on the situation by taking extra care about what you wear. Also, think about the way you present yourself to others. Hold your head high and swing into the thick of things with a self-assurance you may not be feeling. This will tell others nothing can prevent you from winning the day. If you believe it, they will too! (c)2005 An exciting career offer seems too good to turn down; a partner or someone in the family disapproves. You know instinctively you must do what you feel is best for you, but it would be good to have the backing of those who matter most to you. Close relationships need delicate handling. Don't get too defensive when people oppose you; do your best to smooth things over. (c)2005 It's tempting to push your responsibilities onto others, especially authority figures seem asleep at the wheel. Consider the effect such behaviour will have on your peers. You wouldn't want to make enemies of people you'll need in the long-term future. Setting small goals for yourself will keep you focused and productive. Take short, well timed breaks in order to keep exhaustion at bay. Time will go much faster when you're busy. Don't watch the clock. (c)2005 If you agree to do a loved one a favour or to take on more commitments, eventually your load will become too heavy. Know when to say 'no'. Volunteering for extra work could bring moments of regret when this interferes with personal plans. Sometimes you feel your time is not your own. Your partner wants your company and doesn't seem to understand. (c)2005 A confidential engagement may be centred around career talks. Maybe you're meeting with an employment agency. Perhaps you're studying with an apprentice. It's even possible you're getting additional job training on the side. Be sure to keep your activities a secret. That way, you will be able to weigh work offers without feeling pressured by friends, relatives or colleagues. Rely on your intuition when it comes time to make a decision. (c)2005 Partnerships, both working and romantic, will form the backbone of your life these next few months. You will be keen to forge ahead with projects of a joint nature. Wedding plans are accelerated and close associations revitalised. If you're single, you are soon likely to enter a permanent relationship. If there is a special wish that another person might grant you, ask and you will receive! (c)2005 Entertaining friends in the comfort of your own home feels uplifting. You love pampering your pals with good food, fine wine and entertaining conversation. The beneficial effects of an exercise program are becoming apparent. Many people will note that you have an attractive glow. If you've been putting off a fitness regime, begin one today. Turn a deaf ear to those who take a dim view of healthy living. (c)2005 This is a good day to reach agreements about joint monetary concerns. You won't find it at all difficult to reach accord with others. Consultation with someone in authority will be reassuring. If trying to get your head around a problem, you will at long last start seeing the light, thanks to the guidance of an astute teacher. Be prepared for a sociable evening even if you had no such plans. (c)2005 The morning could find you being entrusted with confidential information about a friend or colleague's personal life. The afternoon will find a third party asking questions and trying to pry information out of you. Don't be tempted to say anything that might betray someone's trust in you. More generally, the happiest moments of the day occur when you're in familiar surroundings and with people who know you well. (c)2005 Whatever you had planned for today could be put aside when a better option crops up. Your mood is unusually adaptable and you will be happy to drop what you are doing at a moment's notice if you like the sound of other ideas. A joint matter that has been troubling you is resolved when a partner is more amenable to your suggestions. Financial or other help given to a worthy cause or charitable concern will give you a great sense of satisfaction. (c)2005 The more experience you get, the better choices you will make, especially with regard to your career. It's possible you will be drawn to working with the public in some way. Providing valuable services gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. If you're working in isolation, seek another position. Investigate industries that reflect your deepest interests. Catering, high end retail sales and landscaping are good avenues to explore. (c)2005 A joint effort holds masses of promise if you are prepared to go along with a partner's unusual suggestions. A flexible outlook is what's needed today. Take each moment as it comes without going into anything with preconceived ideas. You might find it difficult to vary your usual routines but what you learn about yourself from doing so will more than compensate for any inconvenience caused. (c)2005 People aren't terribly reliable now, so you may have to rely on your own efforts to get things done. It's possible that you'll have to cancel plans because a baby sitter falls through or a friend isn't able to provide transportation. Pick up a few movie rentals on the way home, just in case you're forced to stay in tonight. A love interest could be playing hot and cold with you. Don't get discouraged. (c)2005 Try to overcome any fears you have about changing aspects of your life that no longer work the way you would like. If you have more faith in yourself, other people too will give you the support you need to bring improvements into your world. If you encounter opposition, you need to be more forceful. Change presents challenge; ignore any pessimistic sensations. (c)2005 If you want to have a glamorous career, you've got to