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Bear Horoscope

for Bears born on January 23 (Aquarius)

After some careful thought you might decide to go ahead and invest in a personal project. The chance to enter into some form of business partnership with a relative might be appealing. Especially if the proposed venture looks like being lucrative! Something you have been striving for could come through, due to a loved one's unwavering support. (c)2006 Watch your spending and if tempted to buy things you can't afford, leave your credit cards and cheque book at home. It's not a good day to make any major transactions either. You could be in such a rush to seal the deal that you aren't paying attention to the small print. In all areas, don't make decisions or take actions without considering the pros and cons. (c)2005 Making money from artistic pursuits isn't as far-fetched as you think. If you're given a chance to acquire creative skills, accept immediately. Offers like these are few and far between. Fortunately, you're learn quickly and will have no trouble mastering these lessons. In fact, you could be granted a certificate in record time. Find ways of using this knowledge to your advantage, both personally and professionally. You could find a job closer to home. (c)2005 A withdrawn and solitary mood governs your thoughts and actions. Although you enjoy your social relationships, keeping yourself to yourself is no hardship when you are feeling as you do, today. This may irritate people who were expecting to enjoy a more festive and jovial time. To give in and join them means you are feeding their needs not yours. This evening, especially, silence is golden. (c)2005 A semi-duty function could turn into a surprisingly enjoyable occasion. You could learn a lot through listening to ideas being discussed and you will enjoy mixing with new faces. A get together could go on longer than you had anticipated and it may be necessary to cancel or postpone arrangements for later in the day. A retired colleague may be in touch with a tip that will boost your prospects. (c)2005 It is said that one good turn deserves another. So, if you need help and a friend owes you a favour, maybe it's time to call in their dues. Alternatively, if someone looks as if they're in need of a helping hand or a sympathetic ear, find it in your heart to volunteer. Through doing someone a good turn you will be stockpiling kindness for yourself should you need it in the future. (c)2005 Be careful about what you wish for because today it may well come true. If single and at the start of a long-distance relationship, are you sure it is what you want? Before getting more deeply involved there are questions you should both consider. For instance will either one of you be willing to relocate in the future? If attached, no matter what your plans for the weeks ahead, you will be getting a great deal of support from your significant other. (c)2005 You're giving your boss mixed signals, partly because you're not sure if you want to stay in your job. If you're unemployed, schedule job interviews for another day, as you may not be able to communicate your skills as effectively as you'd like. A fitness enhancing plan can improve your health dramatically. Go for a brisk walk or join a gym with lots of impressive equipment. Working out also promotes mental clarity. (c)2005 You won't want to push yourself too hard. There are a few things to sort out to enable events of the coming week to run more smoothly. You won't put yourself under any pressure and will take as much time as you want. In the evening your partner knows exactly how to keep the atmosphere calm and relaxing. There will be an unspoken agreement to forget about discussions of any consequence until a later date. (c)2005 Although you've always prided yourself on being an aloof rebel, you can't help but be attracted to effusive, amorous types. One such a person could enter your life between now and late July. You hate to admit it, but you melt when this person lavishes you with kisses, cuddles and caresses. Resist the urge to play it cool with your lover, or he or she could slip through your fingers. Open your heart. (c)2005 You find out today whether or not you can trust a newcomer to your world. Their actions may reveal they are looking after their own interests and no-one else's. Start to distance yourself from such people. If you are impressed with someone's kind and helpful ways, show them equal amounts of kindness. Nurturing meaningful friendships makes you more secure in your relationships. (c)2005 Don't ask, just do and allow your instincts to guide you. In all situations and circumstances today, be sure to act on your own and no-one else's decisions. Your boss or someone in authority could grant you a special favour or you could receive first refusal on a profitable business deal. There is no time to ask what other people think. If you don't want to miss out, act first and think about it later! (c)2005 Daydreaming could undermine your progress today; try to get the bare minimum done today. Go out dancing with your friends after hours; you'll love getting lost in the music. Alternatively, you may want to rent some romantic black-and-white movie this evening. One thing is for sure: mundane realities like cooking and housekeeping will not be high on your list of priorities. Give yourself permission to fantasise. Everyone's life could use a little more colour. (c)2005 You might need to take time off a group endeavour you have recently been involved in. Other matters now need your attention. The tasks you are expected to tackle today will be best done solo. Take care not to quarrel with a friend around noon. For most of the day, peaceful pleasures and quiet people are what you need most of all. (c)2006 Resist the urge to isolate from colleagues, especially if a project becomes fraught with complications. It's important to exercise teamwork skills now. Home will be a welcome break from workaday responsibilities. You may decide to spend a cosy evening with family to going out to a rowdy party. If you don't have any kith or kin nearby, invite a close friend over to keep you company. You'll definitely benefit from some relaxed company. (c)2005 High levels of intuition help you see behind the facade that someone you work with has recently adopted. Now you understand more about this person, you find your attitude towards them changing. There are moments you might wish you weren't so charitable. Attending to other peoples' needs may mean sacrificing some of your own interests. You need to do this, even so, out of the goodness of your heart. (c)2005 Today presents a divine opportunity to strengthen your body and overcome illness. If you're not satisfied with a doctor's advice, get a second opinion. Seek out holistic therapies. Seek the emotional and spiritual sources of your physical discomfort. Yoga, therapy, and meditation can be enormously healing. Creative projects may also prove therapeutic. Go to a craft store and pick up some art supplies. It's time to express all those feelings you've kept bottled inside. (c)2005 If domestic harmony is lacking in your family world, today you should make an effort and do something about it. Have you been neglecting your responsibilities in this area? Maybe you've been expecting too much from your loved ones. Once you get to the root of the problem, it shouldn't be difficult to resolve differences and make amends. Hope and happiness are only a heart-to-heart away! (c)2005 You have talents that you haven't explored, mostly because of your present situation. Somehow, you haven't felt comfortable venturing into unfamiliar territory. Perhaps it is because others have so much invested in your current role. Today presents a glorious opportunity to break out of this mould and explore the world around you. Exploring your untapped potential could increase your earnings. Think about taking a second job, just to gain experience. (c)2005 The deeper you look into a joint financial or legal matter, the more undecided you feel about it. You might suspect someone isn't being as honest with you as they have been making out. Or a partner is not as sensible as you thought they were. Discuss any uncertainties you might have with someone who isn't involved. They will help you see things from a different perspective. You will then feel more certain about what you must do. (c)2005 It should be no trouble finding the intellectual curiosity you crave. Colleagues are eager to discuss bold ideas, and friends seek your opinion on complex moral dilemmas. An unexpected money shortage prevents you from carrying out a plan exactly the way you wanted, but never mind. You're resourceful enough to find inexpensive alternatives. Legal matters are looking up; this would be a good time to settle a case or sign a long-term agreement. (c)2005 Quietly reflect on the way your life is going; if you want to realise your ambitions you need to be organised about it. If you need support from friends and colleagues, they won't let you down. Their ideas are helpful and this kind of endorsement will give you the strength to soldier on when the going starts to get tough. (c)2005 It's a good day to take firm steps to make your life more challenging and exciting. You feel your world lacks stimulation; it's tempting to blame others or a lack of money or opportunity. Ultimately it is up to you to do something about it. Make other people aware of what you're capable of. Be ready to broaden your horizons and the finances or support needed to continue your efforts will appear at all the right moments. (c)2005 You must make your mind up quickly if you are offered the chance to take a change in direction careerwise. There will hardly be time to think but this will be one opportunity you won't want to miss. You get the chance to pursue and achieve ambitions which up until now have been verging on the fringe of dreams. Most things will go your way. A quiet evening with friends is likely. (c)2005 Starting an exercise program will bring dramatic results in a few short weeks. It's imperative you begin now, while your energy is high and your willpower is strong. Finding a trainer or a good gym will be easier than usual. If a piece of exercise equipment catches your eye, it's worth the investment. You've always put much emphasis on your intellectual powers. Now it's time to build your physical strength. (c)2005 If you are working today, colleagues may not be content busying themselves with routine affairs. If they have something less mundane in mind, go along with their ideas with enthusiasm. A lively atmosphere prevails. Take advantage of a superior's indulgent mood. Persuade them to allow you new responsibilities that give you a greater sense of freedom. (c)2005 No matter how hard you try you can't seem to keep a friend or colleague happy. Everything you do is wrong and their criticism will make you nervous. You might start questioning the situation and looking for reasons why you are going through this aggravation. Try reading between the lines and you might realise they are feeling inadequate, alone or neglected. (c)2005 [content] Words of praise from a friend or colleague come just as you were starting to wonder whether your efforts are worth it. The applaud coming your way will inspire more than cheery thoughts. The response you are getting confirms your decisions are spot on and your work is being appreciated. People are incredibly helpful and you will find more than one way to capitalise on this situation. (c)2005 Daydreaming has always been one of your favourite activities. You love imagining the way life could be or should be. If your current lifestyle is miles apart from the one you want, it's time to take action. Get in shape. Change your job. Break away from an abusive relationship. Form friendships with supportive people. Put an end to addictive behaviours. In short, do what's necessary to live your dream. (c)2005 You will get more from life and your relationships because of the thought you are putting into everything now. You can expect to see positive results from the plans you are making. This should be a quiet time, allowing you ample chance to contemplate new possibilities. Someone in the family is talking about joining a fitness or sports club; you might decide to join them. (c)2005 A highly educated, well travelled philosopher could capture your fancy. You've always been attracted to people who think out of the box. If you've already got a mate, you may want to discuss the possibility of going abroad together. You may be surprised how readily your lover agrees. There's a good chance you'll be drawn to a city known for its art and culture. You're craving mental stimulation, not natural beauty. (c)2005 It is not a good time to air your views about a matter that has already been the cause of a lot of concern. Adopt the role of spectator rather than participator today. You will learn a lot from watching people around you. If you get involved, you could miss something that is going on in the background. An older relative is making plans that will upset family harmony; you could talk them out of it once you realise what is going on. (c)2006 A whirlwind of activity in your neighbourhood could disrupt your home life. Maybe there's a noisy construction project going on in your area. Perhaps you'll be entertaining some guests from out of town. It's even possible you may have to stay elsewhere so that repairs can be conducted in your own home. Try to make the best of this trying situation. Being forced to change your routine could lead to a pleasant discovery. (c)2005 If you take a risk and follow it through with conviction, very often it will pay off. If you are making plans to change your life over the months ahead, there will be some who question your motives. Be prepared with your answers but don't resent this kind of interference. Look upon it instead as a chance to prove how determined you can be. (c)2006 You've have great earning ability, but you tend to spend money as fast as you make it. If you'd like to emerge from this abundant period with a little money in the bank, put yourself on a budget. Make sure to give yourself some cash to play with every week; there's no sense in feeling deprived. Children and lovers can be very demanding right now. Instead of buying everyone gifts, spend more quality time together. (c)2005 It may be a problem of protocol preventing you from putting new ideas into action. Not everything is clear in a business or partnership transaction and it seems like one person in particular's making mountains out of molehills. You will be up front and forthright about your intentions. You could be dealing with someone who isn't totally honest and will happily take advantage of you. (c)2005 It's possible that you are attracted to someone in your workplace. Approaching this person for a date could be risky. Mixing business with pleasure is always difficult and while friends may advise you to find another love interest, you can't get your mind off the person in question. Go ahead and ask for a date as casually as possible. You could very well get a delighted response. At least you will have satisfied your curiosity! (c)2005 A feeling of satisfaction allows you to make firm financial decisions with a clear conscience. A friend could repay a loan you had almost forgotten about. You're happy to discuss ideas on economising as you come up with ways of cutting back on expenses without lowering your standard of living. Future money prospects look pleasingly secure. Things are starting to come together in a positive way. (c)2005 You're tremendously imaginative and artistic, which attracts lots of romantic attention. If you're looking for love, this is a great day to register with a dating service or place an ad in the personals. You could receive a lot of promising responses. Don't pay any attention to friends who warn you against such a move. They're not as adventurous or free spirited as you are. Are you already in a relationship? Discuss having a child. (c)2005 You have important matters on your mind connected to your work and other outside interests. At home, there's a need to show patience with those who don't share or understand your serious mood. Someone who has a vested interest in your future plans is the one to consult if you need any advice or information. Even so, you should try to put some time aside today, for pure enjoyment and relaxation. (c)2005 It may be a challenge to get your agenda met over the next three weeks. Everybody seems to be preoccupied with their own business. Take this opportunity to hone and refine your plans, especially where a short trip is concerned. Don't book tickets until mid-April, as you could find a much better deal at that time. The same goes for changing residences; moving just isn't favoured now. Postpone your plans for next month. (c)2005 Previously made arrangements must be honoured