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Spammer hit

Posted: 06/21/2005 - 08:20:25

Over night, a scum spammer replied to a number of profiles on This person is using the old "Nigerian Scam". Basically, this person purports to have access to lots of money that he/she will share with you provided you help them secret the money out of their country.

Do not fall for this!

We have blocked all IP addresses from the area of the world this asshole is located in (we will not post them here as that would give this scum the information to get around this block). If you ever receive any sort of message like this, please make sure you send it to us via the feedback form.

We have taken additional steps to prevent such an occurance from happening again. For one, all profile replies now go through our regular anti-spam engine. This means it is possible, depending on the response, that some profile replies may be delayed a short while as we must manually approve any suspect emails. We hope you understand this potential delay is for the benefit of all.

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