take action. Just dreaming about some far-away day won't draw you any closer to your goals. A sympathetic authority figure will take you under their wing. All you have to do is ask for extra help and guidance. Demonstrate your willingness to succeed by taking on small, thankless assignments and putting in extra hours. Your hard work and diligence will pay off. (c)2005 Long term plans are activated through the effort you are putting into academic fields. You have the poise and confidence to gain the higher qualifications that may be necessary to help you advance in your career. You sell new creative ideas with ease and solutions to business problems could be found through travel. Tension between you and a colleague will be solved by spending more time in each other's company. (c)2005 If you are typical of your sign, you feel most comfortable when sticking to traditional ways of life and living. Today, despite what other people are urging, you should go with what feels right and natural to you. To go along with anyone else's wishes will only bring confusion, regret and dissatisfaction. There will be the odd grumble or protest coming your way but you can deal with this. Stand your ground. (c)2005 If you sense discord, let others do the talking; keep your views to yourself. If you work with the general public there is a mood of dissension in the air. Stay calm. Let things go over the top of your head more than usual. A tactful and subtle approach will work wonders in a contentious situation. Tonight you might pull out of social plans in favour of a more relaxing and solo pastime. (c)2005 Domestic pursuits are incredibly rewarding; you won't want to venture far from home. A decorating project allows you to express your artistic side in fun and exciting ways. You don't have to spend a lot to create beautiful surroundings. Family relations are also blissful. You have a special affection for a female relative who is a bit of a diva. This lady could give you a sentimental gift that is close to your heart. (c)2005 If forthcoming changes require discussion, you need to sort it out as soon as possible. You will want this over with by the end of the day. This does not mean you will give in to anything you don't agree with. If you're half of a couple, you will be making some pleasant plans with your partner. This may be the first chance you have had in a while to plan a nice evening together so be sure to enjoy it! (c)2005 A past incident that you kept locked in your heart is demanding your attention. It's no longer possible to pretend that this situation never really bothered you. The fact is, this suppressed memory has had long-term implications on your life. It may have affected the way you communicate with others, or chose to process information. The time has come to confront these demons so you can lead a happier, healthier life. (c)2005 Some plans to get away from it all could be forming in your mind. These are distinctly last minute but what's stopping you from arranging a short break away? It is not like you to act on impulse and this will take others by surprise. Because of the suddenness of it all, let a loved one you see regularly know you're going on a trip or they could become concerned! (c)2005 You've always had great faith in your friends, but it may be better to trust your own abilities today. People have a way of forgetting responsibilities or packing too many activities into their schedule. This could end in a bitter disappointment for you. Rather than relying on a pal for help, do the job yourself. If it's too big for one person, hire a professional. Why put unnecessary strain on your personal life? (c)2005 You are trying to be reasonable but your partner and loved ones feel they can't get through to you. Everyone seems to be rushing you. Getting on without interference from anyone would suit your solo frame of mind. Let others know you aren't sulking and you don't feel angry about anything. You would just rather work on your own at a steady rather than speedy pace! (c)2005 Best not to allow yourself to get too carried away with yesterday's success where finances were concerned. Although you acknowledge the need to economise, there's still a temptation to splash out on the more frivolous aspects of life. You might soon need to use some of your savings as collateral towards a new endeavour. You will realise how wise you were to resist squandering your cash before the week has ended. (c)2005 Recent difficulties and frustrations are brought to a head. A new page is about to be turned when you will see the final episode of a chapter which has provided you with some unforgettable moments. Due to the success this will have brought, you hope to repeat a similar episode in the future. For now, it is time to tie up loose ends and complete unfinished business. (c)2005 You probably disagree with the way your family is dealing with a social taboo. Pay no heed to what the neighbours will think if a relative gets help for a serious addiction. Pretending that nothing is wrong will only compound the problem. At the end of the day, all that matters is this person's health. You may be surprised to find how compassionate people are to this whole situation. (c)2005 Your willingness to allow friends and loved ones to call the tune will be personally rewarding. Your flexible approach gains respect and admiration from those around you. Not only this but your broad minded views will surprise those who have found you somewhat dogmatic in the past! People appreciate your adaptability and you feel refreshed from seeing the world through the eyes of others. (c)2005 If you are typical of your sign you have a naturally determined nature. If your stubbornness has caused a rift or problem