even if you aren't in the mood. Progress today will be, at its best, slender and at worst, almost non-existent! Try to put up with the monotony of the daylight hours because there is always the evening to look forward to. You could be in for a pleasant surprise when a lusty partner will let their feelings show, in no uncertain manner! (c)2005 Turn your innovative mind to creating a product that everyone can use and appreciate. This should be no trouble for you, as you're always mulling over solutions to problems. One of your bright ideas could be so powerful you'll be moved to put a patent on it. Why let your employer earn a profit from your genius when you can keep all that cash for yourself? You're especially adept at devising time-saving devices. (c)2005 This could be just the day to embark on a spur of the moment journey. The Sun will shine its benevolent light on you and you will be convinced nothing can go wrong. Today's skies inspire you to seek new and greener pastures. Follow your instincts and sweep your usual weekday commitments under the carpet. One word of warning: social and pleasure pursuits could put quite a dint in your bank balance so take care. (c)2005 It may be hard to get your message across, mainly because it's so radical. You've always been three steps ahead of the pack, so it's not surprising others can't understand your vision. Instead of dwelling on this disappointment, channel your energy into creating a relaxing domestic life. Coming home to beautiful surroundings helps you to cope with stress. Enlist the aid of a tasteful friend for decorating suggestions. (c)2005 Your working life and family affairs purr along on well oiled wheels and problems are conspicuous by their absence. Good news could come in the shape of a pay rise or promotion. Your leadership qualities come to the fore when you have an almost uncanny ability to tune in to people and sense what is necessary to keep them motivated. Your professional prestige is set to soar to new heights (c)2005 You're ready to take immediate action with regard to a community problem. Confronting a government official or circulating a petition may be in order. If these measures don't yield any results, you can always call the press. If there's anything bureaucrats despise, it's negative publicity. You're just the type of spokesperson to yield results. Always present yourself as a generous, open-minded optimist who has the people's best interests at heart. (c)2005 Even if they seem a little odd, go along with the requests of your boss or a colleague. Their eagerness to try out new schemes and ideas could give you the chance to shake familiar dust from your shoes. Your willingness to follow a colleague's daring example could be rewarded with a promotion or a new job offer. You will enjoy the company of outlandish people throughout the day and evening. (c)2005 The chance to relocate to a gorgeous community brings out your creative side. Just walking the streets of this neighbourhood can provide you with divine inspiration. If you're not ready to move, you may want to put more effort into beautifying your surroundings. Put some colour on the walls, add some interesting artwork, and choose stylish furniture. Enlist the aid of a Libra or Pisces if you need help. (c)2005 You stand to make a big impression on a powerful person because of your many and varied talents. Getting involved in activities that offer challenge and mental stimulus gives you the chance to show others what you are capable of. You sense you can help someone who is having problems but don't jump to conclusions or blurt out your initial assumptions. Let others know you're available and then wait for them to come to you. (c)2005 Your unusual talents help you to make lots of money in a very short period of time. Resist the temptation to go on a lavish shopping spree. You're better off putting your earnings into a savings fund. Buying a house or setting up a comfortable retirement are distinct possibilities. This may seem like a boring use of your hard-earned cash, but consider what freedom such investments could afford. Why stay stuck in the rat race? (c)2005 You are keen to further your ambitions or expand your personal interests. You feel motivated to advance your lifestyle and yet you have no idea where to begin or how to go about it. You have not given future goals a lot of thought and the consequence is that you are throwing yourself aimlessly into this and that but all to no avail. What you need to do is consider your future carefully and remember: good preparation and organisation is the key. (c)2005 Getting the balance in communication won't be easy but you will achieve agreement if you work at it. Don't let others to push you into making snap decisions you'll regret later and you shouldn't be stopped from making progress in personal ambitions because of your obligations to another. You need to be assertive when it comes to your personal priorities while respecting other people's wants and wishes. (c)2005 You might feel a strong desire to help the needy and underprivileged. A show of enterprise and initiative could have amazing implications. The effort you and a group of like minded people make to improve the conditions that others live under will attract support for your campaign. Your brilliant ideas could earn you respect and further support in the future. (c)2005 Developing your creative potential can be difficult when you're operating in a vacuum. Ask a respected friend for help if you feel adrift. This person's constructive criticisms can prompt you to turn a corner. The two of you may even decide to collaborate on a project together. Normally, you prefer acting alone. Today you'll see the merits of having a sounding board. It's all a matter of finding someone you can trust. (c)2005 Nothing is too much to ask of you today; you will take everything in your stride. Friends and colleagues find you reliable; you are always there when they need you. A problem is resolved thanks to the good offices of someone in a government or managerial department. You will enjoy the work you do on someone else's behalf as you are seeing positive results. (c)2005 You feel as if you are being pulled in several directions and the pressure on you is steadily rising. It might be time to bid farewell to commitments that are becoming too demanding. As far as your professional life is concerned resist the desire to get others to speak up for you. Your boss or someone else in authority is well aware of your abilities. Perhaps you should let things take their natural course. (c)2005 Business affairs and financial expenditures seem to be linked to large groups of people. You accomplish much more when you're affiliated with a big organisation and although you may not make as much money as you initially anticipated, the emotional rewards will be significant. There's a chance you could be sent on an all expenses paid trip in the very near future. You make an impressive representative. (c)2005 An abundance of social invitations are coming your way; you can't possibly accept them all. A friendship that has been tense of late shows signs of getting back to normal. Take advantage of the good mood around you to bury the hatchet. Preparations for an upcoming celebration are set underway giving you plenty to think about this evening! (c)2005 You've got great earning power, and can make monetary gains through your own effort. There's never been a better time to start your own business. If you want to make some quick cash, hold an impromptu sale or put some items up on Ebay. You'll be surprised at how much you can get for stuff you no longer want. If you're an antique hound, you could find a precious heirloom for pennies. (c)2005 If you are thinking of making changes in your personal or professional life, put your ideas to others now. Give people the chance to take in what you say. Those who are going to be affected by your plans need to feel you are open to their suggestions. Pay attention to their views and they will listen to yours. In a close and loving relationship, try showing your feelings in a physical way. (c)2005 Finances are a bit tight right now, which can cause problems with friends. Some of your pals just assume you can go out to expensive restaurants and clubs. Be honest about your situation; nobody will think less of you for it. An accomplished colleague or romantic partner can teach you valuable strategies for making your resources stretch further. Be sure to take a page from this person's book; it will serve you well. (c)2005 You never know what you are missing until you try! New experiences today will expose you to possibilities you never considered before. Whatever you are doing, use your imagination. Look at tasks from unusual angles. This will help you find solutions to problems and difficulties. Although there are challenges ahead, you will sail through these with ease, impressing those around you. (c)2005 Deep down inside, you've always suspected that you possess enormous artistic talent. Creativity doesn't have to be limited to one medium. If you've had success as a writer, painter or photographer, that doesn't mean you should stick to that field. Go ahead and branch out into jewellery making, fashion design or woodwork. The more ways you find of expressing yourself, the more satisfied you will be. (c)2005 You are keen to try out new ideas with others. Wait until they have had the time to let your suggestions sink in. A sense of optimism has you in its grip and you feel everything is starting to go your way. If you are working, rewards for your inventive ideas come in the form of a small, unexpected bonus. Have you noticed your positive attitude is attracting similarly positive experiences? (c)2005 Facing the truth of a difficult relationship may not be easy, but it is necessary. Perhaps this union hasn't been as rosy as you've pretended. Maybe it's time for the two of you to go separate ways, if only temporarily. The sooner you deal with the problems at hand, the faster you will emerge from this dark, dreary place. If you're single, you need to work on your partnership skills. Turn your focus outward. (c)2005 Some unexpected help from behind the scenes helps you overcome a few hurdles. You might be reluctant to accept assistance from someone you don't know very well. However it would be daft not to take what is on offer. The saying don't look a gift horse in the mouth springs to mind at this time. People are genuine in their desire to please you. (c)2006 Yielding to peer pressure has never made you happy in the past; why should it now? It looks as though you're faced with a choice of pleasing the crowd and satisfying your soul. Choose the latter, even if it means losing some friends. You won't have as much time for a child or lover, but that doesn't mean your relationship will fall apart. Rather, it will teach everybody involved to become more self sufficient. (c)2005 Even if you normally like being surrounded by people, today there is a distinct need to be alone. This might have something to do with a pile of chores that must be done. Working with others only means having to discuss, debate and wait around for people to carry out their promises. If you stick to your own devices you will accomplish most. (c)2006 Decisions made today will have far-reaching consequences; this in itself makes you nervous. You must decide who you most want to please. Is it yourself and do you go with your own desires, no matter what the cost or consequences? Or do you back down and compromise because you are going against the wishes of someone close? It might take a toss of a coin to make the final choice; you simply haven't a clue which way you want to go. (c)2005 The chance to have a go at achieving a secret aim could come about in an unusual way. You may have almost given up on this particular dream. People are interested in your plans and want to help you; don't withdraw into yourself. Someone who has become a positive role model in your career appreciates the merit of your ideas. Think optimistically and rise above any uncertain feelings. (c)2006 Anger and frustration could prompt you to burn your bridges at work. Rather than taking this dangerous path, you're better off releasing your fury at the gym. A solution to your problem could come while you're at the punching bag or using the exercise bike. You don't have to sell out in order to be successful at work. However, you do need to find a mature way of expressing your concerns without challenging the powers that be. (c)2005 A changeable and unsettled mood seems to be plaguing almost everyone you meet today. Something new is in the air and until this takes on a more definite form, people are uncertain about making permanent arrangements. This uncomfortable aura will swiftly be brought to an end later in the day when an announcement is made which clears up any confusion or uncertainty. (c)2006 If a loved-one has been offhand towards a mutual friend, today they will reveal why. You would like to blame a misunderstanding for having caused the problem but you will discover that no mistake has been made. Someone's been behaving inappropriately and you cannot dismiss this lightly. The future of a friendship lies in the balance and if you have to take sides, you will choose to support your partner. (c)2005 Your charitable instincts come to the surface in a big way, today. Your strong humanitarian streak will find positive outlet through kind and charitable acts and fund raising activities. There is a relaxed and harmonious aura surrounding close relationships and friendships and you are more aware now of how your actions and decisions affect other people. (c)2006 You'll be in hibernation mode over the next few weeks, turning in early and spending more time at home. This is surprising behaviour for a social butterfly like you. Friends and family may express concern over your reclusive ways. It's not that you are dropping out of society; it's just that you need some rest! Take this opportunity to clean out closets, beautify drab spaces and make your home more comfortable and inviting. (c)2005 Confidence in your decisions and actions comes out in the way you express yourself. Other people may object to your ideas or try to change plans already made. They may not realise what they're up against in taking you on. Even if it means riding roughshod over their opinions, you intend to stand your ground. You know you've made the right choices; others too will thank you for it in the end. (c)2005 You've never been materialistic, but that doesn't mean you should be totally irresponsible with money. Resist the urge to go on a shopping spree, even if you do feel sad or depressed. There are better ways to fill the emotional void that has opened inside you. Mending broken fences with relatives is essential. If you're far from family, you might want to join a community organisation, just to feel more connected to your surroundings. (c)2005 Your credibility gets a boost making it easier for you to put over plans and ideas in every direction. Your social life, career affairs and family relationships all benefit from this helpful trend. A partner understands your need for more independence offering you the chance to explore new vistas of opportunity. If you're single, a new relationship will prove to have a strong influence in your life in the future. (c)2005 Your energy and enthusiasm have a positive effect on everyone you meet. This is an especially good time to encourage a friend who has had a hard time making decisions. Helping this person move to a beautiful new neighbourhood could make a dramatic difference to both of your lives. Finances could be a little tight, especially if you haven't been monitoring your bank account recently. Curtail those expensive evenings out. (c)2005 A partner panics when you are out-manoeuvred in a financial or business deal; this won't help solve the problem! There is a self-contained and quiet serenity about you which helps you cope with stress and other adverse circumstances. Problems that confront you aren't necessarily impossible to resolve but you must look to others who are further afield for help or guidance. There will be a way to work through the difficulties facing you today. (c)2005 Conceiving or adopting a child could be in the cards for you. This is a great time to inject some youthful energy into your life. If parenting doesn't sound appealing at this juncture, you may want to take up an artistic pursuit. Returning to an activity you loved as a kid will be really uplifting. Don't be surprised if your inner romantic comes out once you begin a new project. Your sentimentality is sexy. (c)2005 You find yourself regularly in the company of an attractive and energetic colleague. This may make working life more interesting but don't neglect everyday responsibilities. A superior might intervene and wind you up. Avoid making light of routine but important