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Fun and important stuff

Health info
General information on health issues facing gay men today - e.g. stds, sleep apena, prostate health and more.
Get your daily and monthly Horoscopes here from famed Brisitsh Gay Astrologer Russell Grant.
Dating/Safety tips
Some tips on that first date with someone you have met online. Also information on common scams that people try to pull on people they have met online. We want you to be safe.
Travel Bears
Travel resources for the worldwide bear coming soon!
Descriptions of a "bear", "cub", and other words and phrases common in the community. Your online glossary of terms.
Learn how to dechiper those funny bear codes you see in someone's email signature. And find out what all those different colored hankys mean you see hanging out of that hot guys pocket in the bar.

This content is still growing and evolving. If you have a suggestion for new content please use our feedback form to send it to us.

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