between you and a loved one, start thinking about how you might salvage things. Rather than allowing the situation to slip further out of control, make an effort to patch up your differences. A sensible approach should bring a reasonably appropriate compromise. (c)2005 A powerful sexual attraction transforms your life from drab to fab. It may be impossible to keep your mind on work, because you're so busy thinking about your next meeting. If you're already in a relationship, you may want to take this opportunity to experiment with new lovemaking techniques. Confess your secret desires to your lover. He or she will be more than happy to fulfil these fantasies. This promises to be a passionate evening. (c)2005 Money is at the centre of the picture now and over the weeks ahead. This might be because of the lack of it, the need to make more of it or to balance accounts. A change in career direction could affect your finances for the better. There is a lot to be discussed and decided on before you make a firm decision about which way you want to go. (c)2005 Everything's going well for you; your mood is generous and playful and you want everyone near you to feel the same. Joint projects and plans you've been waiting to set in motion for some time have finally begun. You stand a good chance of success if trying to talk someone into helping you in any way. If single an exciting offer will have you walking on air and any worries about getting tied down too quickly will soon dissolve. (c)2005 If and when you come across any problems, opt for tried and trusted methods that have worked in the past. Encourage others to do the same. Someone might come up with all sorts of weird and wonderful suggestions to speed things along. New ideas will hinder progress. Stick with what you know and are familiar with if you want to do well today. (c)2005 Draw on hidden resources to upgrade or redecorate your home. You've always had a taste for luxury. With a little hard work and lots of imagination, you can create a stunning effect on a budget. Search online for discounted materials like furniture, wallpaper and fixtures. Visit second-hand stores for artwork and vintage accessories. If you're really ambitious, you can upholster chairs and refinish tables with your own two hands. (c)2005 More harmony now surrounds relationships that are important to you. Past differences and misunderstandings can be successfully resolved. Rather than stubbornly adhere to views held in the past, enter discussions with an open mind. Refuse to dwell constantly on what has or has not occurred or expectations that have not been realised. Look to the future and happiness will be yours. (c)2005 Negative thinking may be affecting the way you relate to others. Don't assume that you'll be a flop at large social gatherings. You've got a fantastic personality, particularly when you're talking about things you love, like nature, fine food and beautiful music. If you're about to attend a party, have some topics of conversation prepared. That way, you won't be fishing for things to say when you meet an attractive stranger. (c)2005 If there is a backlog of correspondence to reply to and bills to be paid, get started today. The anticipation of completing tasks that should have been over with a long time ago will keep you motivated. You might feel tired of all the loose ends lying around and that goes for your relationships too. If recently you fell out with someone, make an effort to heal the rift by calmly talking over what happened. (c)2005 Spending time alone helps you recharge your batteries; indulge your love of good food, fine wine and relaxing music. You're tired of running yourself ragged for other people. Take the day off if you possibly can. A short break will do wonders for your mental health. Obey an impulse to buy yourself something special. A silk bathrobe, bouquet of flowers or box of gourmet chocolates are good possibilities. (c)2005 You might expect the weeks ahead to be frenzied, exciting and sometimes chaotic. For this reason, you should go out of your way today, to organise the way you spend your time. If you are half of a duo, your partner will show extra understanding of your need to start planning for the future. You want to feel ready and prepared for all eventualities. (c)2005 This isn't the best time to discuss household finances; emotions are running high. You may want to put off buying appliances or furniture for another few days, too. On the plus side, this is a lovely day to indulge your sensual side. Go for a massage, prepare a gourmet meal, or treat yourself to some beautiful clothes. You'll be far better equipped to deal with practical matters after you've quelled your craving for luxury. (c)2005 Decisions made about or connected to financial and property matters will be spot on today. Even if others disagree with you, don't be swayed off course by their comments or advice. Friends might try to include you in evening plans that are not your idea of fun. Rather than going along with them just to be polite, let others know you prefer to do your own thing. (c)2005 Devoting more time to spiritual pursuits can ease your restless heart. Although you've always been very concerned about material security, you have to admit there is more to life than accumulating property. Going on a retreat or visiting a place of worship can put things back into perspective for you. If you feel uninspired, you may want to take a class, just for fun. It's time to focus on your intellect, rather than your wallet. (c)2005 A project is important to a friend or loved one but you may not share their passion. No matter how hard someone tries to get you to invest in a scheme or dream defer a decision until you have had time to