matters. This may have more to do with a need to be rebellious and to prove your independence. It's difficult to maintain a sense of proportion. (c)2005 Your long-term goals and aspirations are undergoing a tremendous change. You've always marched to the beat of your own drum, so why should you tailor your dreams to reflect everyone else's? Some people will think you're crazy when you announce that you're taking a trip around the world or going back to college. Don't worry about meeting their approval. You've got to satisfy yourself. Living abroad could be a refreshing change of pace. (c)2005 Be prepared to give extra effort to jobs you don't normally have to bother with. This could be an unpredictable time for financial matters and partnership efforts. A partner who is careless or unreliable could be making your life difficult. You are starting to realise they aren't the right choice for you. Discuss important problems with a professional; don't waste time listening to a friend's well-meaning but weird suggestions. (c)2005 Spending lots of money won't win you love and affection. In fact, it could drive this person away even further. Instead of focusing so intently on winning this person's heart, do something nice for yourself. Whether this means browsing through the book shop at lunch time or meeting friends for a game of football is immaterial. The important thing is to find a healthy distraction. Cheating on your diet is not allowed. (c)2005 Where there are problems and difficulties, you have the power to reverse your current situation. All you need do is acknowledge that you are in control and you are ready to take charge. You must do this too, before other people or situations start controlling you. Although money could be a sensitive issue in a close relationship, it's important to discuss your financial future. (c)2005 The opportunity to get an advanced degree or travel overseas could fall into your lap. Don't take this situation lightly; it could have a profound effect on your goals and priorities. Money could be a bit tight right now, and friends aren't sympathetic to your plight. Instead of asking for a loan, find a way you can finance your education or trip independently. Taking a part-time job will bring in the money you need. (c)2005 A friend or loved one might need taking out of themselves in order to get into a weekend frame of mind. You could be surprised at how swiftly they take you up on your suggestions. A financial worry may have something to do with money borrowed but not returned. Whether you are the lender or the borrower, for your own peace of mind and for the sake of a close friendship, you need to sort out this problem by the end of the day. (c)2005 Spending money on friends gives you a lot of pleasure, but there should be a limit to your generosity. Nobody will think less of you if you offer a hand written card rather than a lavish gift. It's especially difficult to check your impulses with regard to a child. If you can't afford an expensive plaything, be honest. Focus on spending more quality time with your young friend. That sort of present is utterly precious. (c)2005 The outcome of a contentious legal or financial wrangle could have you breathing out a sigh of relief. You probably didn't realise how worried you were about this matter until now. It is not however completely over and done with. You're left with a number of issues to sort out in your mind. One of which involves the question of whether you will ever again be able to trust someone you feel has let you down. (c)2005 Learning more about a subject that causes you anxiety can be reassuring. Often, we fear the worst because we don't have enough knowledge to separate fact from fiction. Joining a discussion group or a chat room can be really enlightening now. Alternatively, you may want to seek out people who have had direct experience with these issues. Read up on a powerful social leader. This person could prompt you to get involved with their cause. (c)2005 Your restless mood is compounded by a feeling of mental alertness. This impels you to keep in touch with everything that's going on around you. An exciting offer is received and you know this should have gone to someone else. The reason you are gaining from someone else's loss isn't important. What matters is you will have nothing to lose and a lot to gain through accepting a spontaneous suggestion. (c)2005 This is a great time to look at your career and evaluate where it's going. If you think you can get more money for your services, press for it. Ask your employer for a raise or apply for a better paying position. Don't hesitate to invest in a new piece of equipment if it will allow you to work faster and more efficiently. Taking on freelance assignments can boost your bank balance considerably. (c)2005 Your intuition is working overtime; you can almost sense what people are thinking. Because you anticipate what others are going to do, it will seem as if you're steps ahead of them. This could be to your advantage in business concerns. If you get the strong impression a colleague doesn't mean what they are saying, ask questions, demand answers and keep at them until you know they're telling you the truth. (c)2005 It may seem as though you have miles to go before reaching a certain level of expertise. And while this is true, the ultimate rewards will be worth all the effort required. You may have to take some preliminary classes to get up to speed. That's perfectly fine; it will just make you better prepared for the challenges ahead. You've always wanted to lead a life of independence and adventure. Lay the groundwork today. (c)2005 Hidden forces are working to your advantage; it's a good time for seeking backing or support from people in high places. Self improvement involving an educational or training course will enhance your future prospects. A loved one may share a similar ability or interest and you could both get pleasure from going back to school together! This is also a day when useful contacts are made while visiting far off places. (c)2005 It feels as though your mind is has taken a break today. Instead of pressing yourself to do better, have a rest. It's probably been a long time since you've had a holiday. Lying in a dark room with a cold cloth on your head may be just what the doctor ordered. You have to admit, things have become pretty hectic at work. It's possible your colleagues are relying too heavily on you. (c)2005 You feel inspired to chase long term hopes and ambitions with a new sense of determination. What sounded like a daunting prospect when it was first put to you, now doesn't seem so overwhelming. You are ready to take on an exciting challenge although you must wait before things start to move forward. This evening, a friend needs to be talked out of making a foolish mistake. Have patience and you will succeed. (c)2005 Generally, you're not very materialistic, but you do enjoy a few creature comforts. Finding the money to buy high-tech piece of equipment may be your primary goal between now and mid June. Taking a part-time job, acting as a consultant or asking for a raise are among the possibilities. After you've made your dream purchase, you may want to put any extra money into a retirement account or house fund. (c)2005 Your thoughts are on far away places but your attention is soon drawn to everyday concerns. There is a lot of unfinished business to get through. You aren't in the mood to face a difficult situation and you could really do with some help. Enlist the aid of a professional if need be. Don't be reluctant to speak up if you feel unable to cope with current commitments. The important thing today is to let others know how you feel. (c)2005 You're in such a hurry to get somewhere you could have an accident. Slow down and cut your schedule in half. It's especially important to be patient with a sexual partner. Although you're eager to move forward with this relationship, your lover needs more time to get accustomed to your proposal. A heart-to-heart discussion could reveal facts that were previously hidden from view. Prepare for a surprise! (c)2005 Travel, legal affairs, learning and/or teaching are all possibilities over the months ahead. Restrictions that hampered you in the past are eased. New responsibilities will be taken on and there may be a need to change your lifestyle to adapt to these. Social and professional ties will be strengthened and although life will be hectic and demanding, you will throw yourself wholeheartedly into new undertakings. (c)2005 You'll be socialising a great deal over the next three weeks, which proves stimulating. Prepare to introduce yourself to some new neighbours. These people could become cherished friends in very little time. If you've been thinking of moving to another community, begin your search now. You could find the ideal spot between now and mid April. Work continues to be strenuous, so it will help to find a beautiful new home to offset stress. (c)2005 New ideas can be put into action sooner than was planned. Not everyone will feel prepared; some might even try to talk you out of going ahead. It would be nice to have everyone's blessing but today, this is not your main concern. You know instinctively the time is right to make your move and whatever other people think, they are going to have to accept this sooner or later. (c)2005 You're simply not seeing eye-to-eye with a romantic partner. It's possible you're taking this person's contributions for granted. Before you jump on your high horse, consider what life would be like without your beloved. If you're single, it may be because you place too much emphasis on your independence. Learn to lean on others a little bit more, if only for the sake of enriching your relationships. (c)2005 You are on the threshold of a new phase in your professional life. You might feel lately you have been neglecting this area, either through choice or because of other commitments. Now you have the energy and enthusiasm to push ahead with your main aims as you intend to restore the balance. Just don't let wishful thinking get in the way of realism when making long term career decisions. (c)2005 If you want to avoid unnecessary problems and feel at your most comfortable, aim to stick fairly close to home. A chance to travel may not be so great as it seems and could have expensive strings attached. There is a desire that would take you here, there and everywhere, but this should take second place to the need to be secure amongst familiar surroundings. Out of character or not, go with the mood. (c)2005 Professional transactions could depend on your willingness to carry out a job to your best ability. You will be eager to further your ambitions but what people demand and expect of you might not be what you want to do. Do you put others first or do you carry on independently? The answer will depend on the status of those you are mixing with today! (c)2005 Prompting a partner into making a decision will be no trouble at all. Your powers of persuasion are stronger than ever. If you encounter resistance, do a little flirting. In the event you are single, you should attend a party this evening. You could cross paths with a witty intellectual. Normally, you impress people with your own brilliant observations. This time you'll be struggling to keep up. You've always loved a challenge! (c)2005 People seem to think you have the power to solve all their business or emotional problems. Doing someone a favour puts you in a difficult position. You might get so wrapped up in other people's lives you overlook the fact your own affairs could do with some extra care and attention. Politeness will pay dividends at work and in a social context. You can turn people down without causing offence. (c)2005 You want to be financially independent, but it seems you can't make a move without an organisation's approval. Find other ways to assert your independence. For instance, you can start a small business out of your own home. Alternately, you can start putting a percentage of your earnings into savings. Such a nest egg will allow you to leave your current situation earlier than you think. Start investing in your future. (c)2005 Instead of taking on extra work find a way to reduce the monotony of existing responsibilities. Where there is discord, a willingness to make concessions will go a long way towards easing the tension. Adding variety to the day will also bring pleasure so aim to break away from routine. You won't be taking a casual approach to business affairs but you will be more flexible and imaginative. (c)2005 Although you normally take the independent route, you may opt to work with a partner today. That's because you're captivated by a powerful, well established person who has excellent contacts. This character can open new doors for you. There's a chance this professional link could develop into a romance, but the final decision is yours. You may prefer to keep this pairing strictly business, as you like keeping your life compartmentalised. (c)2005 Play your cards close to your chest in a business transaction. Only divulge what others need to know in order to secure the agreement you are after. A professional associate could be helpful in opening a door to something you have always wanted. Confidential matters need more thought, planning and discussion before they can be brought out into the light of day. (c)2005 Choices are ahead of you but you won't have much trouble making up your mind. A romantic surprise will be provocative in a positive way, giving you a push you in the right direction. You're likely to see vast improvements in a loving relationship over the weeks ahead. You might be trying your hand at a new sport or creative interest. Some great news will be cause for a family celebration. (c)2005 Friendships play an active and important part of today's events. Reunions with past acquaintances revive your interest in an old hobby or activity. As the day wears on, what began as a small group could increase into quite a crowd. The more the merrier seems to be everyone's motto and your own high spirits escalate with the merry mood around you. (c)2005 A close relationship may be more troubled than you realise. It's important to keep an eye open for subtle clues. If a lover or workmate seems distant, it may be because he or she is unhappy. Try to get the bottom of the matter. A heart-to-heart talk will reveal some surprising information and while you may be forced to face some painful truths, that's better than being kept in the dark. (c)2005 It doesn't matter if you are writing off ambitions or intentions that no longer seem viable. As some dreams are shattered, new ones will appear. Rather than waste time and effort in areas that aren't working for you, you see the sense of making changes and moving on. You accept the need for change whereas a close friend or colleague seems determined to remain stuck in a rut! (c)2005 Be prepared to make room in your schedule for a friend who needs your help. You could do with some time to yourself but this won't be easy to arrange. The action you take on another person's behalf will be appreciated and remembered for a long time to come. You are putting other people's needs before your own and this won't go unnoticed. (c)2005 Your love life will be under the microscope as the next twelve moths pass. If you're single, you may feel increasing pressure to find a mate. This pressure could come from within, or from some well-meaning relatives. Try to keep the situation in perspective. It will be much easier to meet someone special when you relax and have fun. If you're in a relationship, keep in constant communication with your partner. Be attentive to their needs. (c)2005 Friendship and group activities continue to provide a lot of happiness despite the occasional spot of bother. Any problems that do occur are due to a clash of personalities or a conflict of interests. Opt to surround yourself with people you like to be with and usually get on well with. This should help minimize difficulties. If a housemate seems lonely, be sure they don't feel left out. (c)2005 Your health is starting to improve, thanks to a concerted effort to tone down your social life. Spending more time at home with your nearest and dearest allows your nerves to take a breather. Avoid loud, noisy social gatherings like the plague. Don't worry; you'll have plenty of opportunities to party soon. Right now, though, you've got to slow down or you'll never have the stamina for the festivities ahead. (c)2005 It isn't what someone says but what is left unsaid that truly matters today. A secret smile or a certain sparkle in someone's eyes will send shivers of excitement down your spine. You quickly realise the full implication of what's going on in another person's mind. As stimulating as this might be, the nature of this particular relationship will always be capricious. (c)2005 Spending money