think it over. You aren't particularly in the mood for anything that requires hard work or concentration. Why fight the desire to enjoy a little time off? (c)2005 You'll get the cooperation you need at work, thanks to your powers of persuasion. An authority figure who has a soft spot for you will have a hard time turning down your request. There's a possibility this person has a very serious crush on you. Milk the situation for all it's worth, but remember that it is dangerous to mix business with pleasure. If you return your boss's feelings, you're in for an exciting ride. (c)2005 As amusing as some things you hear might be, don't pass on gossip. Listen to what is being said as in the middle of all the tittle tattle, you could hear of a good opportunity. Keep new information strictly to yourself. In financial issues you have to dance to the tune of your partner or a colleague. If you feel a mistake is being made, this is one area where you should voice your opinions! (c)2005 You've been very busy the past month, and now you're ready for a break. Spending time with your kin can be especially rewarding. If you're estranged from a relative, extend an olive branch. Alternatively, you can create a strong network of friends who will serve as a surrogate family. It's so important to have people on whom you can depend. Have you been considering a move? Check out a neighbourhood that is young and vibrant. (c)2005 Allow your emotions to guide you should the morning bring the need for important decisions. Although the day may not get off to a smooth start, rest assured, as the hours wear on, this will improve. Someone close has something special to tell you this evening. This should more than make up for any disappointments in love you may have been experiencing lately. (c)2005 You're dominant and passionate in your sexual desires today. If your partner isn't as eager as you, it may be necessary to woo them with soft words and kind gestures. Do everything in your power to show your lover you don't just think of them as a sex object. If you're single, you should make more of an attempt to make yourself desirable to others or you'll have a hard time attracting romance. (c)2005 A friend or loved one's travel plans stir up your interest in taking a trip soon. If you are working, pick the brains of those who have made a success of their career. Someone is happy to give you some useful tips; this could help you achieve a higher status or a bonus in your pay packet. At home, the family is busily planning festive get togethers and gift shopping. (c)2005 Expressing your ideals has become increasingly important over the past few years. Don't be surprised if you make an impassioned speech of some sort. Your friends are impressed by your star power, and may ask you to represent them at a social function or protest and while the idea of speaking in front of so many people makes you nervous, you can't help but feel excited by the prospect, too. (c)2005 Your future security is a main consideration when making decisions at this time. Those who aren't as cautious may accuse you of being too wary. People don't understand your need to build a settled future for yourself and your family. Going with what you feel is right will bring emotional and material enrichment. Let other people take risks if they feel so inclined but you won't follow suit. (c)2005 Your photographic memory kicks in again, making it simple to retain complex information. If you're studying for an exam or trying to master new lessons, you'll achieve great success. It's also wise to pay attention to any hunches you have over the next two or three weeks. Intuition will serve you better than logic. Developing a bright idea is best done in private. Wait another month before unveiling this concept to the public. (c)2005 You will be subtle in the way you handle other people's difficulties these next few weeks. You probably never realised you could be so aware of and sensitive to the plight of others. Your thoughts are on a personal or professional goal as you realise the harder you work to achieve your aims, the greater the chances are, of your ultimate success. (c)2005 You're able to sort through painful emotions, which will improve your job prospects. It's important to take a few risks for the sake of something bigger. Apply to glamorous companies, send work samples to important executives, and work on your interview skills. Don't worry if you get a few rejections at first. You'll learn something valuable with each subsequent try. Resist the urge to overindulge in food or drink when you're frustrated. (c)2005 Allow yourself plenty of time if you're involved in or just beginning a joint project. The preparation stage could take a lot longer than you first imagined. As it is, you don't like to rush things and it wouldn't suit you to have to work at breakneck speed. Keep a careful eye on what others are getting up to as their attempts to cut corners could mess everything up. (c)2005 You won't let anything stand in the way of achieving your goals. In the past, you've been unduly concerned with following the rules. Now you're ready to break past these constraints and experiment with unorthodox methods. Just make sure you don't thumb your nose at other approaches along the way or you could offend people who could be helping you. A little diplomacy goes a long way today. (c)2005 Your adventurous and lively frame of mind surprises some who are around you. Financial news delights you. This puts your mind at ease about recent over spending. If a friend or loved one makes decisions that seem totally out of character, let them be the judge of what suits them best. You find out the real reason why a colleague turned down a recent offer. (c)2005 Today begins a prolonged period of personal achievement, so make the most of it. Promoting new ideas, displaying your creative work, or whipping your body into shape are among the possibilities. Don't be surprised if you become a little more aggressive than usual. Normally, you're content to sit back and smell the flowers, but that will change over the next six months. That's because you'll be given several rare opportunities. (c)2005 Before settling into your usual routines, think about how you might make life more exciting in the future. A feeling something special is coming your way could inspire you to break out of your usual groove. Be adventurous: find ways to put ideas into practice. An optimistic mood coupled with your practical outlook will bring a sense of fulfilment. (c)2005 Be wary about turning a friendship into a romance, as it may be better to keep things platonic. If you're already married, you need to cultivate some common interests. Otherwise, you run the risk of growing apart. Struggles over money can be resolved, so long as you have sympathy for each other. That can only be possible when you see each other as human beings who love each other, rather than rivals for power. (c)2005 Contact with people far away gives you a better idea of what to expect in the future. Plans include distant interests: a holiday abroad, a job overseas or a house move. You like to have firm plans in your mind preferring to know where you are going to go. Travel will be a way of broadening your experiences in the New Year. There will also be benefit through a training program or a long term study course. (c)2005 Comparing your success to that of your friends and family is a terrible mistake. After all, your loved ones are not your rivals. If you're not happy with the progress you've made, change your approach. Establishing a familiar work routine can keep your anxieties at bay. Don't dwell on past disappointments, either. You've gained lots of valuable experience since then. You'll start making more money when you adopt a more positive attitude. (c)2005 Your good fairy seems to have waved her magic wand today with the promise of money on the way. Despite the time of the year, stay alert for opportunities that will help you further your professional ambitions. Your mental powers keep you alert and your perception is high. Trust your own judgement even if this means going against a loved one's advice. (c)2005 Getting involved with a large group will advance your career prospects. The more people you know, the better your chances of finding an ideal situation. If you're not working, you can use this opportunity to show off your creative talent. Seek out people who have galleries, studio spaces, or camera equipment. Take classes that put you in contact with professionals from your desired industry. In other words, start networking! (c)2005 If you are working, watch what you say when you're talking with people in high places. Someone is taking advantage of your obliging nature. If they're the ones who control the strings, it is not in your best interests to rebel! You are reluctant to bow to the wishes of people who think they know better than you but to keep the peace today, this is probably what you will have to do! (c)2005 You may have to travel in connection with a family matter. Visiting a sibling or cousin will help resolve an ongoing quarrel. It takes a big person to extend an olive branch. Why let resentments fester when you could put this matter behind you? If these fences are irrevocably broken, focus on creating a strong social network among friends and neighbour. It's important to have people to support you when times get tough. (c)2005 Keep your plans on the flexible side today as unexpected little surprises are likely. A proposal could be linked with future travel or you might receive an offer to attend a long term course of study. Your mood swings more towards activities or pleasures that bring relaxation. Go easy with a loved one who keeps changing their minds. (c)2005 Coming to terms with your sexual needs can be a satisfying experience. Instead of worrying about what is socially acceptable, explore your dream world for clues as to what really turns you on. You don't have to be ashamed about your desires. In fact, they can be a powerful tool to strengthen your relationships. If you have a partner, ask to play out a fantasy. If you don't, start looking for your real romantic ideal. (c)2005 You have laser beam perception and you won't hesitate to act when you spot a good investment opportunity. You don't intend to relax your efforts to achieve certain aims. As well as working for the satisfaction of a job well done, there is a strong money incentive that drives you on. You are coming to recognise life is what you make of it and success is your main goal! (c)2005 Establishing your own identity can be difficult when your family has such a strong influence on you. Don't feel compelled to discuss every last detail of your personal life with relatives. Some things are sacred. If you have hobbies that your kin doesn't respect, perform them in private so you won't be criticised or ridiculed. Moving to a neighbouring town can put a healthy distance between you and your loved ones. (c)2005 You have no choice but to accept changes dictated by others in your professional life. You wonder how far you can trust people. For now, accept what is going on even if there hasn't been much in the way of warning. Conquer qualms; be prepared to vary routines that haven't worked in the past. It is pointless continuing with jobs which seem a waste of time. (c)2006 You may have an unrealistic attitude about your professional responsibilities. If you keep encountering the same criticism