on friends, organisations or clubs could be in the cards. Feel free to help a good cause, but be wary of trying to buy someone's affection. If you're short of cash, look for new ways to boost your finances. Providing services to busy executives can help cover an unexpected expense. This is not the best time to buy electrical appliances. Wait another week or two, when you could stumble on a fabulous sale. (c)2005 You have plenty to do where friendships and contact with close friends and neighbours is concerned. With you getting on so well with those around you, this is a good time to sort out any past disagreements. If part of a duo be sure your partner feels included in your social plans. Don't fail to give credit to someone who helps you sort out a personal matter. (c)2005 Friends could spread the word of your talent to powerful people. You could receive several requests for your services. This could be the beginning of a whole new career phase. If you've ever wanted to sell your creative work, now is the time to try. You'll find a receptive audience at a trade show, art exhibit or craft fair. Don't be surprised if a close pal expresses romantic interest in you. (c)2005 Should you need help, advice or company, look no further than your friends and closest relatives. People who know you well will sense your needs without you having to put them into words. A community exercise gets your interest; people seem to find a talent of yours is invaluable. You feel they're exaggerating your skills but you will still enjoy helping out! (c)2005 Increased responsibility towards a romantic partner or colleague can be draining. You may have to jump through hoops in order to accommodate this person. Don't assume that this situation will last indefinitely. You will find relief! In the meantime, you could receive a gift, grant or inheritance. Spend this money on something that will provide you pleasure for years to come. You deserve a little pampering. (c)2005 Over the weeks ahead, involvement with a campaign, social or charitable event will keep you on your toes. Support could come from an unlikely source; this helps move the whole exercise forward. People warm to your enthusiasm and your company will be in demand. Community projects will boost your standing in local affairs and widen your circle of friends. (c)2005 Lovers are drawn to you like moths to a flame; you've never been so attractive. You're not interested in going out with just anybody, though. You're seeking a partner who stimulates both your mind and body. Attending a spiritual or educational gathering could be marvellously lucky for you. Don't hesitate to introduce yourself to somebody who catches your eye. Already in a relationship? Maybe it's time to schedule a second honeymoon. (c)2005 There is an openness and friendliness to all your relationships; even when you're with stubborn colleagues! Make the most of the sociable atmosphere but don't commit to future plans other people might be suggesting. For the time being, it's worth keeping your options open. If you wisely refrain from making commitments, you will be free to take up a more exciting offer coming your way. (c)2005 It's time to reassess a close business or romantic relationship. If things have been a bit strained lately, you may want to go your own way and while this break will be painful, it will be better for you both in the long run. You've been suppressing your emotions for a long time now, but they'll all come out in a torrent today. A loud argument may be just what the doctor ordered. (c)2005 No matter how independent an Aquarian you might be, accept help when it is offered and where you need it. People are incredibly supportive now. A display of loyalty from a colleague or associate is sincere. Don't let the day end without you showing how much you appreciate their gesture. There is something useful to be learned today, through what you see and hear. (c)2005 Your creativity, imagination and intuition are stronger than ever. This is a wonderful day to venture into uncharted territory, especially as far as art and spirituality are concerned. In fact, you may decide to go on a pilgrimage as a means to expand your consciousness. A sibling or neighbour may misinterpret your plans as a desire to drop out of society. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. You're seeking to strengthen connections. (c)2005 A Charitable or Community exercise with a helping hand theme will claim your time and attention. The part you have to play is likely to be behind the scenes and at the moment this is the place you prefer to be. Make some time for a loved one. You are good at listening and people trust you with their secrets. Someone may need your thoughtful advice. (c)2005 It feels as though your family has little sympathy for your dreams. Maybe they've accused you of shirking your responsibilities. Perhaps they think that you're focusing your energy in the wrong direction. Whatever the situation, you need to look at things from their perspective. Are your relatives really making unreasonable demands? If so, you need to assume more chores. That doesn't mean you have to abandon your plans. (c)2005 Discussions with a male relative need tons of tact; he won't be as understanding as expected. Be prepared to have to deal with minor challenges at home. You are dissatisfied with a family project; other people are slovenly. Their attempts to cut corners make matters worse. You might wonder whether you have the energy but you will cope with problems that crop up today. (c)2005 You have a tendency to be vague, dreamy, and impractical when it comes to work. Part of the problem is your current duties don't interest you very much. When faced with a mountain of boring tasks, your best bet is to carry them out with Zen like simplicity. Stay in the moment, and remember these tasks serve a good purpose. Then, when you're finished, give yourself a reward. Meet with friends after hours. (c)2005 Before making your resolutions for the year, question your reasons and motivations. Is the success you crave more to do with gaining other people's approval than fulfilling your own desires? You could find yourself engaged in research or a training program that keeps you out of the limelight. What you will learn is as long as you are content within yourself, you don't need admiration from others! (c)2006 A marriage or business alliance could be a source of strain today. You want your freedom, but your partner demands that you stick to a confining arrangement. It feels as though you've reached a crossroads. Before you throw in the towel, consider if there's a way that the two of you could switch duties on a regular basis. This will prevent both of you from burning out, while preserving the integrity of your relationship. (c)2005 Energy is slightly lacking today; you will prefer to take things easy, preferably in the company of someone special. A piece of gossip might disturb you but you will keep your thoughts to yourself. You sense not everything you hear is truthful and you will research further into some matters before voicing your opinions. (c)2006 Entertaining friends, relatives and lovers in your home is a sheer delight. You despise formal gatherings, because they inhibit the flow of conversation. It may be time to host a casual but beautiful dinner party. A bowl of fresh cut flowers, attractive place settings and lively music will keep things relaxed but festive. Your first meal may be so successful you'll decide to throw a series of them over the next three weeks. (c)2005 If everyday activities and regular routines are starting to bore you, think about how you might change this. Absconding from your usual business to tackle a project in seclusion could be more fulfilling than carrying on as normal. If you need more challenge in your off duty hours, follow your heart. Getting involved in a charity or fund raising exercise could enrich your life now. (c)2006 Be patient if a long-standing relationship or friendship is going through problems. You have got this far and it would be defeatist to throw in the towel because you feel confused, perplexed and bewildered. It is not a good time to be frank about your feelings; your words are likely to be taken the wrong way. There's a tense atmosphere between you and another. You wish someone would make more of an effort to please you. (c)2005 You must find a way to channel the restlessness you have recently been feeling. Officials you are dealing with could be causing you tension. Your respect for someone's professionalism has waned. Today, if you change your approach and attitude, you might encourage more positive feedback. Single? You have nothing to lose by giving someone who is making eyes at you a chance! (c)2006 A challenging job gives you a sense of purpose and direction. If you're looking for a position, seek one that involves lots of varied responsibilities. You do best when you're frequently forced to switch gears. Strengthening your body is a good idea, as you may have to put in plenty of extra hours at the office. Ask a fit family member for advice regarding diet and exercise. Their guidance will prove invaluable. (c)2005 You can happily go ahead with new ideas concerning your personal life. You have thought long and hard about a number of areas and issues and there is nothing spontaneous about the decisions you make today. Though you may meet with a degree opposition, you are determined enough to get your own way. You are perceptive and shrewd; this helps you deal with persuasive people. (c)2006 You feel it's time to get out of a romantic association or friendship you know is not going to work. To pretend you are happy makes you feel something of a fraud. Remember that the person you have to live with all your life is yourself. If there is anything you would rather forget, or put behind you, you won't feel good until you have removed these uncomfortable feelings and unwanted obstacles. (c)2005 You feel a strong sense of purpose now; people are starting to sit up and take notice of you. This is a good time to discuss future possibilities and lay the foundations for personal plans. The sooner you reveal what is on your mind to others, the more likely you are to gain the backing you need to further your aims. There will be personal satisfaction through your current plans and ideas. (c)2006 There's no point in trying to reform a time-honoured organisation. Although this group's beliefs are outmoded and outrageous by today's standards, its members find comfort in the old ways. You're better off forming an association of your own. You've never been a stickler for rules, so it stands to reason that your club will be more flexible and dynamic. Leave the fuddy-duddies to their own devices. (c)2005 Some personal goals may need a rethink but this won't be as negative as it sounds. You might realise some plans aren't as feasible as you thought. All you need do now is think of another way to reach your aims. Someone who has known you for a long time could have some useful advice to offer: be sure to pay attention. Your expectations aren't unreasonable. They just need a little readjustment, that's all. (c)2006 At last you and a partner or significant other are starting to see eye-to-eye. It is easier now to express your thoughts when you feel you are getting their undivided attention. You don't find it a problem understanding what they're trying to tell you. Even complicated subjects that require deep thinking aren't as hard to grasp as you were expecting. The only area of communication to avoid today falls under the heading of 'gossip!' (c)2005 The conditions seem right now for you to take up a new form of endeavour. The fact you are also helping others will be ample incentive to go ahead with your plans. The pioneer in you helps open new doors for people in your life who may not have the imagination or ambition to make new starts on their own. Your energy and vitality will more than make up for those who seem more laid back in their ways! (c)2006 It's hard to keep your mind on work when so many fun distractions are around. If you've just embarked on a romantic relationship, you need to keep it separate from work. Arrange to talk after hours, and keep your e-mails chaste. Otherwise, you could get into hot water with your colleagues or worse yet, your boss. Friends may be impatient to see you, but you've got other priorities. Don't be so quick to blow them off. (c)2005 Are you expecting too much from yourself and from others today? It is not like you to be such a stickler for perfection but you want everything to be just right at the moment. Remind yourself no-one is perfect and concentrate on the successes of the day, not the failures. Don't drive yourself into a tizzy by becoming too obsessed with details. (c)2006 You set a cracking pace when an abundant supply of physical and mental energy keeps you going strong. Morning hours could be used to make constructive changes to your work or daily routines. Anything that has had you fed-up of late can be tackled with success. The afternoon's a time to do something completely different. Your mood is too adventurous to stick to your usual routines. (c)2005 Others don't seem to be taking a situation as seriously as they should but they aren't showing their true feelings. You might be dealing with a sensitive person who prefers to hide their susceptibility from others. If a friend or colleague appears to be taking too carefree a view to a troubled situation, rest assured, deep down they are as concerned as you. (c)2006 Several learning opportunities could come your way, so it behoves you to be selective. While your loved ones are urging you to pursue a practical path, you're a little more daring. Take a course in a subject that has always captured your imagination. It doesn't matter if this knowledge is totally unrelated to your job. In fact, it's healthy to have interests that are totally unrelated to your work. Branch out a little. (c)2005 New sources of income will soon become available and home finances show signs of improving. Whether it's a business move, a bonus or a windfall that puts money in your pocket, watch out for traces of jealousy from friends and colleagues. Your main trouble will be in dealing with those who refuse to help themselves. If people don't make the effort, they can't expect any rewards. Refuse to let disgruntled people distract you from your main purpose. (c)2005 You may not have the money for an adventure, which is enormously frustrating. If there's anything you hate, it's doing the same thing day after day. Fortunately, you don't need a fortune to have fun. Follow a child's example and make do with what you have. Working on a craft project, joining a sports team, or spending a day doing just what pleases you is a good idea right now. Even the simplest diversions will lift your spirits. (c)2005 Allowing your partner to have his or her say won't mean anything if you aren't really listening. You have your views and they're unlikely to change but at least make it look as if you're considering what they have in mind. In situations where you aren't in a million years likely to agree, at least agree to differ. Compromises can be reached if you work through your differences together. (c)2005 Beware of reckless expenditure, as it could undermine your security. You've always prided yourself on being more of a humanitarian than a capitalist, but this shouldn't mean you're willing to risk all the fruits of your labour for the sake of appearing to do the right thing. If you're going to make a donation to charity, research the organisation in question. It's important that your money is handled in a fair and appropriate way. (c)2005 If closely linked to another, your partner is making plans involving you without your knowledge. In the event you are single, it will be friends who are the ones who come up with some interesting diversions. Whichever it is, swim with the tide and you won't be disappointed. It will be the end of the day before you get around to doing what you'd actually planned to do with your time. (c)2005 Order and cleanliness will become increasingly important this June. Take this opportunity to organise your work space and dust your living area. Start with one small area at a time, so you won't get overwhelmed. You'll feel better and better each time you empty out a junk drawer or sweep out a closet. While you're at it, you may want to streamline your wardrobe. Get rid of any clothing you haven't worn in a year. (c)2005 Bring any thoughts you have about financial matters out into the open. There's a lot to be gained from taking others into your confidence. You might be thinking about branching out in new career directions or starting up in business on your own. You half expect other people to judge you as being odd but be a devil and speak up. You could be in for a surprise! (c)2005 Working behind-the-scenes is the best way to increase your