from different bosses and colleagues, you need to make a change. Stop insisting that the problem is theirs, not yours. The sooner you yield to public pressure, the easier your work will become. Try not to be so stubborn about trying new methods. When you're receptive to suggestions, others will respect you. (c)2005 If anything unusual or surprising occurs today, it will be mainly to your advantage. Good things are happening and your adventurous outlook is making a positive impact on others. Allow your imagination full reign and you could be giving yourself a lot to look forward to in the future. There is a strong likelihood of travel, now or in the weeks to come. (c)2006 If you're thinking of moving, selling a piece of property, or renovating your home, now is the time. Alternatively, you may decide to get a new roommate. There's a good chance you'll feel an instant rapport with someone you meet through work. Try not to get your hopes high with regard to a promising job offer, though. This opportunity may not be as fabulous as you initially thought. Do some more research into the company. (c)2005 Your heart is not in the jobs you must do today but you will force yourself to concentrate anyway. What keeps you going is the fact if you focus your efforts you will get chores you aren't keen on out of the way. The whole day might be spent on basic routines; your thoughts are on distant horizons. The idea of getting away from it all strongly appeals. (c)2006 Ever since 1995, you've felt compelled to make big changes in your life. These changes have occurred slowly but surely, and will continue to occur until late 2008. Maybe you've been intent on conquering your fears, or making amends with the past. Perhaps you've been moving toward financial independence. It's even possible that you're coming to terms with your sexuality. Be gentle regarding these changes, especially from now until September. (c)2005 An older relative could provide you with some valuable information about a financial or legal matter. You feel more able to cope with areas causing you concern. You could take the chance, later, to clear up a number of loose ends that have accumulated recently. This won't take as long as you may have been expecting. (c)2006 A surge of energy prompts you to try things that would ordinarily intimidate you. Go ahead and ask a seemingly unattainable person for a date. Try your hand at an artistic medium that's always interested you. Volunteer to mentor a child who is struggling in school. Venturing into unknown territory will have surprising rewards. Pay no attention to cynical friends who make fun of your efforts to change and grow. They're just jealous. (c)2005 The last thing you will want today is to have to dance to the tune other people play. At work, you will prefer to keep your head down. Someone in power might be abusing their authority but you won't be as submissive as they are expecting. If you get the chance, take yourself off to a distant place where no-one can disturb you. Speculation of any sort should be avoided. (c)2006 High aspirations could prompt you to put your creative talent before the public. Selling home made products or providing services to wealthy clients could earn you a handsome chunk of change. There's a good chance you'll donate a percentage of your earnings to your favourite charity. It's always difficult for you to part with cash when you're running low, but when you've got more than you need, you give it away. (c)2005 Your thoughts are still fixed on far distant horizons; routine aspects of life just can't capture your attention. Concentration levels are low as your mind veers to other possibilities. Jobs you are working on today may be routine but they are also necessary and even essential. Be sensible. Keep your mind on your work and wait until this evening before you allow your thoughts to wander! (c)2006 Circumstances or relationships making you feel insecure prey on your mind. Someone wants to listen but you aren't in the mood to talk. Withdraw too far into yourself and people will start wondering what they've done to upset you. In close relationships, try to be more open, otherwise misunderstandings will spiral out of control. A long talk is reassuring. Consequently you will start to feel more secure. (c)2005 Learn to trust your own thoughts and feelings even if someone tries to persuade you, you're wrong. Even those who seem poised and self assured don't get it right all the time. Someone will make things awkward for you if you go against their views or opinions. Does this matter? Don't let anyone force you into agreeing to something you feel is wrong. (c)2006 Your relationship with a sibling or neighbour may be a bit strained right now. It could feel as though this person wants you to suppress your desires for the sake of the group. You're tired of denying your needs, and feel as though you want to pull away from the pack. This is a totally understandable reaction. Try to exercise your independence in some small way, like joining a class or going on a trip. (c)2005 If you've been struggling to cope with a job you expected to be easy, the end is now in sight. You may ultimately feel the results aren't worth the effort but it isn't in your nature to give up; you would rather see a project through to the end. If recently you turned a blind eye to a loved one's spending habits, continue to allow them to do their own thing. Right now they won't appreciate your interference. (c)2006 You might feel at times that you can't put a foot right. Try to stop yourself from falling into one of those vicious circles that have recently been plaguing you. Correct mistakes which keep coming back to haunt you. It could be an apology to a friend or relative is all that is necessary. Or owning up to something your pride has stopped you from admitting to in the past. Try doing this today and break the cycle. (c)2005 The security you seek and long for will come through finding a balance between personal interests and joint commitments. To be happy in yourself you need to be happy in your closest relationships. It is time to resolve any uncertainties or insecurities that have been causing problems in a partnership. Negotiations will be successful if you are direct and speak your mind. (c)2006 Don't put all of your eggs into one basket, especially where a job is concerned. Your situation may be secure now, but that won't be the case in the long-term future. You're better off developing your skills as you move up the ladder to success. Joining a union or a professional organisation can give you valuable contacts. Try not to assert yourself too strongly in the beginning. Just sit back and watch the proceedings. (c)2005 Changes within your profession will work out in your favour. It is not a time to hold on to old routines. Having more freedom in situations where restriction is usually accepted will be the pleasing outcome. You may not have been looking to gain more independence but new arrangements or a more responsible position will put you in touch with new sides of your personality. (c)2006 Although you rarely complain about having to stick to well trodden paths, this won't be the case today. Try to avoid anything too mundane this weekend. There may be an argument at home over a joint social invitation. You want to accept, your partner doesn't. Happily it won't take much in the way of persuasion to make others see the pleasure that can be gained through adopting a more adventurous outlook. (c)2005 Success and happiness will come over the weeks ahead if you remain upbeat and positive. There will be times when you must be quick to make decisions. These are likely to concern your career and main aims. If you dither for too long, the opportunities will pass you by. So, keep hesitancy to a minimum and be ready to act quickly. (c)2006 A surprise encounter turns out to be a blessing in disguise for you. The person in question may have the power to give you a job. This work will probably involve luxury items, art work, or fine food. You could have immediate success with your new position and while you prefer to take life at a slow, leisurely pace, you may have to speed things up for the sake of this job. Never fear; the rewards will be worth it. (c)2005 Your obvious enjoyment of your job or another interest will inspire someone to learn your trade. Teaching others, either professionally or as a favour, will be enlightening. Either you will be amazed at the extent of your knowledge and how much you have picked up instinctively as you've gone along. Or you will benefit from brushing up on old methods, facts and techniques. (c)2006 At times you feel you are on a treadmill going nowhere. If routine chores are tedious and uninspiring, there are ways to make life more fulfilling. You could bring sunshine and laughter into your home by initiating new ideas in this area. A sense of togetherness will soon be restored within the family. Your working life could be made more interesting by taking on a new job or making improvements in your existing one. (c)2005 Advice you have recently been given about a professional matter helps you make a firm decision today. You have some practical ideas on how to make a situation work for you. Other people want instant results but you realise this is not possible. If you are prepared to make slow and steady progress, you are likely to be the one to be the most successful. (c)2006 The next three weeks are ideal for negotiating lucrative business deals. It's best to have two or three irons in the fire, in case one arrangement doesn't pan out. If you've ever wanted to make money from writing or teaching, now is the time to try. Working as a temp or substitute could lead to a permanent position. Spending a little more money on travel, education, and time-saving gadgets is fine. They'll afford long-term pleasure. (c)2005 Little concerns seem to assume undue importance and you find yourself worrying about things that may never happen. Set your sights lower and assume it will take longer to do some things than you had expected. You could achieve good results if you are patient and levels of confidence will increase as you start making progress. (c)2006 A friend or colleague is the beneficiary of your thoughtfulness; they wonder what they would do without you. Working relationships are favourably highlighted over the weeks ahead making it easy for you to get on well with business contacts. Watch for the chance to enter a professional partnership with someone you have always trusted. A merger based on respect and mutual support stands a good chance of being successful. (c)2005 Long term plans will soon come under the microscope when an excellent job opening is in the offing. Colleagues are looking in your direction for help and guidance. If you are involved in a social group, you could be taking charge of a function or event even though this was never intended. Before you know it, people seem to be following your lead! (c)2006 You will have to be a little more demanding if you're going to get what you want. Being aggressive has always seemed so distasteful to you. You'd rather be patient than push yourself to the head of the queue. Today you may have no choice but to use your elbows. There are plenty of other people who have the same dreams. You're going to be left behind unless you start acting tough. Don't let bullies browbeat you. (c)2005 It would do you good to include exercise and fresh air in your schedule