bank balance. In the past, you've garnered lots of favourable attention for your brilliant solutions to difficult problems. Now you are being asked to work on behalf of a public figure and while it feels as though this person is getting all the glory while you're doing all the work, you will find plenty of consolation in your huge pay packet. (c)2005 All good things must come to an end, you will be the first to agree! Changes in a partnership or love relationship may at first seem off-putting. It sounds crazy to end a situation that has been working well, but getting out while the going is good is the one way you can stay in control. Joint decisions might seem to turn your life upside down for a wee while but in the end you will agree, what occurs now is meant to be. (c)2005 Your creative talents attract all sorts of romantic opportunities. If you're already in a relationship, your lover will become extra attentive, showering you with all sorts of gifts and compliments. This would be an excellent time to conceive or adopt a child, if you're so inclined. If you're single, a divine new relationship could take root. Keep your eyes open for a well spoken intellectual who captivates you with their daring ideas. (c)2005 A partner is in a contrary frame of mind, turning down your good advice just to be awkward. This is likely to cause a tense atmosphere between you. If it's important to get their support in a matter that concerns you jointly, think carefully about how you phrase your words. Put thoughts into your mate's mind. Make it so they believe your ideas were theirs and it is you who is going along with their suggestions. (c)2005 It may be difficult to accept somebody else's way of life. Somehow, this person's practices fill you with anger and resentment. Before expressing your distain, consider why you feel so threatened. Is it because certain parts of your own existence seem meaningless? Are you using knowledge as a substitute for faith? Anger is often a mask for helplessness. Ask yourself what you need to do to be happier and healthier. The answer may surprise you. (c)2005 New schemes which help to boost the family budget will be put into practice with positive results. On a personal level, it's time to re-evaluate your financial goals to see if you're still on target. If you've lapsed and have been spending more than you should have done lately on trivialities, you can amend this now. Hold on to your original vision and you will start making headway. (c)2005 Your creative vision makes you a very desirable candidate on the romance market. If you're already in a relationship, you may notice that your partner is a little extra attentive. Let your beloved seduce you into a passionate lovemaking session. Resist the urge to argue over pointless things like lack of money. You don't need a lot of cash to make your dreams come true. All you need is faith, imagination and discipline. (c)2005 You could do with having more time for leisure and pleasure but your social life could be rather subdued. Money matters come high on your list of priorities. Rely on your own judgement when making financial decisions as other people could unwittingly mislead you. Your imagination will be working at peak levels just after noon. This helps you spot areas where you might apply personal skills and talents to benefit your wallet! (c)2005 You may be taking a short trip for the purpose of business, study or romance. This comes as a gigantic relief, as you hate standing still for long periods of time. In fact, you may have been the one who pushed for this journey, asking your boss to send you away or persuading a friend to invite you over. However this expedition came about, make the most of it. Bring a camera and diary. (c)2005 If only you could forget about facts, figures, finances and career for just one day! There is work to be done and it's unlikely you can ignore this. Also, you could get into a dispute about how joint funds should be spent. You would rather discuss it another time but your partner's in the mood for an argument. Don't be negative; positive thinking just might change things for the better. (c)2005 If you want to realise your creative talents, you'll have to take small, precise steps towards your goals. It isn't realistic to expect overnight success. There's a great deal to be said for enjoying the journey as much as reaching your destination. Get into the habit of performing a ritual designed to draw you closer to your goals. The more you practice your craft, the better you'll get. It's only common sense. (c)2005 A casual comment could bring about ideas on how to improve a shared budget. Important business and correspondence should be dealt with without delay. Once you put your mind to it, you should be able to whip through your usual business quite quickly. This will be a load off your mind leaving you free to participate in some exciting social plans at the end of the day. (c)2005 Surprise announcements on the career front could throw you for a loop. Never fear; it looks as though the results will be positive for you. An authority figure could leave, opening a space at the head of your department. Don't be surprised if you're asked to take the job. Alternatively, you could get word of an exciting opportunity in your desired field. Waste no time in applying. This position could be right up your alley. (c)2005 Hold on before trying to clear up a financial misunderstanding or recent disagreement. If you wait until later in the day, you will get all the cooperation you need to bring an amicable conclusion to the situation. Similarly if you have been experiencing rather cool relationships with a friend or neighbour, the ice is about to melt. Something you see as a duty could turn out to be a surprisingly fun filled occasion. (c)2005 Creating order out of chaos will be your first order of business over the next three weeks. If your home or office looks as though a tornado hit it, get to work. Hire a cleaner if you need to. Most importantly, assign a place for every single possession you own. This will help you find what you need at a moment's notice. If you're already neat and organised, collect notes for a writing project. (c)2005 Today is likely to bring you a money making opportunity but this should be kept a secret. Should the wrong person get to know about it, they're likely to snap up this offer for themselves. You might see greed and avarice in someone who up until now has only shown the charming side of their nature. Seeing a situation for what it is will help you make the right decision about a business or financial matter. (c)2005 Although you like to play your cards close to your chest, it's important to express your emotions today. Otherwise, someone you adore will get the wrong impression. Deep down inside, you really care about this person's welfare. It's just that you're afraid of looking maudlin or sentimental. If you can't be vulnerable to friends and family, though, all of your relationships will suffer. Think about it. (c)2005 Your mood is a productive one; make use of this and clear the decks of mundane chores and responsibilities. Someone in the family will be surprisingly helpful, accept all assistance that's on offer. Equally, you might find yourself able to solve problems that have other people beat. Don't hold back from offering your support. Your dynamic company and quick mind will make you an asset both in the home and in the workplace. (c)2005 You're extremely productive today, making decisions with swift certainty. Colleagues are impressed by your progress, and may ask you for help with complicated projects. Don't be surprised if you become an unofficial team leader of sorts. A financial setback isn't the end of the world. You'll find a way to make up for this loss, whether it's finding a better job or starting a side business. This shortfall is probably a blessing in disguise. (c)2005 A good day for buying and selling when there's the chance of an indisputable bargain coming your way. This won't be one of those phoney prize or cash saving offers either; it will be a 'being in the right place at the right time' genuine opportunity. You might also consider a friend's idea for making some spare time money. Financial and business talks go well and you could end the weekend in a better economic position. (c)2005 It's hard not to be angered by stressful events in your workplace. It feels as though your boss has no consideration for his or her team. Try to find a productive outlet for your frustration. A writing project can be enormously cathartic. If a steady source of income dries up, don't despair. This turn of events could lead to a healthier, happier lifestyle. What is it that you really want to do for a living? (c)2005 Enrolling for a study course or learning new skills could enhance your career prospects. Any effort made to develop your potential is almost certain to bring some good. If involved in an on site training programme, you could meet some useful people over the next two weeks. You find it easy to get on with everyone. Travel, either for professional or personal reasons will open up new future opportunities. (c)2005 Try not to jump to conclusions with regard to a sensitive colleague. This person has lots of hidden depths. Until you make an effort to know this person better, there will always be a barrier between you. At times, an open-minded character like you has trouble seeing that everyone has fascinating quirks. Make a game out of discovering this person's secret nuances. This will teach you some valuable lessons about human psychology. (c)2005 Personal aims will move ahead slowly, especially if these are linked with your work. Sometimes you might wish things would happen more quickly but the good thing is: at least everything's moving in the right direction. New career doors are about to open; be ready to impress those who matter with your expertise. Rewards for your efforts will become apparent over the next four weeks. (c)2005 You may find yourself agreeing with ideas or arrangements that you secretly despise. That's because you're intimidated by a respected expert who seems to know more than you do. Actually, your instincts are right on target. By expressing your beliefs, you will get the respect of others who share your misgivings. It takes courage to defy authority figures. Summon yours for the sake of the group. (c)2005 Someone will be keen to take you away from your usual weekend haunts. You are tempted by their suggestion but at the same time, you have commitments that can't easily be ignored. You might be planning for an important test, meeting or appointment. Turning your back on your revision or research is not such a good idea. You could lose out on the big day through a lack of adequate preparation. (c)2005 Your leadership qualities come out in full force today, when you prompt certain members of the group to work harder. Some people need gentle encouragement, while others require stern lectures. You know instinctively which technique to use in any given situation. If you feel weak or exhausted as a result of your efforts, take a break. No one will think less of you if you go home early. There's a limit even to your enthusiasm. (c)2005 You might get the feeling someone is trying to hold you back. Experimenting with new ideas and routines is the only way forward but not everyone will appreciate this point of view. Thinking about travel? You're restless and in need of something new. The overall picture in the skies suggests a deepening desire to broaden your horizons. If you do have any such plans, you could be finalising them today. (c)2005 Although you're usually the smartest person in the room, that may not be the case today. Be sure to give a young chatterbox a chance to express their views. You may be astonished by what this person knows. In fact, you'd be wise to get instruction from this brainy character. Don't let your pride get in the way of acquiring valuable knowledge. The more open-minded you are, the greater luck you'll experience today. (c)2005 An overseas project is going just the way you want it to or you will benefit from contact with foreigners. Recent negotiations either for business or personal reasons will have led to a pleasing decision. You're waiting until everything is signed, sealed and delivered before letting someone close know what you are planning. Perhaps you're expecting objections; you're determined not to change your mind. (c)2005 Streamlining your work space will boost your productivity in astonishing ways. Don't be content with simply filing things away in a neat, orderly fashion. Give some thought to some creature comforts, too. A supportive chair, uplifting artwork, and soft music can be just as effective at improving your performance. Stop telling yourself such efforts are a waste of time. Your environment has a greater impact than you realise. (c)2005 A keenness to get on with life will inspire all those who are around you. Still, you might come up against problems if you are trying to stir a particularly languid character into action. It will be a job that should have been dealt with long ago that grabs your interest. Most people will be as keen as you to get it out of the way. The few who object will be moved to help if only so as not to stand out from the crowd! (c)2005 If you're continuing to encounter the same problems with intimate relationships, make a reassessment. Perhaps you're not being communicative enough. It's important to discuss your need for independence with the one you love. If you're single, be prepared to make sacrifices for the sake of romance. There are hidden benefits to having a partner. Someone with a good education could capture your fancy this evening. Keep your eyes open. (c)2005 Some travel plans are in the offing; perhaps to a nearby landmark or beauty spot. You're in the mood to enjoy yourself and your enthusiasm will be contagious. A good cause will fire your imagination later in the day but check it out carefully before you commit yourself to lending a hand. It could involve more of your time than you think. (c)2005 The past few weeks have been tons of fun, but now you've got to catch up on all the work you've neglected. If you feel overwhelmed, embark on a sensible exercise routine. Working out helps clear your head and boost your energy level. There's also the added benefit of releasing all that pent-up stress. Who knows? You could meet someone cute at the gym. There are definite benefits to getting in shape! (c)2005 You're getting some strange vibrations from others and this puts you slightly on edge. You might wonder whether someone is saying or doing something behind your back. If you can't make sense of a friend or colleague's behaviour, take time to review this relationship. It is entirely possible someone envies your nonchalant but confident outlook and they're simply trying to knock you off kilter! (c)2005 It's important to take a realistic attitude towards your career prospects. You may need to get additional training if you're going to break into your desired industry. In the past, you've been able to fake your way through interviews, pretending you have skills that you really don't possess. This time around, you'll have to put your money where your mouth is. That's why it's so important to get advanced preparation. (c)2005 The chance to enjoy yourself in a social sense is there for the taking; grab any such opportunity that comes your way. A friend is making a big effort to please you and they're succeeding too! A travel offer or the chance to do something different will also be available. If there's a need to do so, deal with duty as swiftly as possible and then enjoy the more relaxing prospects of the day. (c)2005 Insecurity could prevent you from trying your hand at an unfamiliar kind of work. Let an expert take you under their wing. By following this person's instructions to the letter, you'll gain the skills you need. Nobody will expect a perfect performance from you at first. In fact, your very willingness to try something new will win admiration and respect from your peers. It's never easy to be a beginner. (c)2005 It's a day for a double celebration when pleasing career news is matched by a friend's stroke of good fortune. Your mood is jovial and your bubbling spirits are infectious. Conversations are upbeat as you agree exciting things are in store. With you being so happy with what life is dishing out now, you might turn your attention to the future of a close relationship. (c)2005 An interest in art, mysticism or psychology could take you down an unusual path. You're ready to branch out into new territory. There's a very good chance that you will have the opportunity to study such a subject in-depth. Go ahead and apply for a grant or scholarship if you lack the funds to go back to school. A powerful friend's written recommendation will make all the difference. Capitalise on your contacts. (c)2005 