today. Try to fit in an outing of some description. If nothing very exciting is planned for the day you are liable to feel restless. You need to enjoy the stimulation of different surroundings, new people and fresh challenges. The wonderful part about today is you are starting to feel more positive and assertive. (c)2006 If competing for the attention of anyone who can help you climb the ladder of success, your practical mood will impress. Discussions regarding your professional interests will go the way you're hoping. What you may not have been anticipating is the extra responsibility that comes your way due to some serious conversations. Even if this means re-arranging your usual schedule, you will make the best of the situation. (c)2005 If future travel plans have been problematic and people involved have been testing your patience, this is all going to change now. You may have suspected someone was about to renege on promises made. Your suspicions will have been unfounded. Pleasing developments to do with a holiday or long distance journey mean you can start to relax and look forward to your travels. (c)2006 Pleasant work assignments abound, keeping you busy and productive. Asking for a raise or bonus is highly advised. If you work on a freelance basis, you should increase your rates. People are willing to pay more for the best, which is what you offer. If you're tired of your current job, you should find a line of work closer to your heart. You've always had an appreciation for the arts; explore this avenue. (c)2005 Even friends and colleagues who have been difficult to rub along with are being friendly today. People respond to you in a positive way and you find it easy to keep lines of communication open. Your aim is to make progress in a professional or social endeavour. All the same you are as dynamic, romantically and your partner will respond to loving gestures with enthusiasm! (c)2006 A relative could be making waves and upsetting other family members. Losing your temper will only exasperate the situation. Issues brought up within the family must be worked out immediately. Leave them for another day and they will only get worse. If someone is bossing others about and trying to lay down the law, ignoring their demands and giving them the silent treatment is one way to make your objections clear. (c)2005 Rely on your head, rather than your heart, when dealing with large groups of people. A certain member of the gang has a knack for getting under your skin. By remaining calm in the face of their goading, you'll get the upper hand. You may be wondering why this character has singled you out for attention. It's probably because he or she is attracted to you. This may sound absurd, but examine the possibility. (c)2005 Putting in an appearance at a glamorous party will cause your star to rise. There's something captivating about the way you enter a room and although you may be too tired to dance the night away, it is a good idea to drop in and say hello. You may lock eyes with a sexy flirt. Don't be deterred if you overhear some catty remarks. People are bound to be jealous of a stunner like you. (c)2005 You seek to distinguish yourself from the crowd, even at the risk of your friends' displeasure. Following your instincts will cause your energy to soar. There's a chance that a job will open up in a glamorous field. Don't underestimate your talents. You should apply immediately. You're bound to do very well in the interview, saying the first thing that comes into your head. These spontaneous remarks will make a good impression. (c)2005 Interactions with a sister, brother, or neighbour may have been difficult these past two years. Fortunately, you're starting to see some progress in this relationship. Perhaps you've changed the way you communicate your feelings. Maybe this person has become more open to your ideas. Whatever the reason for this change, it will allow you to make progress in other areas of life. Apply these lessons to your work and love lives. (c)2005 You're extremely passionate toward those who are down on their luck. This would be a great day to perform charity work or raise money for your favourite cause. Apathy can become a real weight on your heart. The only way to cure yourself of this condition is to get involved. Children may be eager to participate, making this an ideal family affair. If you're single, you could meet someone special on this mission of mercy. (c)2005 Expanding into new social circles will be both an exciting and anxiety producing time. You may be in awe of the people you are mixing with, or you might wonder whether in getting involved in new enterprises, you're biting off more than you can chew. Saturn puts a bit of a damper on your thinking. Your thoughts aren't clear, preventing you from making an objective appraisal. Keep pessimistic feelings at bay. (c)2005 Hosting a social gathering for your colleagues can be really enjoyable. You love showing off your beautiful home. Add a dash of glamour to the proceedings with candlelight, jazzy music and exotic finger food. If your domestic surroundings are a bit drab, ask a fashionable co-worker for advice on decorating your place. This person's tips can be easily integrated for very little money. Treat yourself to a domestic makeover. (c)2005 New contacts might help your social ambitions. You won't put a foot wrong when it comes to sharing time with friends and enjoying the social scene. If you had no plans to get together with others, take the initiative and arrange a spur of the moment get together this evening. The positive rapport you enjoy today will be useful in your home life, your social life and your career. (c)2005

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