A male relative could use emotional arguments to persuade you into certain courses of action. You might wonder why you give in so easily when other people's demands take up a number of hours. Running errands could also take you out of your area. At first this will be irritating, later it will be amusing when a valuable opportunity could come your way all because you find yourself in a place you hadn't meant to visit at all! (c)2005 Normally, you make a big impression wherever you go. Today you're a bit of a chameleon, preferring to sit back and blend in with your surroundings. Your observations of a social gathering could be fuel for a creative project. Take notes on everything you see and hear today. Friends can have a powerful influence on your emotions. If you're feeling tired or overwhelmed, turn to your mates for support. (c)2005 If participating in a dangerous sport pay heed to strict safety guidelines. You are both mentally and physically agile and keen to get out and about. Not being in the mood to stay in the one place for too long, you might agree to something on the spur of the moment you would have preferred to think about. Spontaneous decisions will be a lot of fun and others will find your enthusiasm contagious! (c)2005 There's a need to spend time at home or to stay within familiar surroundings. Once you've attended to business in this area, think about going out for a wee while. Spending too long in one place will leave you feeling suffocated and stifled. If possible, delegate responsibilities or swap duties with someone who would prefer to do what you're doing while you take over chores they have to do that you quite enjoy. (c)2005 Although your private world is happy and harmonious, at work you must strive to keep the vibrations good. A colleague is giving off negative signals; their behaviour won't be easy to ignore. Disregard the temptation to resurrect old grievances even if you know you now stand a good chance of winning the argument. Try to nip problems in the bud and avoid too much contention. (c)2005 Working on a collaborative effort gives you a great deal of satisfaction. You'll especially enjoy bouncing creative ideas off the members of your team. Most people will be very receptive to your proposals, but a few will have some pointed criticisms. Don't let your pride get in the way of improving your work. You'll still get the credit for a job well done, while winning the respect of your colleagues in the process. (c)2005 A strong yearning for a change of scene could prompt you to start planning a future journey. If after a number of attempts, you still haven't persuaded a loved one to agree to travel with you, back off and give them some breathing space. One small dispute could lead to many unless you accept that in some matters you won't be able to reach an agreement. At least not today! (c)2005 You've been heavily burdened with work for quite some time. Don't think your superiors haven't noticed all of your toil and sacrifice. In fact, you may be presented with a handsome bonus or a beautiful gift as thanks for your efforts. If you've been looking for a job, you could finally find one in an artistic field. It may seem as though you're getting paid to play. Consider this your reward for being patient. (c)2005 Keep smiling when you are faced with a variety of problems at home or at work. These will be temporary and are probably entirely due to clashes in personalities. It might be up to you to try and smooth out ruffled feathers and keep the peace but this won't be a thankless task. Others will be grateful for your placid intervention and they will admit that perhaps they have been acting rather childishly. (c)2005 It's important to seal a contractual agreement as soon as possible. The longer this matter remains unresolved, the less likely it will come to fruition. Go ahead and put a little pressure on the people in question. You've got a good sense of what they need to hear in order to feel more comfortable about this deal. If you need to bolster your case, ask a powerful friend to write you a letter of recommendation. (c)2005 Reaching the end of a difficult task gives you increased scope for exploring new ideas. Whatever your plans, you will miss out if you don't take time to consider all angles of the situation. Accepting the chance to travel in the future could impede your professional progress. What might have been a great opportunity had it come earlier, now could be a hindrance. Rethink your priorities. (c)2005 Look forward to a family reconciliation; a loved one you haven't seen for some time is due to return. All relationships, whether professional or personal, friendly or romantic, will benefit from your instinctive understanding of what others expect and need from you. This could lead to a revealing discussion later in the day or a simple but equally as welcome commendation or word of praise. (c)2005 You are torn between taking a short or long distance trip or focusing on a professional aim. If stress is getting to you, it would be advisable to enjoy a change of scene rather than concentrate on anything too demanding. Your work will still be waiting for you when you return hopefully refreshed and revitalised. If you're single an added incentive is that you could meet a new romantic interest who comes from afar! (c)2005 You feel very strongly that jobs should be done a certain way. Mind your own business; a colleague has a different method. It's not your job to enforce the rules. Eventually, an authority figure will get wind of what's being done. In the meantime, focus on doing the best work you can, even if others make fun of your old-fashioned approach. Try not to push yourself too hard at the gym today. (c)2005 Duties and obligations towards others dominate your time. Sometimes it seems as if you have to make all the effort to accomplish anything in a group situation. You wish other people were as dedicated as you. Why not offload some irksome commitments onto a friend or colleague? You might sacrifice your ambitions so as not to upset those you work with. In the long run you could regret this. (c)2005 Social activities with siblings, neighbours or cousins give you spiritual fulfilment. You're tired of pouring all of your energy into work. Connecting with your nearest and dearest helps you see the bigger picture. There's more to life than making money. Don't be surprised if your friends look to you as their leader. You've got a way of making everybody feel important. Talent is cultivated beneath your nurturing influence. Keep the praise and encouragement flowing. (c)2005 Energy and enthusiasm for furthering personal aims and ambitions is high. Have faith in your talents because almost any kind of initiative stands a good chance of paying off. You have the energy and enthusiasm to push ahead with projects and ideas to expand your horizons in both your professional area and social sphere. Be alert to new business opportunities. (c)2005 Be sure to settle any unpaid debts, or these obligations could cause unexpected problems. You wouldn't want to have to cancel your arrangements at the last minute. Your love life is taking a turn for the better, when a conversation with a bold flirt gives you butterflies. It's flattering to think such a talented person takes an interest in you. Don't sell yourself short. You've got plenty of impressive gifts, too. (c)2005 You might throw yourself enthusiastically into chores and responsibilities. As long as you are reasonable about it and you don't drive yourself too hard, there's no harm in letting an industrious mood go to your head. If you are hoping to impress a colleague or your boss, you are going the right way about it. Dealing with tasks and unexpected demands without constantly seeking help or advice will really cut some ice. (c)2005 Be gentle on yourself, as your schedule for the day may include a list of things to do that even a dozen people would find hard to complete. Doing too much at once may only lead to careless mistakes. You must guard against errors in judgement if working on anything that needs concentration. Wherever and whenever possible, shelve jobs that could easily be done another day. Don't let little things get you down. (c)2005 You won't mind taking on extra responsibilities as what seems like hard work to others will be a doddle for you. In most things today, you will gain more through using your imagination and initiative. Go for the most unusual concepts even if someone is trying to persuade you to stick to the tried and tested. Being diverse offers you more scope to use your talents and this could bring new openings your way. (c)2005 Working with young people feels like a breath of fresh air. If there's anything you hate, it's cynicism. Watching kids play could remind you of some of your favourite childhood activities. There's no harm in fooling around with paper, paints and paste if the mood strikes you. You may even decide to join a sports team or form a club of some kind. It's never too late to recapture your youth. (c)2005 Escalating demands and new responsibilities keep you on the go from early in the morning. You could do with more time to yourself but this is difficult to arrange. A friend or colleague is trying to contact you with ideas that have nothing to do with business. Take note of their offer or you could miss out on a lively evening full of the type of entertainment you love most of all. (c)2005 A spending spree could be motivated by feelings of worthlessness. If you're feeling blue, go ahead and pamper yourself with a spa treatment or a short trip. You don't have to spend a lot of money in order to have your confidence restored. It's wise to keep receipts, in the event you make a purchase that you later regret. In the event you're suffering emotional abuse, you need to fight back. (c)2005 Strained relationships in the working environment cannot be ignored. Even though your status in other people's eyes is high, you might find it difficult to understand what people want from you today. Discussing feelings helps you understand those around you better. An additional benefit to your willingness to cooperate will be a new aura of trust developing between you. (c)2005 Expressing your feelings makes you a stimulating and fun conversationalist. Too often, people keep their emotions bottled up, which leads to stiff, stilted conversations. If you hear someone make a statement that you don't agree with, say so in a friendly way. This may provoke a lively talk in which everybody chimes in. Sometimes, it's better to stir the pot than keep the peace! Romance could be brewing with a trim athlete. (c)2005 A high degree of sensitivity helps you sense there is more going on in some areas than first meets the eye. If you or someone you are connected to has a secret love, be careful who you tell or confide in. Choose your moment carefully if you want to discuss a touchy topic with a loved one. This evening, a phone call brings surprising news. (c)2005 You won't have much time to rest and relax when activities at home and in your neighbourhood keep you on your toes. This will probably be an exciting day when there is a lot to be gained through sharing ideas and resources. Responsibilities are heavy and you might dream about spending your weekends free of obligations. Secretly, you enjoy being busy, needed and in demand and you wouldn't want it any other way! (c)2005 Spending less time with someone you used to be close to means fewer confidences are being shared. It might feel as if you are growing apart and perhaps you need to talk. At work the opposite is the case. Avoid head on confrontation with people in power. You might feel the need for more self sufficiency in your job but it may be necessary to remain under someone else's supervision for a while yet. (c)2005 If you've been dating someone for quite some time, the topic of marriage may come up. Normally, the thought of commitment makes you break out in a cold sweat. Today it will seem like a terrific idea. In the event you're in a relationship, whisper some sexy words into your partner's ear. You'll get an immediate and enthusiastic response. It doesn't matter how long you've been together; you've got to keep flirting! (c)2005 Creative and physical energies will find some great outlets if you are willing to stray from the ordinary path. A good deal of communication and discussion will be necessary throughout the day. You could find yourself involved in a money making project or helping to drum up support for a worthy cause. Although a friend may have volunteered your services you will be enjoying every demanding yet gratifying moment! (c)2005 An astonishing bit of news prompts you to look at a close relationship in a whole new light. It seems as though this matter concerns a sibling, neighbour or cousin. Don't be surprised if you are forced to alter your work routine in order to accommodate this person's needs. Fortunately, this enforced change may put you in the path of an exciting new love interest or a stimulating creative project. All's well that ends well! (c)2005 If you have felt restless and listless recently, today you will feel a strong need to find a purpose or a challenge. You have been looking for something more but have not been able to find this through a lack of time. This is not something that will stand in your way today. Perhaps in the past you have been searching in the wrong places. The chance to browse over a much wider field will help you find everything you have been looking for. (c)2005 Being practical about financial matters sounds terribly boring, but if you want the freedom to go where you want and do as you'd like, you need to take precautions. Start putting a set amount of your money aside on a regular basis. Review your spending habits to see if there are areas in which you can economise. If you're stretched to the limit, you may have to ask for a raise. (c)2005 A desire to be successful in your chosen profession spurs you on. Cooperation from those in authority will be necessary but you won't have to grovel! You will be making a good impression on those who matter in a roundabout way. Through your love of diversity, there will be increased scope to mix socially with those in positions of power. When mixing business with pleasure it is essential to use your integrity. (c)2005 Friends are ultra helpful, especially if you are struggling to put some domestic or family plans into action. You aren't being a nuisance by accepting such offers of assistance. People will love to help. Someone wants to repay a favour you willingly did for them in the past. Teamwork brings quick results. Co-operation in all areas of your life will keep things running smoothly. (c)2005 You won't take kindly to anyone who tries to probe into your private life or question you about your decisions. Equally if someone objects to your plans and suggestions, you will find a way to proceed without their support. For reasons of your own you might be reluctant to say what you are thinking. You find it hard to be straight with someone about your real plans for the future. (c)2005 It's important to listen to others, even if what they say seems like total nonsense. Resist the urge to get drawn into a heated debate. Instead, keep silent while someone lists their grievances. Don't bother coming up with elaborate defences. Then consider whether there is any truth to these statements. It's quite possible that this person has valid concerns. Once you treat their complaints with respect and consideration, your relationship will blossom. (c)2005 Your social life seems to be cut to a minimum; other responsibilities take priority. If you are working, you won't want to let an opportunity to make positive changes pass you by. At home, you may have to contend with a loved one's objections to your plans. A sudden inspiration will help you come up with ways to appease those who share the day with you whilst keeping yourself happy too! (c)2005 Don't assume you have won the battle if someone backs down in a contentious situation. People will drum up support from other areas in order to get their way. You need to smooth, not aggravate, a partner's ruffled feathers even if this means agreeing to differ. You would regret it later if you allowed someone who means a lot to you to slip out of your life. Bear in mind: problems won't easily be resolved. You need to be patient. (c)2005 Powerful friends and group associations can help spread the word of your expertise. If you're looking for a job, let your pals know about it. You never know who will be in the position to write you a letter of recommendation or introduce you to a future employer. Launching a web site, printing business cards and updating your CV are all favoured activities today. Pay a little extra for an expert's advice. (c)2005 You're about to step into an active and motivating social phase. This will come as a welcome change from the heavy responsibilities you have recently been experiencing. Professional interests will involve meetings, seminars and general get togethers these next four weeks. People are helpful and supportive; this will spur you on even further. Take advantage of the wonderful friendship opportunities this will bring. (c)2005 Today you may decide to take charge of a domestic matter that has needed attention for a while. The thought has been with you for some time; taking action is what you have been avoiding! While you are at it you might decide to sort out any important financial business such as unpaid bills that have been hanging around for far too long! If single a friendship could develop into something much deeper. (c)2005 New faces on the work scene will make for a welcome change. Someone might suggest new methods of executing a particular job. You will quickly adopt these and improve on them too! Friends, old and new, feature in many areas of your life making this an interesting and active day. You want to get things done now and a loved one's wholehearted approval is a real tonic. (c)2005 A lover or colleague needs your encouragement in order to move forward. Fortunately, you've never been determined to lead a conventional life. Urging this person to venture off the beaten path will be no trouble for you. In fact, you'll both benefit from taking this unorthodox journey together. If you're single, you may be thinking about joining a class. Don't be surprised if you develop a strong attraction to one of your peers. (c)2005 You had been expecting certain responsibilities to lessen, not increase as they seem to be doing today! You feel torn between your duty to your family and professional concerns. There's a need to retrace your steps to sort out a business problem; this will be time consuming and annoying. Be organised about your approach to any complications. (c)2005 Work has been something of a challenge for the past two years. You've either had too much or too little. Right now, it feels as though you'll never strike the right balance. By continuing to accept less-than-stellar assignments, though, you will attract bigger and better opportunities. You may not see results just yet, but rest assured that this area of your life will soon improve. Until then, try to pamper yourself as much as possible. (c)2005 If you're working with someone in a business or personal capacity, it won't be easy to understand their mood swings. Even a partner you are involved with in a romantic sense might be showing an awkward side to their nature. It won't take long to realise whatever you say or do will be wrong in another person's eyes. Refuse to allow this to bother you unduly. (c)2005 Old, outmoded relationships are giving way to emerging social networks that are much more rewarding. While you retain a special fondness for certain friends, you've probably grown apart in fundamental ways. Take this opportunity to connect with people who share your interests and involvements. If you're single, you could run into someone who is a real turn on as a result of your new friendships. Keep your eyes open for someone who likes a lively debate. (c)2005 A friend's news or a social event you attend on the spur of the moment could make this day special. Leave plenty of time in your schedule to mix with those around you. Your own work or a private matter is less important than cultivating social ties. People will be helpful in the future when you need their support if you put time and effort into your relationships now. (c)2005 You've always prided yourself on clear thinking, but emotions are clouding your vision. You've got to grieve a loss before making future plans. A child or loved one is eager to help you through this rough patch. Stop pretending you don't need any assistance. The fact is, you'll only benefit from this person's support. If you're looking for love, head for the bookstore or library. A witty intellectual awaits your company. (c)2005 Only join in with a friend's active social plans if you're in an upbeat frame of mind. If there is the slightest doubt about agreeing to other people's suggestions, say no. Spend time with at least one other person. Your imagination is working overtime and when you are on your own, you could start exaggerating minor worries. It is not a day to spend too long by yourself. (c)2005 You're feeling burned out and confused, making work a virtual impossibility. This may be a sign it's time to move to greener pastures. Start sending out CV and going on job interviews. Taking control of your destiny will cause your energy to come flooding back. If you're not sure which direction to take, talk to a carees advisor. This person could guide you to a field that's both financially rewarding and spiritually fulfilling. (c)2005 Expect a lively and inspiring day. If you are involved in a group, club or organisation, other people could be looking to you to take the lead. You will be happy to assume a principal role as long as there are no objections. If someone looks as if they were hoping to have more control, you might suggest sharing the responsibility. (c)2005 If you're longing for a change of scenery, pack your bags and go! Head off for some exotic destination that will allow you to forget all your troubles. Even a short weekend jaunt will leave you refreshed and renewed. If you're not able to get away, treat yourself to some armchair travel. Have a movie marathon of films that are set in foreign locales. These lush vistas may inspire a book or creative project. (c)2005 It's that time of the year when you may have to deal with conflict emerging between your social and private life. People expect a lot from you. You need to arrange your time so you can pursue your private aims, too. There is little point in striving hard for others if you end up miserable and despondent. With some thought you should be able to please friends and keep yourself happy too! (c)2005 Spending time with a significant other will be very rewarding if you take things slowly. An independent person like you sometimes shies away from close partnerships, but try to fight this impulse over the next few weeks. You'll get a great deal of support from your nearest and dearest. If you're single, work on your relationship skills. Practice the fine art of giving and receiving. That's the crux of any fulfilling romance. (c)2005 A serendipity factor adds spice to your life. A relationship that was finished before it had a chance is on your mind. Now you get one more chance to make it right. If this is a person you want to spend the rest of your life with, promise you won't let them down. Today you will be seeing them one last time, or the first of many times! (c)2005 A friendship could turn into a romance, if you're so inclined, but you need to take things slow if this relationship is going to grow in a healthy direction. Other pals may be incredulous that you've decided to go this route. Don't bother to defend your actions. Instead, give the gang time to get used to this new development. If you've already got a lover, you may want to join a support group together. (c)2005 A sociable day lies in store when you might enjoy a rare chance to meet up with friends you don't often see. Be happy to slow down and relax today. You have achieved a lot this week and there is no harm in taking a well earned breather. Catching up on everyone else's news is the type of simple diversion you need. New friends gravitate towards your social circle. (c)2005 Your financial situation has been very unstable, to say the least. One minute, you're scrabbling around for small change. The next, you're trying to decide between gourmet restaurants. This feast-or-famine situation would drive most people crazy, but you find it quite refreshing. The more challenges life throws at you, the happier you are. Find ways to enjoy yourself, regardless of how much money you're making. (c)2005 You help or defend someone you have not had a lot of time for lately. Today you realise your impression of them was way off beam. If you have misjudged anyone in any way, you will make up for that fact today. Talents going to waste should be shared with others. Join in with activities where you can enjoy hobbies and interests with like minded people. (c)2005 The past three weeks have been challenging, as your intellect hasn't been as sharp as usual. At last, all those mental cobwebs have been swept away, allowing you to bolt forward at your usual lightning pace. This is a great time to learn new sales techniques, invent helpful gadgets, and make valuable business contacts. You'll be rushed off your feet over the next few weeks, but the activity will be energising, not exhausting. (c)2005 Over the weeks ahead, you will be getting along so much better with others. People who have been opinionated now realise they live by a different set of values to others. Rather than trying to alter your view, they will start to accept you for who you are. Many possibilities for pleasure and enjoyment are likely now. Your friendly reputation makes you popular wherever you go. (c)2005 A lively conversation with a colleague or romantic partner lifts your spirits. If you're on your own, you may have a meeting of minds with a friend or neighbour. Keep your eyes open for an energetic person who exudes animal magnetism. Exercising compassion towards a neighbour or sibling can improve your relationship. In the past, you had difficulty understanding where this person was coming from. That could change today. (c)2005 An underlying need for more challenge and new goals to work towards influences all you do. There is no doubt in your mind: you want to pursue new avenues in the future. Mixing with people who are experienced and informative puts you in touch with new opportunities. Avoid those who tend to be prim, unadventurous and disapproving. If you are single, a touch of romance could also brighten your day. (c)2005 Your finances have been on something of a roller coaster ride. One minute, you're on top of the heap, and the next, you're scraping the bottom of the barrel. Fortunately, material concerns have never held much interest for you. You're more concerned with the world of ideas. Ironically, one of these brainstorms could earn you a fortune. Don't hesitate to get a design or invention patented. It could pave the way for even more success. (c)2005 The pre-Christmas social scene is buzzing with interesting news and gossip. A private conversation provides you with some enlightening information. You won't be able to do anything about it immediately, but you will take action on this in the near future. A difference of opinion could result in some tension between you and a friend or colleague. This will be quickly resolved. (c)2005 It's possible you will move over the next six months. If that's the case, take this opportunity to write a description of your ideal living situation. Describe your dream home, neighbourhood and domestic dynamic. Seeing these details in black-and-white will keep you focused and determined. It doesn't matter if this change is being imposed without your consent. You can still make the most of this shift by adopting a positive outlook. (c)2005 You will be preoccupied with private and confidential matters these last few weeks of the year. Where there have been obstructions to progress, you can pull back your mental curtains and face the future with a clear head. Changes in your lifestyle are imminent when the scene is being set for new ventures. In a close relationship, you are more certain of your feelings. (c)2005 A desire for material luxury could cause you to make an unfortunate choice. Be sure to save any receipts, as you may want to return some merchandise at a later date. A friend may invite you along to an expensive outing. Turn this invitation down, and be honest about the reason. There's no point in pretending you can afford such activities. Secretly, your pal may not be able to, either. Break the cycle. (c)2005 Although there are many jobs waiting to be done, you might prefer to leave some until the New Year. You are trying to take a relaxed and happy view on life but there is some unease about the future. You have not yet come to terms with something in your life you find restricting. One way to ease this unsettled feeling will be to have a meaningful talk with a loved one. (c)2005 You've got to keep a tight rein on your finances if your love life is going to flourish. Money is often a sore subject for lovers. Until you learn to discuss this matter constructively, your relationship will suffer. Don't be so quick to judge who is right and who is wrong. The spendthrift knows how to enjoy themselves, while the saver understands the value of investing in the future. Find a middle ground. (c)2005 Your Stars stimulate your social instincts; there is a strong need to be useful and to belong. Energy levels are high and you will be driving yourself hard today. You're in a bright and cheerful mood and happy to help those closest to you who are faced with more than the usual amount of responsibilities. Even so, it will be leisure and please activities that top your evening's agenda! (c)2005 Working from the comfort of your own four walls could be a good idea for you. You love the freedom of setting your own schedule. If this isn't an option, you may want to invest in property. The profits you make from such a deal will give you added freedom. The bottom line is that you are tired of being held fast by a restrictive situation. There are ways out of this mess, provided you take some calculated risks. (c)2005 Behind the scenes activities keep you out of the limelight. Lately you have not had much chance to see to your own affairs; you want to get on top of these now. If you stick to your intention you could discover something to your advantage. Career wise some things are a bit up in the air but everything will sort itself out in the New Year. Why worry about things that may never happen? (c)2005 A busy schedule keeps you on your toes; you may have to keep shunting between home and work. If you've been looking for a roommate, post a notice in your office. A colleague could put you in touch with a fabulous candidate. Working with a child on a school project could be lots more fun than you expect. Are you thinking of moving? Check out neighbourhoods that are close to your place of business. (c)2005 You are on the brink of something special; future goals start taking shape in your mind. Your outlook is progressive, your mood, private. Some of the aims you are setting for yourself are no-one else's business but yours. New ideas will mean change in the future but you will prepare yourself well. There is someone who needs to know you have your own life to lead now. (c)2005 Old, outworn relationships are giving way to fresh ones, which is a real relief. You've always gained strength from your friends, neighbours and colleagues and now that your needs have changed, you may move on to a different situation. The people in your new environment will be more to your liking, helping you to grow in ways you've never dreamed possible. Form a social circle that reflects your emerging interests. (c)2005 If changes are being discussed, the more views you can listen to and take on board, the better. The longer you take to consider facts and possibilities, the more confident you will be you are making the right decision. Fresh ideas will come from a surprising source and a friend will help you take a more objective view to matters of a personal nature. (c)2005 You're a lot more capable than you give yourself credit for, especially when it comes to close relationships. Although you may not say very much, you observe a great deal. This will help you come to the aid of a colleague or romantic partner who is in distress. Invite this person to discuss their troubles, and refrain from offering advice until they've finished telling their tale of woe. Your sympathy will work wonders. (c)2005 Before you sense what is going on, you are entrusted with confidential information you would rather have not heard. It is up to you now to deal with some secret business. Be direct as you discuss your unwillingness to get involved too deeply. Later you might cancel plans to go out in favour of a relaxing evening spent at home with someone special. (c)2006 It's hard to be satisfied with your home life when you're upholding an impossible ideal. The fact is, all families are fraught with difficulty. The challenge is to accept people's weaknesses and celebrate their strengths. This is especially hard to do with relatives who engage in toxic behaviour. Put some distance between you and the crazy makers, and draw closer to those who support and love you. A little discernment goes a long way. (c)2005 Personal goals or new leisure interests help you make more positive use of your free time in the future. Another twist on this is if you are working, a special job could come your way demanding skill and attention. Colleagues show a new appreciation of your knowledge or experience. Although help is offered, you will prefer solitude as you press on with your work. (c)2006 Commitment issues come to the forefront this weekend. If you've been dating someone special, you may get engaged or decide to move in together. Already in a relationship? The two of you could be talking about buying a house or having a child. Have you just met someone special? You might feel this person is 'the one'. Before you get a marriage license, wait a few weeks to see if the magic fades. (c)2005 You could hear an exciting secret today and it won't be easy to keep this to yourself. This is a good time to consider your life and examine just what you are doing with your time, knowledge and talents. If you feel a need for more challenge or satisfaction, you might seriously think about making some changes in the future. Heed the word future; it is not time yet to make new starts. (c)2006 You've always been a team player, but that's been especially true since 1995. During these past few years, you've put a lot of time and energy into group associations. Forming lasting friendships and meeting influential people has transformed you in powerful but subtle ways and while these associations are still important, you may feel your independent spirit starting to assert itself a bit more. Declaring your individuality will feel liberating between now and September. (c)2005 You continue to feel a need for peace and quiet and will retreat from anything too crowded or noisy. You will be careful to avoid people who are demanding or difficult. Time spent in a tranquil place provides the oasis needed to revive drained physical and emotional energies. Your attention is focused on spiritual and private matters. Meditation could lead to some important insights. (c)2006 Making improvements to your home makes you feel productive. You're a much handier than you realise and while you may not have all the money necessary to conduct certain repairs, you can lay the groundwork for these jobs. Taking some DIY classes can also help reduce costs. Alternatively, you could do a work exchange with someone who can benefit from your expertise. If there's anything you love, it's finding unconventional solutions to problems. (c)2005 The reason you have been singled out for a particular task or assignment is: there is more to it than meets the eye. It will take effort, concentration and commitment to pull off this obligation. Make a success of what you do and this will enhance your prestige. You have the talents, skills or experience other people find useful now. Someone can't seem to do without you! (c)2006 Daydreams have always given you a great deal of pleasure, and that's especially true today. Right now, it feels as though a childhood wish is within arm's reach. If you've ever wanted to have a child, now is the time to try for one. If you're looking for love, be sure to attend a concert, movie, or play. You could cross paths with a charmer who knows just what to say to make you blush. (c)2005 Continuing with private aims and interests could lie behind a desire to stick to your own company. Friends and colleagues complain you are never around when they need you, but more often than not it suits you to get on, on your own. Resurrecting methods used ages ago may solve a current domestic problem. Your ideas continue to be innovative. (c)2006 Circumstances at the start of the day intensify existing problems in a close relationship. Sometimes wounds do get worse before they get better. Give yourself time and soon the tension between you will start to fade. One way to take your mind off your problems - imagined or otherwise - would be to look to those areas where you might find satisfaction. A little light-hearted company might help you get things in perspective. (c)2005 Pleas and requests put to you today appeal to the obliging side of your personality. Others around you know you would never turn down a friend in need. It is entirely possible some tasks will be more difficult than they look; other people know this too. If you suspect someone is taking your kind nature for granted, the best help you can give is to encourage them to stand on their own two feet! (c)2006 Doing the same thing day after day is wearing you down. It's time to shake things up. Whether this requires hiring a baby sitter, doing a work exchange or delegating responsibilities to relatives is immaterial. You've got to enact some changes. Beware, if you catch yourself thinking that you are too busy or important to make time for leisure. This is a sign that you are actually avoiding responsibility. Make your happiness your first priority. (c)2005 A relationship, obligation or liability is starting to make you feel claustrophobic. If you continue with joint commitments, there will be conditions. Partners must respect your need for freedom within relationships. People will understand and agreements are easily reached as long as you are honest about your feelings. You might receive some valuable advice from a trusted friend. (c)2006 Morning trends will see you bending over backwards to keep a loved-one or business partner happy. Midday onwards will bring the chance for you to be a wee bit selfish but in a constructive way. There are some unfinished jobs lurking in the back of your mind and this makes you feel uneasy. If you want to get them over and done with put your foot down. Insist on being allowed time to clear the decks. (c)2005 People who seem to be driving through life with the handbrake on are starting to frustrate you. Matters of personal importance are being jeopardised or put at risk because of someone else's sluggishness. Why let another person's inattentiveness have a negative affect on your inner being? Whatever is causing delay or confusion will be sorted out sooner if you remain calm. (c)2006 Spoiling a lover or child could set a very bad precedent today. You want so much to give this person all they desire, but that won't be healthy for your relationship in the long run. Lay down some firm personal boundaries, and don't back down. It's never fun to set limits on love, but sometimes it's necessary. A financial windfall could enable you to buy a gadget you've wanted for a long time. (c)2005 When it comes to what you really want to get out of the weeks ahead, don't be afraid to set your sights high. Little if anything will block your path and you could make good progress towards achieving a particular ambition. Something you thought would never happen may soon occur. People who matter will be impressed by your creative inspirations. (c)2006 There's tension in a one-to-one relationship and you feel more comfortable in social gatherings. Events that take you outside your usual circle provide a stepping stone for new experiences. Dismiss all thoughts of going along with a partner's dull suggestions. There is something more exciting in the air. A need for personal freedom could bring a partnership to an end. If so, someone more suitable will soon come along; the colour green will help you recognize them. (c)2005 An old skill you haven't used for years could come in handy although it may be a bit rusty! You will be so successful in your dealings with other people that an interesting offer could come your way. In a close relationship you are starting to realise exactly what makes a loved one tick. Nothing someone seems to do now takes you by surprise! (c)2006 Your home life will be much more secure once you're willing to assume unusual jobs. Don't worry if you're offered a position that is outside your area of expertise. You'll quickly get the hang of it. Alternatively, you may be forced to accept a low paying job to gain experience. Fortunately, you're a quick student and it will be easy for you to go up the ladder of success. Work bestows pride. (c)2005 Today's a good day to catch up on what's going on in your immediate environment. Sharing news and views and enjoying the generous sprinkling of gossip going round will make for an interesting and stimulating time. There may be a need to reschedule some arrangements but this will not be an inconvenience. Others will see how flexible you can be. (c)2006 Even if rushed off your feet, be a good listener today. A friend or someone closer won't make it obvious they need someone to talk to, but they do. Without their having to say a word, let them know you are there for them. If it's an associate, your sensitivity will earn you a friend for life. In a more personal relationship, bonds deepen through your readiness to recognise those times when you need to put your partner first. (c)2005 It is not good to repress your urges, no matter what you want out of life now. Focus on efforts to enjoy yourself more or to fulfil personal goals and aspirations. You will get so much pleasure from life in the future if you grab opportunities that come your way at this time. Though you might meet with a degree of opposition behind the scenes, you won't let this deter you. (c)2006 You can't stand a predictable love life; for you, change equals romance. That's probably why you're always looking for new ways to confound your lover. One minute you're cool and analytical; the next you're silly and sentimental. Hopefully, your mate responds well to your mercurial behaviour. If not, you'll have to find another way to add spice to your relationship. Maybe taking a class together will afford the stimulation you crave. (c)2005 You could be presented with a golden opportunity to prove your abilities to a boss or someone in a position of power. This is no time to hold back. Speak up for yourself or take action to demonstrate your knowledge or talents in specific areas. Personal plans may have to be postponed but because a better offer comes along, you won't regret this in the least. (c)2006 Contact with a loved-one at a distance stirs up a strong yearning to see them again. You could be surprised at the depth of your feelings. Plans for the weeks ahead are discussed with the emphasis on travel, mental interests and communications with others. It's a perfect day to book something you can look forward to especially if the journey is likely to be shared with friends or a partner. (c)2005 Remind others they live in a democratic society should they be using bullying tactics to get their own way. People might not agree with your views and opinions but this doesn't mean they are right and you are wrong. Should anyone try to force you into taking part in a protest or dispute you don't agree with, walk away. Follow your own inclinations. (c)2006 Quarrels over domestic, business or legal affairs could occur. Someone feels as though you are stealing their thunder. Confronting you in a public place may be their way of regaining control. Fortunately, you are able to maintain your position without resorting to childish tactics. If you sense someone is hurt or angry, invite them to discuss their feelings in a private place. Be open-minded and charitable when listening to their complaints. (c)2005 You will have more fun today if you surround yourself with lively and interesting people. Join in any social get together that has been planned even if you had no intention to do so, until now. Take the initiative and get people together in the workplace to make a start on plans that have been in the pipeline for some time. Rather than fret and fuss over possibilities, it is a day to make things happen. (c)2006 You find yourself at an emotional cul-de-sac, wondering about your feelings for someone and your joint goals. You aren't used to such strong emotions and this makes it difficult to think logically. If you can't be objective or rational, why not rely on your intuition? Go with your instincts and you could be surprised at the change this will bring in romance and matters of the heart. (c)2005 Emotions are felt more strongly than you are used to. You will gain in every way by probing your feelings more deeply than you have done in the past. Trust your instincts and pay attention to what your inner voice is telling you. It might seem as if all of a sudden you can see the light and you feel more sure about where relationships are going, in the future. (c)2006 International travel or an overseas romance is a definite possibility. If you have a chance to go abroad, take it, even if it means leaving at the very last minute. This trip could bring about monumental changes in your life. Adopting a child who was born in another country is another distinct possibility. One thing is certain: your best opportunities are abroad. If you have extra money to invest, look into foreign markets. (c)2005 You might need to help a friend out of a reclusive frame of mind. They may be happy to hide away from the world but you can see this is doing them no good at all. This person has a skill or talent that could help in a group effort. Being a part of a team will boost their confidence. Help someone make the first move towards being socially active and just watch what happens thereafter! (c)2006 A sociable day when relaxing with old friends and new acquaintances is an ideal way to spend your time. There is one note of caution: while enjoying yourself, you could get carried away and spend more than intended. Guard against the temptation to squander more than is sensible while out with a new friend or partner. Be sensible and you will at least end the day feeling more settled in a financial sense. (c)2005 A salary increase or high paying job will be coming your way. This money is well deserved, as it looks as though you'll be working hard the next two weeks. Let a male authority figure take you under his wing. This man has valuable lessons to teach, if you're willing to play a subordinate role. Normally, you're too independent to settle for such an arrangement. You'll find the benefits outweigh the sacrifices in this situation, though. (c)2005 Your imagination is more vivid than ever, which helps you with creative projects. Writing a book, perfecting an invention, or taking photographs are all favoured. Onlookers may accuse you of wasting your time, but that's only because they lack your vision. As far as you're concerned, it's more important to be creative than it is to bring the money in. Anybody can earn a salary; it takes genius to build something out of nothing. (c)2005 Resist the urge to go on a spending spree, even if you're confronted with a magnificent sale. Any items you purchase today could prove faulty or problematic in some way. You're better off keeping your money in the bank. If you're feeling a bit restless, take up a spiritual practice. This can help you manage stress, as well as increase your capacity for joy. An enticing educational opportunity could fall into your lap. Take it! (c)2005 Getting more disciplined about fitness has paid off over the past two years. You've learned that there is a direct correlation between your emotional health and physical strength. Working out makes you feel better. Similarly, adopting an optimistic attitude gives you renewed energy. Now that you're taking better care of your body, it will be easier to cultivate intimacy in a close relationship. It's time to connect with your sexual side. (c)2005 You're able to connect with virtually everyone you meet today. Maybe that's because you're open to new ideas. If you're having trouble with a particular area of your love life, ask others for advice. You'll be surprised and amused by the answers you get. Furthermore, this is a great way to break the ice with strangers. People enjoy discussing their romantic philosophies. Approach people of all different ages, backgrounds and classes. (c)2005 Although you're trying to take a lenient view to someone's strange behaviour, you're finding it difficult to stick with your intentions! A friend or colleague is indulging in a bit of hypocrisy and you're tired of their double standards. If you notice something unfair is going on, don't stand for this any longer. You might use your influence to persuade others to strike a better bargain. You are determined to achieve equality for all! (c)2005 If you want to master a certain subject, surround yourself with experts. You absorb knowledge through osmosis. Pretty soon, you'll be able to make a convincing argument without ever having consulted a text book. Of course, there's no reason you can't get a bona fide degree. Education could fill a spiritual void that's been draining you of energy and optimism. Look into programs that excite your imagination. (c)2005 There continues to be a need for give and take in most areas of your life. Whether at home or at work, consider other people's feelings and resist jumping to conclusions. Without losing sight of your own aims, think about opinions offered and be sure your own decisions are balanced and impartial. Some ideas put to you today will be worth further consideration. (c)2005

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